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The Stress of Collapsing Timelines

Many times these timeline collapses can bring with them a sense of freedom, excitement or adventure – a feeling of being uplifted somehow, into the next stage of our lives. These smooth transitions into new timelines make us feel quite blessed and supported and they offer us a small reprieve from the often very difficult work of the ascension process. They are like a small “feel good” blessings to us. We can see the work we are doing and we can feel ourselves progressing and moving forwards.

All too often though, timeline collapses can be very intense and we can find ourselves feeling completely overwhelmed with all the things that we have to accomplish in what appears to be a relatively small amount of time, or window of opportunity. We may feel pressured or squeezed and this can give rise to feelings of anxiety and stress.

When we are completing and collapsing timelines, it is quite common for old memories and triggers to resurface. Past relationships, deceased loved ones or painful experiences may come up into our minds again. We may feel very emotional at these times and this provides us with an opportunity to heal and perhaps fully clear and release emotional blockages and stagnation from our body. Through the use of various tools and techniques we may be able to access really deep blocks within our body, remove these obstacles and finally bring light into areas that were previously drowned in pain and darkness. This brings a real sense of relief and “enlightenment” into the body, particularly when we have held some of this pain for such a long time.

At this time we are being energetically supported to “dig deep”. It is a natural part of our ascension process to be able to shift this darkness and bring in the light, but it does take work on our part and sometimes it is emotionally painful work, but still it must be completed before we can move “onwards and upwards” and forwards into a place of greater understanding.

While there is much support for those of us doing our spiritual housekeeping work now, for many others the pressure and intensity in their lives is exacerbating and the levels of stress they are experiencing is insane and almost off the charts. To witness this in our human brothers and sisters is incredibly painful and in some instances I have witnessed that we just cannot reach some people, no matter how hard we try to support them and hold a space for them, they just appear to be unreachable, untouchable, so lost are they in their own pain and they are completely unable to help themselves. In the sadness I felt at witnessing this, I meditated upon this and I feel assured that “nobody who truly wants to ascend, will be left behind here” but that there is always choice and some may not choose to do so. Another lesson for me on being neutral… We can only do so much for other people, the rest must come from them – but still so hard to watch someone slip away…

Without doubt, in this last month we have seen stress and anxiety intensify in the mass consciousness. We are witnessing more unrest in Middle Eastern countries and the deployment of armed forces to that area. We are on the receiving end of apparent terrorism threats and media propaganda and all this right on cue of the 9/11 Armageddon timeline. To anyone with eyes to see, it is clear that they are attempting to activate this timeline once again and are gathering the vibrations of fear generated through the mass consciousness to fuel that agenda. It’s frustrating to be able to see it for what it is, to have the understanding of how they use the energy to create their desired outcome and at the same time have to stand by and watch as great numbers of people get swept away by the wave they (NAA) are creating. People are getting on board and surfing the wave but it’s not an ascending wave and they have no clue where that wave will end… they are being misguided but they don’t know it yet.

I am reminded of other timelines in history where we (Krystic familes) have attempted to do good here on this planet and our efforts were thwarted, over and over again, but STILL we are here and STILL we keep on healing the past, bringing in the light and moving ever close to embodiment of the true Christ. And STILL the dark agenda has not won the battle – in fact the Light is becoming so bright here it is hurting their eyes and they are pulling out all the stops in their last ditch attempts to take control.

What is different this time around, in this time cycle, is that we have arrived at a point where the ascension process is supported energetically on this planet.  Of course, we still will not see this information in science or mainstream but it is all around us now as consciousness, packages of light if you will, lightcodes and fire letters are streaming in all around us and we can access this and shift our consciousness, activate our lightbody and this then influences our brain function – we begin to “think” in a different way. It is affecting every body that is here on the planet and the more people that engage with it by holding loving kindness and compassion in their hearts, we will tip the scale of mass consciousness but we have to engage with it.

Again, we all still have our personal work to do, it doesn’t happen automatically, contrary to what is proposed in New Age thought, but it certainly is available to EVERY BODY who so desires to engage with and embody Christ Consciousness. As things come up from within us to be cleared we must be prepared to do our internal work. We must learn awareness to be able to recognise that something is shifting within us and needs to be witnessed before it can be healed and cleared. We must learn to FEEL again… so many of us have closed down our feeling centres in order to protect ourselves from our own pain and being hurt again but until we are able to face ourselves fully and completely we are not able to become a clear enough vessel in which the Christ Consciousness may dwell. When our ascension process is pushing us from within and we are unwilling to go deeply within we can develop rigidity, blinkered vision and stagnation.

Christ Consciousness has nothing to do with religion – this is often misunderstood – rather it is a God Consciousness field which holds the original divine blueprint of which the Eternal Living Life Currents are created and perpetually generated. In truth Christ consciousness is what we are, it is what we are made of and it is what we have forgotten to varying degrees. Many of us can still feel it in our bodies though and this is what drives us on to assist others to remember and to return this consciousness to the planet.

The interesting part of embodying higher and higher frequencies of light however is that it will often trigger up many of the ancestral patterns that are held within our body that still need to be cleared. This is called ancestral clearing. It may feel uncomfortable to a person stuck in density to engage with higher vibrating fields of consciousness and it may bring up various ancestral memories or even disease patterns that need to be worked on, understood and cleared from our body. If we are able to work on healing from a spiritual perspective we are able to deepen our connection with our spirit self and a totally different level of healing is available to us. Most often, people will choose to attempt to heal themselves via the medical system route. On one level, this is an opportunity for self healing that is lost, however, every experience is valuable and so the person will be awarded a totally different opportunity for growth and learning. With everything, there is no real right or wrong, just a choice of experience although I have noticed that the more people “unplug” from mainstream ways of thinking, the more likely they are to choose natural and/or spiritual approaches to lifestyle changes and healing of dis-ease.

When I am personally feeling anxious, stressed, worried or in fear I choose to see this as a personal invitation to heal something that is, as yet, unhealed within me, something that has been activated or triggered within myself. Using the skills and tools that I have, I journey into my body to find the location of the feeling and I go as deeply as I can into that point, neutrally witnessing what is revealed to me so that I can pull it up and out of my body and release it. Sometimes the root cause is something that occurred in this lifetime, sometimes other lifetimes, from soul or monadic levels of consciousness and sometimes from planetary consciousness. It may also include stolen parts of consciousness or implants. This work can be big and not always limited to what’s going on in our immediate surroundings, though it may be triggered by something quite personal. When we can see our stresses and worries from a larger, wider, higher viewpoint it gives us perspective and can relieve some of our anxious feelings and allow us to be more neutral to what is transpiring. In other words, if we can remove ourselves from 3D or even 5D levels of consciousness and open ourselves up to multiple levels of consciousness we can get a much clearer overview of what’s really going on within us and around us. This seems to soothe and calm us and can remove really large quantities of stress very quickly. I work with clients in this way and I have seen it to be extremely effective. I believe that we can all develop the skills to do this for ourselves though so that we may each participate with our own healing, awareness and growth process. Certainly it may take some time and practice to become proficient but it is completely achievable should we so desire.

Once we have the understanding of the stress trigger, our physical body may still have a process which it needs to undergo in order to move the stress out and so it is always important to continue to support the physical body through stress even when the spiritual, emotional and mental bodies have understanding.

When we are feeling stressed and pushed what can we really do? What choices are useful to help us get through these difficult times? Well, drugs and alcohol are the choice for many, followed closely by distraction techniques and addictions, though more “conscious” choices may include:

Meditation – my number one favourite, but sometimes difficult to do when it feels as if our insides are tied up in knots! If this is the case then I would choose instead just to breath.

Breathwork – When fear, anxiety and stress are gripping us and consuming our thoughts, we need to release it from the body. Breathwork helps with this and as a basic “do anywhere, anytime” technique try this:

As you breath in, breath in (say the word in your head) peace, then as you breath out, breath out (say the word in your head) fear. Repeat at least 7 times or more continuously if needed until you feel calmer. You may change the words so that they suit what you are feeling. Some examples are:

Breath in: peace, joy, love, harmony, health, light…

Breath out: fear, pain, stress, anxiety, trauma, grief…

Movement – if you are the type of person who shuts down when you feel stressed or worried, try to move your body as this helps to remove blocked energy. Try some gentle stretching exercises or yoga or get out of the house and go for a walk (preferably somewhere in nature). If appropriate a swim in the ocean would be excellent as the salt water has a cleansing effect on the energy body. If you are more exercise orientated a run, the gym or cycling might appeal more to you or put some music on and dance. Any movement is good movement as it helps to shift energy through the body by releasing endorphins for that “feel good” state. Sometimes, we literally must force ourselves to move.

Visuals – for visual people, looking at art or beautiful images can be helpful and also sewing, knitting or crochet with colourful fabrics and wools, takes us out of an anxious state and channels the energy into a productive state. (Some people clean out their cupboards for the same reason).

Hydration – It’s really important to be well hydrated when we are stressed. Being dehydrated causes more stagnation in the body both energetically and physically.

Vibrational Essences – these can help tremendously. My personal favourites are Australian Bush Flower Remedies – Calm and Clear or Emergency Essence. Some people prefer Bach Flower Remedies – Rescue Remedy and homeopathic drops are helpful too.

Herbs – there are a number of herbs available to help us when we are feeling stressed and worried. Consult a naturopath as to which is the best remedy and dosage for you and I also like to use calming teas such as chamomile, passion flower, lavender etc.

Nutrition – it is important to really nourish our body well when we are under stress. Be vigilant to remove the types of foods that cause stress to our bodies and eat plenty of fruits, vegetables and suitable protein.

Most certainly these are troubled times that we live in. As people wake up and see the truth of what’s really going on here, it can be very difficult for them to come to terms with. This clearly, raises levels of anxiety but when they move through that phase the end result is another awakened person and that it a good thing.

It’s so important now for us to maintain our centre and hold ourselves emotionally stable and we should do everything we can towards acquiring and practicing the skills required for this. Certainly when we can feel calm and peaceful inside we experience the world as a better place and we can concentrate even more on the integration and expansion of our consciousness to embody the Christ.

With love, peace and calmness,
Until next time…

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