What Are You Aligning Yourself To?

In this report, I talk about: Full moon energies and Mercury Retrograde What you align to becomes you Are you creating what you want in your life or going along with someone else's agenda or creation? What you need to do to create your own reality.

3D or 5D? You Have To Choose Now

We're at the point at which we can no longer straddle both timelines. The time of sitting on the fence and saying one thing and doing another is gone. The cracks of the old timeline and false narrative are visible and the construct is crumbling. All who caused harm will be held accountable and we need to let go of telling the story of how we were suppressed and controlled.

2022 – Energy Overview of this Year.

2022 – Energy Overview of this Year. Is this the year of Truth and Revelation that we’ve been waiting for? We can look forward to seeing much of what has been hidden, finally reveal. The spell is broken and the illusions are starting to break down all around us.

Soar like an Eagle

We are being presented with a wonderful opportunity to soar like an eagle. It requires courage - to stand in your Truth - to follow your heart - to recognise and overcome your weak spots and limitations. If we do, then we can soar to new heights of success in all aspects of our life.