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Consciousness Rescue Mission

Transformation through Ophuichus

So what I have been seeing around me in the last couple of months firstly, is that as we know, we have been going through a bifurcation and a dimensional shift. This has caused some turbulence for some of us and we have been going through an internal assessment process. We are trying to work out where we really belong – are we in the right place? – are we with the right people? Sometimes we have been feeling quite displaced – as if we have it all “wrong” but are unsure what “right” would really look like anyway. It’s a feeling of not quite knowing – where is up? where is down? Depression has been common for people recently and also there is a feeling collectively of a lot of uncertainty during this time. Of course, the more conscious we are, the more we are able to ascertain where we are in this process of splitting things apart (bifurcation) and moving into a new timeline where everything looks the same on the external but doesn’t feel the same as it did because internally everything has shifted.

There is also an element of “birthing a new reality” at the moment too, as we seem to be on the cusp of some exciting changes but to birth a new reality we have to let an old one go, so there has been much dismantling in people’s lives of late.

So in recognising that in this dimensional time space of this ascension cycle where we currently are and as we move forwards in time and into higher dimensions, we are being guided towards our next level or station of identity. Ophichuis helps us with this as it pushes us “to become who we truly are” which is a good thing but requires the stripping away of untruth and this is not always comfortable for people.

These stations of identity are commonly called soul, over soul, higher self, monad, etc and comprises of the body parts or whole spiritual bodies of forgotten aspects of our (true) selves – some of which have been stuck in other dimensional spaces and timelines for a really long time. These spiritual energetic bodies hold parts of our consciousness intelligence matrices and it is intended that we collect and reclaim these spiritual energetic pieces of our self during periods of timeline collapse that occur quite naturally during an ascension cycle. As we move through this period of time and collect these parts of Self we often experience healing through the process of uncovering cellular memory that has been stored within our body. This can be very emotionally painful as memories surface from other timelines and present themselves to us as something happening here in the physical right now. Sometimes we fail to realise that an old timeline is up for clearing so there can be levels of confusion as to what is really occurring here and the pain can run really deep because sometimes it is memories from ancient galactic histories that carry with it a great many unhealed negative emotions. Our reaction to what is occurring in this now moment might seem extreme, people might try to tell us that we are over-reacting but if we can make the realisation that we are working to claim back unhealed or fragmented parts of ourselves then our whole perception shifts and we approach the situation from a completely different level of consciousness. This may be accompanied as well by some “disease” states that need to be worked through integrated and healed or released from our body. Weakness in our overall core strength and our aura can exacerbate this and make us more susceptible to the energetic impact of this clearing process upon our physical and/or emotional body.

We have to move through a number of timelines in each dimensional octave before we can reclaim our full identity at that level, as well as recoding the physical body to receive this identity back and adjust to and integrate its frequency. There is also usually a process of changing old and obsolete thought patterns and removing false reality and illusion from the mental body as when these are in place they commonly stunt our spiritual growth and expansion. All in all, this ascension process is quite complex but it is useful to have an understanding or context for what we are experiencing.

When we are holding on to these old belief structures and false reality illusions they may feel quite dense and it is extremely difficult to progress on our spiritual path. For those of us intending to progress along on our ascension path, the more we resist seeing and facing the truth the more uncomfortable we become in ourselves – this to some degree is the physical manifestation of the bifurcation. When our soul/spiritual consciousness wants us to move forwards and our mental mind (or programmes of mind control) tries to maintain control to hold us where it wants us, an imbalance occurs and we will feel that internal pressure building up – it’s like a feeling of being torn apart or stuck between two places. People have often expressed that it feels like they have a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other and they can’t decide which they should follow and where they should be and certainly it is a sure sign that some level of initiation is taking place. It is a time when careful consideration should be given to our decision, which should come from our heart and not our head. Often times we may even sense the magnitude of the decision we are required to make –but not consciously understand what that really means or the many levels that will be impacted by our choices. This could also be described as a type of polarity integration. This is the role of many of us here on planet in this ascension cycle – to shift the corrupted bi wave geometry to a tri wave Unity Consciousness geometry. When we are constantly pushed into polarity thinking – good/bad, light/dark, and positive/negative – it is very difficult to impossible for us to move forwards or beyond that point that has us stuck or suspended in time.

When we have fear of letting go, disbelief of what is beginning to reveal to us, lack of trust in ourselves or the Universe then we really can go nowhere until we are prepared to work through that. When our pain body and negative ego are in control this pretty much says to us that we are stuck and cannot progress on our spiritual path – various levels of emotional damage can occur from this. Mastery over our pain body and negative ego is a direct reflection of our level of Spiritual Maturity, as we understand that the only way to heal and rehabilitate emotional damage is to have the courage to face our fears or whatever obstacle is presenting itself before us. Finding a neutral position from which to move forward, not being in judgement but finding a level of acceptance of “what is” and then dealing with it, allows us to access the trinity field consciousness where polarity becomes integrated and unified and this feeling of being pulled apart ceases as we become more stable.

Things can start to get tricky for some people though, because sometimes they just do not have eyes to see the truth. Some are running mind control programmes that do not allow them to see and others want to believe that everything is what it appears to be on the surface – they want to be able to take things at face value but sadly that is not the truth of the reality down here.

We know that everything in existence has a structural blueprint – just like every building has an architectural blueprint or set of plans. Occasionally the architect or the builder will come in and tweak the plans and make a few adjustments. We hope that those adjustments make improvements to the building but sometimes, things go wrong and everyone on site just wishes that the plans had been left as they were originally intended to be – but they weren’t and now everyone has to pull together and work towards sorting things out in the best way possible. Sometimes a whole team comes in on a type of “Rescue Mission”.

Some adjustments are fantastic upgrades, that enhance and improve the building from what was originally intended into a far superior version of itself, with exquisite qualities and grace and this is similar to the upgrades or re-encryption that we are undergoing in this ascension cycle. We are transforming from an ordinary 3D human being into a Cosmic Christic Human with Crystal Liquid Light filling our body and completely upgrading our silicate matrix. We are the prototypes for this through this ascension cycle but unfortunately some rather unscrupulous architects have got in and messed with the templates and blueprints and some of this has already been built into our consciousness fields repeatedly over many lifetimes and therefore timelines. We are currently in a process then of gradually revisiting these timelines and checking over the fine print and details to assess where the damage exists and where the tweaks to our consciousness have been made so that correction and re-connections can be made. Over time, this infiltration and corruption of our divine blueprint has created a lot of damage at the various levels to the point that many of us have lost parts of our consciousness in various consciousness traps that were set up to deliberately siphon our energy and so that we no longer had full access to “all that we truly are”. There have been parts of our consciousness missing and taken from us against our knowledge and without our consent and it is time to reclaim those parts now.

As these parts of our awareness come back to us, through the various processes, it can bring about a feeling of not knowing ourselves fully anymore. We can feel a bit wobbly as old beliefs are stripped away, we might need to return to our spiritual basics and begin to build again, a new structure and foundation. This process is always easier when we have the understanding of what is happening to us – it becomes quite manageable then.

So in this time frame, we have an opportunity to collect some of our consciousness parts that are still connected to the False Ascension Matrix and we may still have parts trapped in 5D fallen timelines. It is useful to have some understanding of consciousness traps in order that we can locate our missing pieces and also if possible to recognise where these pieces became lost to us, but first let us look at Tara the 5D earth as here we will often find many of our fear and trauma memories.

False Ascension Matrix – Phantom Matrix – 5D Timeline Galactic Bridging

At the time of the cataclysm of Tara millions of years ago, the 5D planet Tara (which is the future earth in its 5D form in the Soul Matrix Universe) exploded and as a result, was sucked into a reversal black hole which fragmented the entire fifth dimensional planetary blueprint into 12 planetary bodies that are in our current third dimensional Solar System. (This is sometimes why we feel so connected to certain planets as it is a part of our planetary consciousness). The 5D Earth Planet Tara was a sister planet to another 5D planet known as Tiamet of which her bodily remnants are located in the 5D Universe. Tiamet was essentially the Taran 5D earth body Twin planet, and her consciousness was captured into the Phantom Matrix and tethered to the Niburu planet trajectory. (Niburu – Annunaki – Wormwood – Stonehenge – NRG)

It was recognized that the souls of the beings living upon Tara at the time of the explosion would be lost in the approaching disaster and they would fall into a lower harmonic universe.

The ascension cycle transpiring on 3D Earth gives us the opportunity to reclaim these 5D fragments and consciousness pieces that were exploded and damaged in these cataclysms and galactic wars and for some of us, this rescue mission is part of our contract of service here on earth – to assist in the rescue of our brothers and sisters who became trapped in 5D time and space and as well having the opportunity to reclaim parts of ourselves. Those of us who have been assigned this particular mission will commonly be skilled at interdimensional portal travel, timeline mechanics, transiting and soul retrieval and adept at working with architecture and blueprint. These skills will have come through our specific individual genetic lineage.

Consciousness Traps

Becoming aware of what forces are stifling our force of will and taking away our personal consent is our own responsibility, this is our personal journey to go back to see where we gave our power away. It is critical to know that the stealing of personal will, the death of our personal will, is the death of our consciousness. This is in part what I have been witnessing with much of the guru disciple programmes and cults that I have been working with in recent months. Stealing of our personal will is the most common consciousness trap on earth and it is used against us as mostly we are completely unaware of the Law of Consent and we give our consent away (through participation) without even realising that we have done so. Our consciousness is easily stolen in this way.

The power of the mass consciousness has tendency to take us over. This mass consciousness we can see clearly when we look at riots on television or when we see football hooliganism where people that weren’t initially part of the group become sucked in and they become a part of that field and begin participating with whatever it is that the mob is doing. Whether or not it is something that they truly believe in, some people get consumed into the crowd and they loose control over their own consciousness choices.

Once we participate with organisations that run these programmes of control or use consciousness traps for energy siphoning we can become hypnotized by the external events that are primarily run by deception and illusion. Most people think that what they see is real and what they think is happening is actually happening. Within spiritual organizations what people think is real – the bliss states and ecstasy that they feel and see in others around them are actually states of astral bliss and they are completely unaware that their energy is being siphoned, usually from a soul level and this can also lead to soul disconnection and death of consciousness.

Until the individual can identify and sense these constructs, they are engaged with that lower mind/ego and what has been created in deception and illusion to trap the individual into feeding into the collective consciousness program. The deception and illusion is that devotees are often told that what they feel, see or sense is part of their “awakening” however I have witnessed the use of holographic inserts in making people believe that their chosen deity/guru or avatar has appeared to them. Believing this to be a true experience of the Divine the person may develop a powerful longing for another experience of this bliss that he or she has already tasted firsthand. This keeps them returning to the temple or ashram as well as constant devotional practices of alignment to that belief structure.

If we consciously intend and ask to see the Truth in all things, this deception will eventually be revealed to us. (We can simple ask from inside our Christ shield “are you a holographic insert?” and boundary test this apparition).

When we take responsibility for ourselves and acknowledge that we allowed ourselves to become a part of that group through our own ignorance and lack of awareness we can consciously work to strip away all of the belief structures and programmes that were placed in our minds. The times when we handed ourselves over willingly to their processes without taking responsibility for where our consciousness was going is the most common times for implantation to occur, but if we can extract ourselves from the grips of these consciousness traps, those structures will cease to have power over us and will dissolve away from our energy field and die. At this point, when we are free of the hold that these inorganic structures had over us, we begin to develop spiritually and we can access new levels of consciousness and heart connection. This increase in consciousness intelligence allows us to easily detect these inorganic structures as the mass hypnosis, the spell we were under is now broken. Without doubt it can be very difficult to break away from these consciousness traps, particularly if the spiritual organization is very active and very large as they hold a lot of consciousness power there and it is very helpful to remind ourselves that this is False Ascension, this is False White Light and that these spaces are used to keep a person’s consciousness stuck there as they continually siphon their energy – to the point of sucking them completely dry. With awareness that these consciousness traps exist we can know to keep clear of them.

Rescue Mission

Some of us are a part of grid work teams involved in a dismantling process and/or soul rescue missions. Sometimes we may even be placed inside these traps to witness them very closely and personally so that we can learn more about them – a type of “eyes on the ground” for God. In this case, we most commonly will be extracted before we experience severe damage presuming that we follow inner guidance to remove ourselves when instructed to do so. Overriding inner guidance puts us right back into the danger zone again.

It is clear that these consciousness traps are extremely hypnotic, sometimes blissful and addictive. Often sexual addiction is activated within people searching for relationships but these are all the types of seductions associated with these consciousness traps. Ecstatic dance, tantra, chanting, trance states, mantras and specific forms of meditation are all high risk behaviours if we are loosing awareness of our own consciousness due to states of hypnotic ecstasy as they take us into the consciousness traps and we have not a clue of what has just happened to us. A Christ shield is a vital tool in our defence against the dark arts and the protection of our consciousness. Meditating in groups where nobody is shielding (or wen aligned to “the wrong place”) is a high-risk behaviour – the potential of hijacking of consciousness is great.

A major focus in this timeline repair and rescue mission is the False Ascension Matrix and it’s various programmes of enslavement through these guru/disciple relationships. Many of the organisations that employ these programmes have been siphoning energy from their participants and feeding that energy into replicated and inorganic systems. From 2007 these inorganic systems began to become apparent to me and even though many of the spiritual leaders, or people in leadership roles, were approached and were requested to cease feeding these destructive timelines, we can see that currently a great many of them still continue with their surface offerings and hidden games of energy manipulation. Some of these people have continued in these leadership roles even despite their followers having major doubts and reservations regarding the authenticity of what they are teaching. It seems that the followers are often reluctant to move away for some reason…

As we continue to move through this dimensional shift we may begin to see some of our Starseed and Lightworker brothers and sisters who have still not yet made the move away from 5D/False Ascension Matrix teachings undergo a rather rapid awakening into truth reality and perhaps also a rapid dismantling of spiritual ego connected to their own position as a teacher or leader of their chosen guru programme. Starseeds that have been working as teachers must now upgrade their levels of understanding to become spiritual teachers without any guru-disciple programming or ego corruption. Those who have been unwilling to make this move away or who have been procrastinating or in denial of the corruption of which they have witnessed and have been a part, are beginning to realise that energetic support is being withdrawn from them now. This may bring about a level of emotional/energetic breakdown until such time as they can re-assemble themselves back into this ascension timeline and retrieve fragments of self involved in consciousness traps regarding guru-disciple relationships through various timelines, sometimes multiple timelines. In actual fact, those of us who have had many lifetimes inside a guru-disciple programme will have been more easily attracted to participate with that again in this lifetime. That is a trap in itself!

What we are looking at here is a specific matrix whereby when an individual consents to be a part of that field, energy is drained or siphoned from them as they connect into the mass consciousness matrix and its mind control programming. We must realise of course that this siphoning process is not explained to the individual and they have no idea that it is happening. Very often the energy will be siphoned from specific organs in the body, commonly the kidney area as this organ in a healthy state, produces a great deal of chi or life force energy to power the body and consciousness of the person. Therefore there is a great deal of energy available there for siphoning. We can make connections between the kidneys and the adrenal glands in regards to siphoning of energy and as well it is worth making note that there is a link between the kidneys and the heart. When the flame in the heart is ignited, this flame is also ignited within the kidney. This is necessary for blood clearing/ancestral and karmic clearing and once this is completed to some degree, the configuration of the heart chakra begins to change as the Monad begins to connect in, eventually to activate the permanent seed atom which is the Christ Consciousness Matrix.

Many of those who have been a part of a guru-disciple programme have been severely compromised in their ability to feel into their own heart for truth resonance or to access their own inner guidance and connection to inner source light – despite the fact that they preach Love and Light to all. They therefore become completely dependant upon their guru or the organisation itself to tell them what they can and can’t do. As they can no longer self-source energy or vital life force they are completely dependant upon “the support” that they receive from their community, their guru, the comfort of the teachings, the deeksha or blessings, the energy of transmission, the chanting etc. The purpose of many of these programmes is to disconnect the soul, siphon the soul energy and create a person who can no longer think for themselves and therefore becomes easily programmable as a pawn. This is an extremely disturbing realisation, as we know that the NAA want soulless bodies to be used in future timelines.

Over the years many of the guru-disciple programmes have also included an element of “free love” in their ashrams as well as the use of psychedelic drugs and other consciousness altering substances to create “ecstatic highs”. These are extreme high-risk behaviours for entity possession and so along with guru-disciple programmes we can also add in to the mix addiction programmes and sexual misery programmes. Many of the spiritual leaders and teachers that we see today in our society or new age circles have received their training within these types of lineages and the quality of that energetic alignment may still be filtering through into their work today even if they left their ashram and drugs behind many years ago. If these people have not consciously cleared the influence of these programmes they can still be running in the background. Usually when we remove ourselves from these programmes the energy “hold” fades away over time but if the person/teacher is still using particular processes, the chants, mantras etc that helped to bind them to that consciousness grid in the first place it may still be active within them as they are drawing that energy in. In the case of the devotees exposed to the sexual misery programmes, these can still be active if the person connects with pornography, polyamory or some tantric practices for example. If these “programmes” are running in the background of that teacher’s consciousness they can still be capable of some level of energy manipulation towards their students – but often they will be unconscious of this themselves. It’s a type of “pyramid scheme”.

Energetic support is offered to those who are able to make the necessary corrections in their alignment to Unity/Infinite Intelligence. Energetic upgrades and re-encryption is available to those who have demonstrated integrity through self-mastery and negative ego clearing. Spiritual teachers and leaders who are clear and accurately aligned to God will be given a “unity source code” alignment and those without this authority will be dismantled from access to their previous contact and energy channels. For some this may mean that they will experience a dark night of the soul in order to see their own truth and for some this may need to occur on numerous occasions. They may petition God for the Spirits of Christ to assist them through this process which can re-align them back to God but it is fair to say that some really intense processes will be required for this to happen.

As many of these guru disciple relationships have stemmed from the Asian Grids we can see the connection points in various galactic wars, circuits feeding energy back to the UK grids and the NRG, sexual misery programmes, addictions, distorted male/female archetypes etc. All of these programmes are used in one way or another for soul enslavement and sadly the guru disciple programmes have been heartbreaking to witness as the levels of spiritual abuse are off the charts and so extremely destructive to the soul and monad bodies of it’s victims/devotees.

As we become aware of the manipulation that is inherent in these programmes and that lead humans into destructive behaviour and ultimately disconnection, we can correct them. Most of the people have no idea that they have been a part of a system of mind control. Most would strongly deny that they are, in fact, part of a cult mentality as they have been so heavily programmed they are unable to see it and by this point they are completely unaware of their own personal right to make a free will choice. The more conscious we become, the more we are willing to look at and see the truth, the more power we have in the name and Authority of God to remove these destructive programmes and false systems and to stop the abuse of ourselves and others.

We are being afforded a great opportunity to let go of “all that binds us”. We are being supported through our own inner Source Light connection to God. We need no intermediary to connect with our True Self, our God Self, as all is within us.

At this time, when a battle is ranging for control over our consciousness, the answer is always the same: go within, go into your heart, connect with the truth that resides in your heart, connect with your God Self and give your Consent for the Spirits of Christ and Christ Consciousness to dwell within you. Cast out all that is not in Truth.

Until next time stay true to your heart.



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