The Love of Money

Many people have a love/hate relationship with money. It’s one of the subjects that people get very uncomfortable with and statistically is the subject that causes more arguments between couples than any other.

Do You Have A Love/hate Relationship With Yourself?

You’d be surprised how many people do. When everything’s going well in our lives, it’s easy to love ourselves.  We feel good and everything feels possible for us. But along comes a full moon, a retrograde planet, our monthly cycle, an unkind word and suddenly our whole world seems to go to hell in a handbasket and we start hating life and hating ourselves. Maybe hate is too strong a word… but we all know what it’s like to feel like crap, and then those old sneaky destructive thoughts start to creep in.

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Are You Creating What You Don’t Really Want in Life?

So there you are, saying all the right affirmations and gazing at the images of piles of money on your vision board and yet nothing is happening to bring that money in. You’re trying to have all the feels for money… trying to imagine yourself on a yacht somewhere lavish in the South of France maybe. But nope… nothings coming in and your bank account is looking bleak. Are you one of these women who can’t bear to look at your credit card statement or has no idea how much money you really have (or don’t have)?

Where Are You Heading To?

Rarely if ever, would you get into your car and start driving somewhere without knowing where you want to end up. Yet we do this with our lives. Clients often tell me that they’re stuck and don’t know what they should be doing with their life. They know that they want to feel happy, fulfilled, abundant and rich, but they don’t know how to make that happen. Everybody’s happy, fulfilled, abundant and rich (life) looks slightly different, and we will all achieve it in different ways. But in order to get there, it’s necessary to work out where “there” is so that you can actually head in the right direction.

It’s So Frustrating To Feel Stuck Isn’t it?

It’s so frustrating to feel stuck isn’t? And so annoying when someone asks you why you’re stuck! Aaagggrrr….   if you knew why you’re stuck, you wouldn’t be stuck right?! Well, Yes and No.  There’s some truth to that but it’s not quite so cut and dried. The truth is that a part of you does actually know why you’re stuck but you either can’t access that part; you know it but don’t know what to do about it; OR you’re afraid to face it (for a host of different reasons). Ask me how I know?    You guessed it.  I’ve been there.  (Many times actually). PLUS, I’ve seen it time and again with my clients.

Do You Dare To Step Away?

We can think that unless we’re on top of our game every single second of every single day that the social media algorithms will kick in and we’ll sink to the bottom of the scrap heap.  Never to be seen again. We have to keep up with everything.  Social media presence.  Emailing our list.  Coming up with new classes, courses, products… new ways to find or attract our perfect clients. I feel exhausted just thinking about it all, and honestly, I feel that it can get a bit like trying to keep up with the Joneses all the time.

Change: Do you Love it or Hate it?

You try to buy yourself some extra time and keep moving the date at which you’ll make this change. Or you hope things will just get better all on their own, or that the other person in the relationship will make the decision and save you from having to say anything… until suddenly 2, or 5, or even 10 years have passed and you’re still stuck. You haven’t followed your heart. You’re not living in joy. You’re just treading water waiting for something to happen to make it all better. But usually it’s just getting worse.

The Programmes of your Mind – Your Magnificent Mind S1 Ep3

We’ve all been programmed to be a certain way. We think that it’s “just the way we are”, but really, the way we are, the way we behave, think, act and feel is a reaction to past events and past programming. When you introduce a small child to new people and preface that introduction with something like “she’s very shy, she doesn’t talk much” – you are subtly programming that child to become the way you say she is.

Your Thoughts Create Your Reality – Magnificent Mind S1 Ep1

When we focus just outside of ourselves we can tend to forget about the power that is within us – our own magnificence, in a sense – and actually some people don’t even know that this part of them even exists…   they don’t teach us this in schools.  But actually if they did, we would see a very different world today.

Why You Won’t Find Me Looking In Your Knicker Drawer.

Do I still occasionally get a “download” for someone?  Yes, but that’s a different thing altogether than me going snooping and looking for something just because I feel like it or because I can. Why am I telling you this and what has it got to do with Money Mindset or Abundance, I hear you ask? It has everything to do with money. Read on....

How Your Self Worth Impacts Your Ability to Earn More Money

Are you struggling to grow your business? Do you nervously watch your finances dwindling with nothing coming in to replace what you’re spending? Despite your best efforts, does it appear that you simply can’t earn beyond a set $ amount each month? You’re not alone. This is much more common than you might think.   But out in public nobody wants to talk about it.  It’s a hush hush kind of thing…  

How to be luckier in life

Really…..?  I thought… that’s all you got for me?! My eyes were nearly popping out of my head because I’d just witnessed something pretty amazing and I was kind of expecting more from her - like a magical formula or something.  Let me explain…

What Does Being Broke Mean To You?

We all have a different interpretation of what the word "broke" means. One person can be broke with 50 cents in their purse, whilst for another person, broke means that they’re down to their last 4 million. Let me tell you about my client James, who came to me for help when he was broke.

How To Be Successful In Your Life and Business

Although it may be slightly uncomfortable for some of my spiritual peeps to admit it, many of them do actually want to be successful in business. Many of us don’t know how to make that happen though, and that’s the part that trips us up. It’s true for everybody, that if we want to have a successful business then it’s imperative that we see ourselves as successful first. Anything less than that, will only yield less than that.

Is It Wrong To Talk About Money?

Is it wrong to talk about money? I’ve asked this question to lots of my clients. Many of them hesitate before they respond, but I can almost see them going through their thought process as they search for an answer to give me.  They want to give me the right answer, but they’re not sure what that really is. You see, as spiritually minded folk, many of us have picked up an unspoken rule that it’s wrong or bad somehow, if you talk about money.  But there’s a part to that, that really doesn’t make much sense and your mind knows it too.

How Important Is Money To You?

Lots of my spiritually minded clients tell me that “money is not important to them" or that "they don’t want lots of money”. Later in our conversation, they’ll tell me that they’re: "stuck in their business or in life and if they had more money they could do something different and it would all be better". Do you see what I’m seeing here?

Four Red Frogs and a Pair of Teeth Please

Both of these children had potentially just been programmed in regards to their money mindset – and yet on the surface, it had seemed like just a normal day in a suburban street. But the final blow was yet to come…

The Love Of Money

Many people have a love/hate relationship with money. It’s one of the subjects that people get very uncomfortable with and statistically is the subject that causes more arguments between couples than any other. Women would happily tell you how many designer handbags they have (do the math!), but they would never dream of telling you how much money they have in their bank account.

Are You Being Who You Came Here To Be?

What does it take to create a new version of yourself? Have you ever tried to change your image…. but failed to sustain the change longer than a week? Have you bought a few nice new outfits thinking that if you just wore the right clothes then you could be somebody else – carry a whole different persona and become a new version of yourself.

How To Get Your Reality To Match Your Vision.

Have you ever seen yourself in a vision that looked so amazing and felt so real, that you wondered how you were ever going to pull it off? I have.  Many times. It usually happens in response to me asking a question, something like:  What am I really here for?  or What’s my highest potential?

What to do when you’ve given up on yourself.

Have you given up on yourself? Maybe you have and you haven’t even realised it. Sometimes people are waiting for something….   but they don’t know what they’re waiting for.  So then, how will they recognise it when it comes? It's just part of the reason that they don’t know why they’re stuck but there's more. Does this resonate with you?

Lightworker: It’s Your Time Now!

I get where you’re at.  I searched for years to find my Soul Purpose. I think I was expecting some huge light bulb moment when a whole vision would open up and I’d instantly know everything I needed to know about what I was here to do.

A Time of Unrest and How to find Peace again

In my experience, when I discover new information that is shocking to me, there's always a period of unrest that follows.  Mostly unrest within myself because I'm uncomfortable with what I've just found out and with what will need to happen next.

Are you having an Identity Crisis?

I’d bet, that we all go through an identity crisis at some point in our life. We ask ourselves things like:   Who am I?  What am I supposed to be doing with my life?  What should I be doing next? We ask the questions, but very often we don’t stop to listen for the answers.  Especially for those that need to come from somewhere beyond our mental mind.

It’s Your Time To Shine

When I was a teenager at school, they asked us what we wanted to do once we left. They directed us to a box of index cards in the library and some books and told us to pick something and they’d help us to map out our career path. The career I wanted wasn’t in that box, so I felt stuck and asked for help, but didn’t get any.  Instead I got laughed at and made to feel stupid.

Could The Law of Attraction Be What’s Holding You Back?

Back then, I literally believed that the Law of Attraction would just magically drop clients into my lap.  I actually didn’t even believe in promoting my business that much because I thought it would all just happen automatically. It sounds rather foolish to say that now, but I wasn’t the only one to think that way and many people still do, even today!

3 Things That Will Stop You From Living Your Life Purpose

Many of my clients come to me saying that they feel stuck, they’re really frustrated… they feel they should be “doing something” but they don’t know what. Why do they come to me and say that? — because I’m really good at getting people unstuck and back on to the right path again — that’s what I do. It’s a bit like helping them to know what they already know… or helping them to do what they know they need to do but for some reason are not doing.

Why Listening To Your Intuition Could Be The Best Decision Of Your Life.

When I channelled guidance from my Higher Self one day in a psychic development class, my teacher told me that it was “only” my higher self and I shouldn’t pay too much attention to it. I thought that channelling my higher self was a good thing, but she said no, it meant nothing. I was quite a beginner back then, and I believed her.  Instead I strived to ignore my inner voice and channel other beings whose insights, she said, were more important than my own.  I opened the door to guardians, guides, angels and other beings whose identity was questionable at best and of course completely unproven in any conceivable or objective manner

Completed Contracts

Have you ever had that feeling of freedom that comes from knowing that you have just completed a contract that has been with you for a while, and that was beginning to feel heavy or to pull you down…?

What Keeps You Stuck?

Why can't you seem to make the changes in your life that will get you the life you really want? Every one of us can change, if we want to.  There's not one of us that can't. My area of expertise is helping people to get unstuck and in all of the thousands of people I have worked with over the years, I can tell you, for sure, that every single one of us can get unstuck if we really want to, because it's only ourselves that's keeping us stuck.

A Timeline Fracture

We all have choices. When we fall into fear and worry about some possible future timeline event, like so many people are right now, we can’t help but lower our vibration. Fear and worry are not high vibrational states of being.

Transformation through Isolation

These are unprecedented times… we’ve been hearing this everywhere lately, but what if it’s not what we think it is… what if we are actually in a time of unprecedented opportunity for growth and transformation, perhaps one that was divinely orchestrated as a counter punch off the back of what appeared to be a global disaster…

(Part 3) Is This The Shift Of Consciousness We’ve Been Waiting For?

How To Be Of Service Right Now If you’re anything like me, you’ve been meditating and doing healing work on yourself for many years already. You’re probably very well aware of frequency and vibration and you’ve been doing the work to shift your consciousness into a higher state of being knowing that your health will improve and you will be able to live a more abundant and happy life.

We Create Our Reality With Our Thoughts – Stay Out Of Fear

In these difficult times, when there is so much fear and uncertainty all around us, it can be a bit challenging to remember that we create our own reality. In real terms I know that many people will argue with me on this point especially when we look around us and see what is currently going on in the world - "I didn't create this!". 

Am I heading in the right direction?… (I want guidance)

I don't know anyone who hasn't, at some point in their life, wished that someone would just come along and tell them what to do - give them clear guidance on what steps to take next, which choice to make or what might be a possible outcome of an opportunity that has presented itself to them.  I've certainly felt like that...  many times actually

Soul Alignment through the Hero’s Journey

Have you found your soul purpose yet? Many of my clients tell me that they know their soul purpose, yet they can’t find a way to make it happen, for them to live it on a daily basis. It’s a common fear amongst many of us when we begin to wake up, that we will be asked by “Spirit” to do something so powerful in this world, that it will require us to leave behind everything we have — our friends, family, the lifestyle and creature comforts that we love…

Why Are We Afraid To Be Who We Truly Are?

Most of us have had less than a perfect childhood.  We all do the best we can with that, but sometimes it comes back to haunt us.   And when it does, we rarely see it for what it really is – an old wound that still needs to be healed. When we have hurt and pain, when we are not able to achieve what it is that we really want in life, we tend to make up a story about the reason why, but our story is usually BS.  It’s our alibi for why we haven’t done what we came here to do.  But we can only appease our ego for so long...

A Message From My Soul

Have you ever been at a place in your life when things felt so bad that you knew, with every fibre of your being that you could not go on living like that… that something had to change, and it had to change quickly… because you simply could see no way through and you could see no positive future? Well I’ve felt like that. On a number of occasions actually…

Creations of Your Own Mind

And just like that it seems, the year is almost over.  What did you achieve this year?  Did you tick off all of your goals or do you find that you are pretty much in the same place that you were this time last year? This year has been a year of big energetic change for many people.  Some of us have made huge strides forwards on many levels and of course, others haven’t.  For some, nothing has changed even though they desperately wanted it to and they feel frustrated that things don’t look any better and that they don’t feel better either.

Do You Remember Who You Really Are

Have you ever had a sudden flash of remembering… perhaps in a meditation, a dream or moment of absolute knowing… that you are so much more? Have you ever wondered what’s really inside of you…? What you really know, deep inside…? What you have really experienced in other lifetimes, in other galaxies? And, what you are truly capable of?

Why A Pivot Might Be Exactly What You Need To Do

I’ve always believed that our work should grow and evolve, just as we do – after all, nothing in nature ever stays the same so why would we…? But even if we accept that our work will change over time, it’s almost impossible to see what it will actually look like when we haven’t got there yet.   How could we know what we will feel like at some point in the future…? and how could we know what gifts will unfold from within us, to be expressed in that exact space, time or dimension.

Owning Who You Are

You’d probably be surprised at how many emails and nasty comments I have had over the years, from so called “spiritual people” abusing me for charging for my services. When I’ve written articles (for free) for some well-known online magazines and put my website details at the bottom so that people can find me, I’ve been abused and called money grabbing.  Or accused of preying on people who need help.

Maybe it’s not what we think it is.

Have you ever had an experience in which, just when you were about to embark on a new path, this massive amount of fear comes up from nowhere? Sometimes that feeling is so intense that it stops you dead in your tracks.  Gut wrenching fear, that makes you break out into a sweat. What do you attribute it to? I know that sometimes in spiritual circles people say that it’s a warning sign that you’re on the wrong path… that you’re heading in the wrong direction and such like. And have you ever had a healing session in which you’ve felt sick before, during or after, or had chills or the shakes during the session… and people have said to you that it’s because the healer was running dark energies or was “not clear”.