Instant Download Meditations and Self Study Masterclasses

These items are created personally by Karen and are meant to assist you
with personal transformation of your body, mind and soul.
Do not use any of these audios while driving or using machinery, or if you suffer from epilepsy or schizophrenia.
(They are not recorded in a professional studio but would be a similar quality to that of Karen’s You Tube channel videos.)

Deep Relaxation and Abundance Meditation

AUD $13.00  (approximately USD $8 depending upon daily rate)

This meditation takes you into a very deep state of relaxation. From this deep state you can access the Quantum Field of All Potentials and experience Unlimited Abundance. When you design a potential with your mind and align with it in the Quantum Field, then you can draw it towards you to be made manifest in this reality.

Align to a New Era and Timeline

AUD $13.00  (approximately USD $8 depending upon daily rate)

Shift your energy and consciousness into the new Golden Age timeline.  Use this meditation at any time that you are ready to let go of the old and step into the new.


Money Mindset Masterclass

Investment:   AUD $97 (approximately USD 67 depending upon daily rate)

Discover why positive affirmations alone do not work, how to use the Law of Attraction to get what you really want in life and how your mind affects your ability to be wealthy.  Includes Masterclass and Money Beliefs Hypnosis audio. (Instant Access) Click the link to read more.

Dark Night of the Soul Masterclass

Investment:  AUD $44   (approximately USD $30 depending upon daily rate)

Coming soon

The Starseed Trap and Starseeds in Trauma

Investment:  AUD $44   (approximately USD $30 depending upon daily rate)

It’s become very popular in recent years to claim that one is a Starseed.
Some genuinely are (I can feel them energetically) and some people are not (but they believe they are).
In this class we’ll discuss the common traits of being a Starseed, the tags and implants that they may have as well as the contracts and agreements that they enter into (sometimes unknowingly).
We’ll also discuss the darker side of being a Starseed – the trauma that goes hand in hand with recovering galactic memories and the susceptibility to implanted false memory and mind control agendas as well as the role and purpose of being a Starseed on Earth at this particular time in planetary history.
Join me for this informative class!

The Hero’s Journey Masterclass

Investment:  AUD $44   (approximately USD $30 depending upon daily rate)

The Hero’s Journey is the archetypal story pattern referred to in both ancient myth and modern day adventures.  It is often mirrored in our Path to Awakening and has also been referred to as “A Roadmap to Healing our Trauma”.
I’ve found that when we can recognise where we are ourselves in this archetypal template at any given point, then it serves to prepare us to successfully navigate ourselves through to the next level, ensuring our continued growth on our individual Path to Awakening, or Enlightenment.

Escaping the Matrix Masterclass

Investment:  AUD $33   (approximately USD $20 depending upon daily rate)

The focus for this Masterclass is :
Escaping the Matrix

What is “the Matrix”?
This term became popular through the movie of the same name in around 1999 although many people believe and it is quite clear to see that it was a documentary more than just a movie.

In this Class we’ll look at:
What the Matrix is
How unconsciously you are caught up in the Matrix
What it really takes to remove yourself from it – and can you ever?
The levels and dimensions of consciousness that make up the Matrix
What comes next – Being in this World but not of it

Join me for this eye opening and inspiring class!