The Bubble has Burst

May 2016 Newsletter for Becoming Conscious

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On this very day of May 9th, as I prepare this latest newsletter to be released we are experiencing a Mercury Transit. The timing of this, is a synchronicity not lost on me as Truth and Transparency are so very dear to my heart, so we move forwards now with the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth…

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Breakthrough or Breakdown

March 2016 Newsletter for Becoming Conscious

Audio version of this newsletter is here.

Finding Peace and Balance

On 9th March, a full solar eclipse occurred in Pisces. We are moving towards the equinox on 21st March and then a lunar eclipse in Libra on 23rd March. This is shaping up to be a pretty powerful month and with powerful often comes intense and overwhelming emotions so anything that we can do to be calm and stable right now will be helpful to us as these astrological movements do their part to help us to heal, clear and strengthen ourselves on an internal level.

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Consciousness Rescue Mission

November/December 2015 Newsletter for Becoming Conscious

On 30th November we moved into the sign of Ophichuis, where we will stay until 17 December. Ophichuis came into awareness for many of us for the first time last November and I wrote at length about that in my December 2014 Newsletter called The Energy of Ophiuchus. Here we are again with Ophichuis for company and it has lost none of it’s impact, putting some of us through some testing and challenging times and for many who have had private sessions with me during this time it has brought through a specific focus on opening up to be all that they truly are, supporting them to move towards reaching their highest potential and moving them away from being the victim in their own life (as appropriate for each individual of course).

As I write this, we’re nearly through this Ophichuis phase now, so this will be a relief for some of us who have been having an extra hard workout at the hands of Ophichuis recently.

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The Stress of Collapsing Timelines

September 2014 Newsletter

We are just a few days passed the Autumn/Fall Equinox, stepping into springtime here in Australia and also moving through another period of timeline collapse and shifting octaves into higher vibrating time-fields.

For many of us, this is, once again, a time of endings and completions… changing jobs or training for a new one, packing up for a house move, de-cluttering and tying up loose ends are all a part of this. Alternatively we may have to work on upgrading… new phones or contracts, upgrading websites or hosting packages or painting and redecorating – different types of upgrading or refreshing around the home but all about shifting us forwards or into a new feeling vibration.

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