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Breakthrough or Breakdown

For some of us the level of emotional excavation that has already taken place over the last few weeks leading up to this point has been immense. Deep wounds and memories have been wrenched up and they are demanding to be looked at. Some of these are not just from our current lifetime, they have crossed the sands of time, they are still with us… and they are coming up again. We might prefer not to have to revisit these, they may be painful and skimming across the surface of them might seem appealing but we’ve been here before and really… how many more times do we want to do this? Perhaps clearing this karma and miasma once and for all might actually hold a certain level of appeal this time around…

It is our own willingness to work through this kind of thing that dictates our future. In the short term the next six months will be impacted by our choices right now and we have another set of eclipses coming in September so things will push and shift again then, but long term our willingness to go inwards and do this heavy duty internal work is what will ultimately dictate our next level of experience in consciousness. As we are in this ascension window until at least 2017-2020, everything that we address now will be amplified in its potential to clear timelines and karma. What we don’t clear now will remain with us going forwards and the next time it comes up for clearing, we may not be in such a supported space of opportunity for ascension, as we currently are. We have waited eons of time to be in this best position so we should try to use this time wisely. I don’t really see that the intensity that we are currently experiencing will ease off to any great degree until after 2020 quite honestly and I sense that what we don’t deal with now will compound on top of what comes up in the next six months and so on. It’s really kind of time to take the bull by the horns and deal with things now.

As intense and dramatic as all of this might sound, this time is also a time for new beginnings and energy is there to support that too. When we have made the commitment to make some changes in our life we can find that everything slips into place and moves us forward, almost as if by magic!

And more good news at this time is that we have also just entered into the galactic sign of Pisces on March 12, so this supports us to bring completion to things that have been hanging around a while. It supports us to let go and let God in a sense: To let go of the need to be right or to prove a point; To let go of the need to control a particular situation or for things to be a certain way; Maybe we need to forgive someone – maybe their behaviour wasn’t what we wanted it to be – but we recognise that holding on to bitterness or anger is detrimental to our body on every level. We might even need to forgive ourselves.

Forgiveness creates an extremely powerful and beneficial alchemical response in the body.

When we can break out of the karmic cycle and clear the miasma that is created through trauma, abuse and fear based belief systems from our body, we can attain freedom from reincarnation in this space/time. We will no longer be passing on a DNA code that is distorted through repeated trauma and ultimately this provides an ascension opportunity for the whole of our genetic line. As well, when this is healed from the collective race and planetary grid we will see many others also achieve planetary ascension, freedom from a prison planet and release from the influences of the negative agenda.

Through the clearing of karma and miasma from the body and the release of trauma and pain held as memory we may come into a state of forgiveness which allows a state of inner balance to return. Inner balance is an aspect of sacred union. It allows the masculine and feminine polarities of our body – the monadic body (masculine) and the soul body (feminine) to merge and create a neutral space – a space in which the Christ/Sophia can dwell within us. THIS is ascension, the perfection, and this is the energy of alchemical Pisces that is offered to us from now until April 18, after which we begin once again, to work our way through the wheel of alchemy for the next 12 months when we will once again have the opportunity to spiritualise the body in this way.

Feeling like a victim

With past unresolved situations coming up again we can feel extremely emotional. It’s hard not to feel like a victim sometimes. As Starseeds and Indigoes many of us have been attacked just for being who we are! The Christ potential that we hold within us as cellular memory has symbolically been crucified on this planet and at this particular time with Easter drawing close we may see a scattering of this victim or victimiser consciousness programme being triggered in and around us. This is the same programme that the negative agenda like to activate through their Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.

We must be vigilant to the victim programme that runs on this planet. It is designed basically to keep us down, suppressed and feeling unworthy. The Easter message is: “Jesus died on a cross to save you. You are a sinner! (What they want us to hear is: You are worthless)”. In this way this programme is interchangeable with the crucifixion codes that have been placed within our lightbody.

There is not one thing about this programme that builds us up, supports our growth or the expansion of consciousness in any way. Truly… this is not a pro-life programme – it is an anti-life programme. It is not pro-Christ it is anti-Christ. Therein lies a clue as to where this programme came from…

When we talk about Unity Consciousness… there is nothing in this victim programme that would support that. Mostly when we are suffering through this we feel unloved, unsupported, alone and separate. This makes us want to pull back and shut down – it is a divide and conquer tactic. Some people will then begin an attack – they have switched roles from victim to victimiser and they can become very angry and confused as if their emotions have a mind of their own. The person may then become susceptible to mind control through the various levels of pain and trauma that they have experienced in this life and others. Un-reconciled histories can also be brought up to be healed as a part of this process so it is important to try to remain neutral enough that one can actually see and feel into the pieces that are presenting themselves. It is in this neutral space that the healing can be done but it can be a deeply painful and intense process as often we are feeling the pain of the personal pieces, self identities in other times and also the planetary collective pain. It can feel difficult to hold ourselves back from projecting our pain on to another person at these times and if we do not see what is playing out here, we may be incited to begin a campaign of attack.

Right now! We must decide whether we want to hold on to these old pieces or find a way through them to break new ground and bring balance back into our lives.

Transparency and Understanding

When we feel that we are the victim or that we have been made a victim through another person’s actions, we understandably might want to talk about what happened so that we can try to process and understand all the pieces. We should look at ourselves and the role that we played just as much as the role that somebody else played. We might have a lot of questions that we cannot possibly answer for ourselves, as any situation that involves more than one person will naturally have more than one perspective. If we have had a falling out with a friend or family member or even a work colleague whom we see in person, it may be possible to have a conversation where each party can share their point of view with the hope of coming to a place of agreement about what really happened and an apology could be offered if needed.

When the situation involves people to whom you do not have direct access, for example a work colleague in a different location to your own, an overseas family member or friend or a member of an organisation or online community, then things become slightly trickier as modes of communication are limited to email, phone or skype. Written communication presents its own set of challenges as it is sometimes unclear what the writer really means to say, intonation is not possible and obfuscation and deflection tactics are much easier to put in place. When we are able to speak directly to the person with whom we need to talk, then hopefully each party can speak clearly enough to really put their point across succinctly and hopefully the other can really hear and understand them. Sometimes there is no common ground whatsoever and opening communication is difficult or impossible. This leaves one or both parties feeling unsettled and confused about what is really going on.

As Starseeds we may have the added difficulty of awareness of historic timelines and the role that each party played in that other timeline. We might find it quite difficult to speak kindly to a person who stabbed you in the back in a past lifetime and is symbolically attempting to do it again in this one!

An approach, which I would always choose, is that of Transparency. My desire to live an honest, open, truthful life extends into all of my dealings and I hold that as a potential for everyone that I come into contact with. Unfortunately, or fortunately, the more we hold ourselves accountable to speaking Truth, the more we are able to recognise untruth, so when someone standing in front of us, or writing to us, extends a vibration of “untrue” it bounces off of our Truth Vibration Radar and sets off all sorts of alarm bells for us. Untruth, obstruction, obfuscation and deflection – they can all set off our radar and moving forwards into discussion with a person who is sending these signals back is difficult, perhaps impossible.

Transparency implies openness in communication and personal accountability. It’s not only about telling the truth and behaving truthfully but also engaging with other people in a way that builds a sense of trust and security. This is as much relevant in personal relationships as well as in the workplace or community especially if we are in any position of leadership or management. When the people at the top are not behaving with truth and integrity the whole structure begins to look and feel unstable and unless this is quickly corrected, cracks soon begin to appear and the structure may eventually implode upon itself or collapse. People can feel that and even those who are not directly involved in the scenario will sense that something is off. This may create a ripple effect whereby other people begin to feel that victim or victimiser programme and they can begin to feel stunted, shut down and withdrawn also – even though they have no idea why they are feeling this way. It creates a very palpable feeling of unrest within the workplace or group.

When a person comes to us with questions, or they are seeking clarity about certain issues or situations that have taken place it is expected that we act in a truthful and authentic manner. This builds trust and allows the other person to feel safe to ask questions. If they are feeling victimised the last thing they would need is to feel judged, scorned or pushed aside. It is important to them to feel that they are being heard and their concerns are been addressed.

The demand to act in a transparent manner requires people to hold themselves accountable for information they share or actions that they take. It’s becomes their responsibility to share it, discuss it and help others to understand it.

There can be no room for ego, spin or hidden agendas. Sometimes it may not be pretty because the leader may just have to say that they made a mistake or even that they don’t know, but it is so important to be honest in this situation.

There’s an implication that transparency includes being authentic. I see one of the real challenges as being the delivery of a difficult message. Part of transparency is being willing to put yourself out there and speak the truth as you see it, knowing that many people may find that truth uncomfortable or may not agree with what you have said. With open, honest and transparent sharing of information people are able to make informed choices as to what they participate with and what they do not. They may choose to remove themselves from the company or group and they are afforded an opportunity to follow their own inner guidance as to what is resonant with them and what is not. Information is available and the power is given to them to choose.

In spiritual and new age communities, it is extremely common to find that when a person is brave enough to speak a personal truth that is different to the collective truth of that group, that they will be ostracised, and sometimes attacked. When a person questions the common purpose of the group or asks why things are dealt with in the ways that they are, then often the person is seen as being aggressive, “in ego”, running a victim/victimiser programme or a host of other accusations. There seems to be a common mental programme that dictates, “You are either with us or against us”. This is a statement that has been made many times by world political leaders, so when we hear such statements being used within a community that is supposed to be heart based, again here is a heads up as to where this type of programming originated from and we might indeed question what it is doing here?

Sometimes it gets to the point where group members begin speculating as to whether the person is possessed by entities or imposter spirits. Sometimes they are but mostly they are not. We must not be too quick to throw these types of statements around – that can be extremely destructive. The person usually is just trying to seek clarity and only complete transparency can bring about clarity and understanding so when a person’s genuine questioning is not received well – especially from a leader or group with whom the person had felt trust and acceptance – then that perceived rejection, judgement or shut down can feel extremely harsh to them. If they try again to express how this makes them feel and they are still not heard or if they are told to “let it go”, then potentially a whole range of secondary emotions can be triggered that were not even related to the first line of questioning but that can take the person even deeper into a wound or memory trauma. It is not helpful to then be told, “you are running a victim/victimiser programme” in an accusatory manner. If indeed that is an accurate statement, then a compassionate and neutral witness is what would be really helpful.

“A lack of transparency results in distrust and a deep sense of insecurity.” -Dalai Lama

We have all experienced some level of rejection, humiliation, judgement and attack in this life (and others) so we can see that there are levels of programming in the collective that make people behave this way towards one another but it is not caring, kind or compassionate and it doesn’t really portray an image of a very evolved being especially if that person is in a position of leadership.

I have found that many spiritual communities and organisations are extremely harsh communities even when they say that they are compassionate, non-judgemental and inclusive. I have found some of the spiritual groups that I have been involved with over the years (and there have been quite a number) have caused me a great deal of emotional pain and inner turmoil. I have been judged, talked about behind my back and psychically attacked. For the most part I have found less compassion, communion and love in these groups than I have with non-spiritual communities, which seems strange and contradictory. The plus side of spiritual group involvement for me though has been that I have been forced to go deeply within myself to find my own truth. At times when I didn’t know if I could believe what the leader of that group was telling me, I dived into my Self and found a deeper connection with God than I ever thought possible and an access to my own truth. At times when I was getting psychically attacked for whatever reason, my own guidance put me through intense Dark Arts Training so that I could learn to identify energy signatures of what was coming in to my field and how to protect myself from it if required. I have had the opportunity to witness other people’s interactions within groups and I have seen how people treat each other. Sometimes it is simply a lack of clear communication that causes upsets and grievances and usually this can be easily sorted out however if one side is seeking understanding and the other side is not willing to talk about things (they may perceive that by bringing up the subject they are going to be attacked or they may see the necessary discussion as a distraction to something else that they need to do that they feel is more important), then trust with that person or group begins to break down with one party feeling confused by the lack of open communication and the other party feeling the need to deflect any approaches to discussion. Even within these most painful of experiences, with neutrality and if we are able to hold balance, we can see the opportunity for learning and growth. Intense for sure but extremely valuable in the long run.

One of the tricks to acquire increased learning and growth is to recognise when we are out of balance and take steps to find neutrality again as quickly as possible.

There are a great many distortions in this world and the “spiritual industry” is not exempt from this. Work that we once found credible may not always stay that way. This is something that I have experienced personally many years ago when I was involved with a particular healing modality. When I eventually told the Founder and Channel of that modality that I was leaving, I was attacked. She “predicted” that I would never be able to achieve ascension and that that would be the end of me because she was no longer going to hold space for me and she was going to disconnect me. She told me that if I wanted to return to her group that I would have to ask for repentance and then she would see if that could be granted. This is a classic example of what many people have experienced in spiritual communities and is an example of spiritual abuse.

The process of becoming settled again after experiencing something like this can take weeks, months or even years. Spiritual abuse is an extremely serious misuse of spiritual power. It literally can break a person apart and they may suffer soul fragmentation and complete spiritual breakdown. This is a big problem for people who have been involved with guru/disciple programmes, twilight masters and cults. Many spiritual and new age organisations connect directly in to the False Ascension Matrix. Many of them are infiltrated by astral entities and negative alien influences and most apply subtle mind control and techniques of entrainment that redirect the natural flow of energy from a open source, whereby the person can easily connect with God and their own inner guidance, to that of a closed loop system. I have seen a great many people hand their power over to their guru or teacher and become shut down. They are unable to access their own inner knowing, make their own decisions or even meditate or pray without invoking some script or other that has been given to them. Some almost put their life on hold until they receive some “magical” sign from their guru that they can move forwards again. Without doubt, there are times when we are active and moving and other times when we are waiting for right timing to begin a project or make our move, however that sign that we are waiting for should always come from within us – not from someone or something outside of us that gives us permission or upon whose actions we are waiting. We should always, always connect with God and our own inner guidance first before we take the word and direction from another person. It is therefore vitally important that we take the time to build this inner connection. Coming into our own heart space, feeling what is resonant for us and what is not and devoting time to know ourselves and to learn what truth feels like. Learning how to communicate clearly and thoughtfully is important and if something is unclear we should never be afraid to ask a question to try to gain the understanding that we need. Sometimes, just through the way in which the question is received and answered, we can gain a whole lot of answers on a subtle level that give us a bigger perspective than we could ever have imagined.

There may come a point when our questions are not being answered. Where communication has been shut down, not matter how hard we have tried to keep an open dialogue, we are just not receiving anything back from the other person. In this situation, what can we do? We can’t make another person speak or write to us if they don’t want to. We can’t make them speak openly and transparently. We can’t make them address issues or see things that they either choose not to or cannot see. In this case, at the end of the day, all that we can do is be the neutral witness. Sometimes, things are happening on a far larger scale than even we are able to see or access. Sometimes, there is a timing that needs to be adhered to. Sometimes one or other has to wait for the fog to clear so that they can see things more clearly and sometimes, just sometimes, we are actually not required to do anything other than witness this on behalf of God and in fact this may not actually even be ours to deal with. We may need to hand this back to you God for the final dissolution. Ultimately that may have been what it was all about in the first place – surrender to the Divine.

Our responsibility is to heal the things that are ours to heal. Change ourselves in ways that we need to. Give up the need to control others or have them behave a certain way and as often as possible remain neutral and peaceful and always hold love in our heart.

And so, until next time…


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