I’ve discovered a new way to help spiritual women in business to fully embody their soul purpose so that they can become empowered enough to step up into their soul mission work and make a difference in the world!

It’s one thing to know your soul purpose…

It’s another thing entirely to embody it and live it on a day to day basis.

So many things are holding you back.  If they weren’t, you’d already be out there doing it and being successful at it!

But don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!

If you’re TRULY READY TO STEP UP (and not everyone is quite honestly), then I can help you to access these missing and vitally important pieces of the puzzle that you’ll need on your path to empowerment and soul purpose embodiment.

I love working with women who are ready to take the actions steps that are required, so that you can Shine Your Light Out Into The World. Unapologetically!

If this is you, then we need to talk, because the world needs you – NOW more than ever before!

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate”
– C. G. Jung

Hi, I’m Karen

I’m a Soul Purpose Embodiment Coach and Mentor

I have 25 years experience in all aspects of spirituality, meditation, healing, and the psychic arts.  Nothing is too weird or woo for me – I’ve seen it all!

Founder of Multidimensional Hypnotherapy™, Quantum Visioning™ and the Magnificent by Design™ Mastermind all created through the guidance and direction of my own soul.

I’m proud to have conducted the most powerful mass healing sessions for hundreds of people at a time all around the world.

I’ve been a keynote speaker at Spiritual Festivals and Events all around Australia.

AND NOW I HELP SPIRITUAL WOMEN IN BUSINESS to upgrade their mindset, clear psychospiritual blocks and create the perfect energetic alignment so that they can fully embody and LIVE their Soul Purpose and Mission – make a difference in the world, BE who they came here to be and at the same time like a life that is filled with Abundance, Wealth, Freedom and Sovereignty.


From my heart to yours

Karen x

Imagine if you could:

Any of these stories can be yours…

Without a doubt the best investment I have ever made…

“I’ve just completed a course with Karen which has been transformational, without a doubt the best investment I’ve ever made for myself. Working with Karen has been an amazing experience where I’m finally able to see some clear direction and achieve goals. Over many, many years I’ve read so many books, meditated etc etc. and know what I need to do it but haven’t been able to get results. I feel like I’ve been wandering up and down a corridor, knowing what’s on the other side but unable to access it. Karen opened a door in that corridor and I was finally able to step through. I feel like I’m in the best place I’ve ever been… It’s apparent to me that I could not have done this on my own (otherwise I would have years ago!). I’m very grateful to Karen, her healing, her wisdom and her ability to direct me onto my clear, wonderful new path.”

     PV. Sydney, Australia

My latest work with Karen was transformative.

To the equal measure that you are truly ready to go from ‘tragedy to triumph’, she progressively uses her skills, talents, insights, and awareness to help aid you in your transformation.

Not every healer or coach is fully able to meet their clients exactly where they are, so they can get the maximum results and benefits from the work they do together — and help them sustain those results and benefits. That requires a different kind of gift and ability. Over the past couple of years, I have found that gifted guidance while working with Karen. And most importantly, her work is firmly rooted in helping you awaken your own inner-guidance as well.

Karen is not only a fantastic healer and coach, but she has the sensitivity and awareness needed to precisely meet you where you are, without judgement and without shame. She gently encourages your unfolding to help you reach your full potential.

B.K., United States

Definitely a no-holds-barred, no bulls**t approach that I really appreciated…

“Karen is the real deal… she was able to show me exactly what I needed to know and what I needed to do to put things right. Definitely a no-holds-barred, no bulls**t approach that I really appreciated (otherwise what are you going to achieve!) which is why I wanted to work with Karen in the first place. Can’t recommend her highly enough!

Anne-Marie, England

To describe Karen in one phrase I would choose ‘Miracle Worker’.

Karen has done lightyears of work on building her energy insight and intuition, and her connection to her spirit is so strong. With that clear connection she is able to see for others what they cannot see for themselves. With her skills, understanding and spiritual insight she is able to guide a person back to exactly the right space for them to grow, transform, heal, change, awaken, build abundance, open to new opportunities, whatever the soul needs to expand!

Karen has extensive training and over the 20 years I have known her she has continually upgraded her skillset.

Karen is my greatest teacher, she was the first spiritual teacher I had that helped open my sight and understand the power of energy and she is still the one I call on when I need help getting through a block of any kind. She has helped me on many levels from energy healing, to abundance block issues, to changing negative mindsets, to seeing into my past and how I got to have the beliefs I have now, to helping me further develop my spiritual connection.

Kate Lucas, Byron Bay, Australia


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