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What’s holding YOU back?

Many of my clients come to me and say that they just want to follow their heart and do what they came here to do…. Or that they want to make a difference in the World… or words to that effect.

Some simply want to open up their creativity or be the best version of themselves that they can possibly be. But no matter what they want, they usually come to me when they’re stuck and not getting where they really want to be in life.

I know for a fact, that I’ve said exactly the same things myself in the past, so I understand what it feels like to be there.

What it says to me is that they’re hearing an inner calling, and they are being stirred to go deeper within themselves to find out more…

This is exactly what I most love to help my clients do. I feel an absolute sacredness to this part of my work with them – it’s like I have been entrusted by the Divine to assist them to know themselves on a deeper level and discover who they Truly are…

But following our heart sometimes requires a complete life change, it often requires money, (a subject that can be intensely uncomfortable for many people) and it also takes courage, guts and determination and quite honestly not everyone has it.

You can’t make somebody have all of those things either… they have to discover them for themselves, although you can support them to learn to trust themselves and honour the journey of the self discovery.

In this role I often find myself a witness to the birthing of a new sense of self which ultimately builds self-worth too and I know then, that these women will go on to make both subtle and profound changes in their lives that are bound to bring them happiness, if they stay the path.

It takes courage to change our lives, and those close to us, our loved ones, unless they have previously walked the path themselves, won’t recognise this place we are in when our inner self begins to call louder and louder, until it can’t be ignored any longer.

Sometimes it gets to make or break point… and it seems that as soon as we begin to listen a bit more seriously and start the journey and, when we begin to think that this change we see for ourselves might just be possible… suddenly our subconscious fears and limiting beliefs stir up, and paralyse us with self doubt, keeping us stuck once again.   Another idea that didn’t really work, another relationship down the pan or the attempt to try something new that went nowhere, again.

There is always fear there and our limiting beliefs are what trip us up and hold us back every time.  Quite simply, because we don’t usually even know we have these limiting beliefs in the first place… so its only when we start to pay attention to them and understand where they came from, that we can begin to remove them, unblock our path and move forwards again.

The ladies who have recently completed my Abundance Bootcamp Course have all been quite surprised to find some of the limiting beliefs that have held them back from creating the life they want.  It’s particularly interesting, because these ladies are not new to self-development work.  They are all conscious women and they have been doing work on themselves for years some of them, and yet they had no idea that these little booby traps were hidden in their subconscious mind.  It can be quite a shock to discover these things sometimes and that’s the beauty of this type of mindset work.

I’ve created various exercises, meditations and hypnosis sessions within that Course, to help members to go inwards to find out what’s holding them back and although they have successfully finished the course now, they know that the job is not complete…  actually, this job, of inner enquiry and self-awareness, is never complete – it is (or should be) a daily job for all of us – a bit like cleaning one’s teeth actually… and the deeper we go and clear things out, the more abundance is available to us, so why would we stop working on ourselves ever?  We wouldn’t, right?!

In our private FB group we can share our Aha moments with each other and celebrate our successes – because it’s really important to have support from a group of like-minded people – that’s why they set up things like Weight Watchers groups and AA – although I like to think of ours as more of a mutual appreciation and encouragement group – because when you see others achieving great things, you begin to realise that it’s also possible for you to achieve great things too!

Remember, that we are busting through sub conscious beliefs here and these were often installed in our childhood from our family experiences, so our families won’t necessarily understand what we’re trying to do, nor will they congratulate us until all is said and done and we’ve proven ourselves worthy of our success – and that’s the benefit of the FB Group – because we know you’re worth it.

I post in the FB group regularly myself too and share my journey because even though I created the course so technically, I’m “the leader”, my work is not complete either and I use the exact same techniques that are in the course, on myself too. I’m happy to lead by example.

Truth and Integrity are two qualities that I hold dear to my heart.  I’m willing to share my experiences, the ups and the downs because I’m not trying to be something that I’m not and I believe that when we share openly and honestly we build trust amongst one another and I like that.

The pyramids weren’t a quick build, but they’ve stood the test of time and I believe that we need good strong foundations if we want to build anything that will last – be it a house, a business, good health, a great relationship or an abundance mindset.   Strong foundations can only be built by digging deep, identifying our weak spots, rectifying them, and building up from under the ground, which is exactly what our subconscious mind is – it’s the parts of us that are hidden underground and they can be our weakness or our greatest strength.

So often in some of the new age thinking – well, they’re actually not thinking very well at all, because they get stuck in magical thinking – hoping and wishing for abundance to just magically turn up on their doorstep because they’ve said all the right affirmations but it’s not quite like that.

There is a force of power in the Universe that can be used to create some really quite amazing things…  it’s called the Quantum Field and it’s available for everyone.  We can create what we want from it.  However it has a quite divinely orchestrated “fail-safe mechanism” which has been automatically installed into it, and that is, that you are only able to create to a level that is equal to the amount and types of limitations or negative beliefs that you still hold in your subconscious mind.

That means that if you are trying to attract $1,000,000 into your life but deep inside you only feel worthy of $100,000 then that’s all that you’ll get, until such time as you can shift your mindset and feel truly worthy of that $1mil.  It’s quite simple really and that’s why we continue to work on ourselves constantly because we are only limited by our own lack of growth and because Rome wasn’t built in a day either!  There is no zero to hero overnight.

The Universe is constantly trying to bring you Abundance.
It’s up to you to believe that you are worthy and let it in!

So… that’s the trick to creating the abundant life that you really want… get your subconscious mind on board and clear out the booby traps that keep you stuck and ruin your opportunities for success.

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From my heart to yours,


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