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How to have a Happy and Abundant Life

It seems to be human nature to avoid the things that make us feel uncomfortable.

The mind’s job is to keep us safe, and alive basically… so it stands to reason then that if something is not making us feel good, that it could be a warning that we are in danger and we should probably do something to move away from that danger.

It’s basic instinct… it goes back to primitive days, when our senses were probably more heightened than they are today and we could feel when we were in mortal danger and about to be pounced on by tiger. But that’s unlikely to happen to us today – you don’t see too many tigers roaming suburban streets, thank goodness. But our mind still has a job to do and today, the things that our mind perceives as a threat to our safety comes in a very different form… the stresses and strains of daily life and the juggling of work, home, bills and health, for example.

For many people it literally is a juggling act to keep everything from falling apart. It’s a bit like trying to keep all the balls in the air at one time but when this is the case the mind is on guard, it’s in a stress response and is looking for the next thing that might challenge the status quo. It loves what feels familiar and will try to hold on to what is comfortable and safe. There is rarely quiet time for us to feel our connection with Spirit, unless we consciously choose to make time to do that.

So where does abundance fit into our lives in this day and age, or do we just joke that the only abundance we have is the abundance of bills or demands upon our time…

Let’s pause just a moment. I’d like you to ask yourself this question and then listen to hear your inner response… ask yourself:

Is abundance really available to me?

What’s your first response to that question?
And what is your second response that immediately followed it?

Whatever it is that you heard, then that is indicative of your present level of consciousness in regard to abundance.

Perhaps you heard something like this:
Is abundance really available to me?
“yes – but I don’t really know how to get it”
“hmm… the chance would be a fine thing”
“No – not at all”.

Or maybe you heard “Yes it is available to me” yet when you look around you, you can’t find it.

There is no right or wrong answer. There is no judgement. It is just a statement of fact – the response you had to that question represents your level of abundance consciousness – or perhaps your level of poverty consciousness.

It can be painful to acknowledge that ours is a mindset of poverty but when we are ready to acknowledge that truthfully, then we have the opportunity to begin to move ourselves out of it too.

The most disempowered state to be in, is one in which we are so terrified of our poverty mindset that we would rather lie about it to ourselves and everyone around us than admit it. From this place, we don’t really have anywhere to go with it. We are well and truly stuck there until we shift our mindset.

Now of course, I’m not suggesting that we should run out into the street waving our hands in the air shouting “woo hoo, look at me, I have a poverty mindset!” No, not at all… but shutting down the whole conversation and going into denial is really not helpful either.

I come across many people in spiritual/new age circles, who find it incredibly difficult to reach out and get help for the problems that they have. Whether that is a mental/emotional or spiritual issue or if its an abundance, connection or creativity issue.

This deep inner work that we have to do to open up our true gifts and talents can be hard work and having to look at ourselves, warts and all, is not comfortable… but this discomfort is not necessarily a sign that there’s a tiger down that path so we should avoid it. Too often just as we are on the verge of a breakthrough our fear comes up and we stop ourselves from going deeper. Spiritual bypassing is rife in spiritual circles and sometimes spiritual arrogance plays its part too and a story is created that a
breakthrough has already occurred, but it hasn’t really… it’s just a diversion and it’s very clear to see.

Many claim to be so spiritually connected… and yet they need a psychic to tell them what to do because they can’t work it out for themselves and this is often just another diversion or sabotage tactic.

Often, we hear the message that is real inner guidance, but it’s not the message we want to hear, so we search for a different message that more closely resembles the one we want and choose to ignore what we don’t want to face. When we ask to see the truth it’s not always comfortable to look at.

It seems that many would rather hide under a rock than say, “you know what, I’m actually not as connected as I say I am, I’m sick of feeling this way… I’m sick of feeling blocked and stuck and not able to achieve what I know in my heart I want to do”.

Who does it serve, when we can’t even be truthful with ourselves?

I believe that we all have the opportunity to be completely fulfilled and to live an abundant life, where everything is available to us if we choose to reach out and take it – just like our breath.

And I believe that the only reason we are not all 100% happy and abundant in our life is because we haven’t found our purpose yet or because we are too scared to step into our greatness.

We are waiting for other people to validate us, to make us feel worthy, to give us permission to shine. But it doesn’t work that way. We have to find our own greatness and we have to find it within ourselves! If making coffee in Starbucks fills you up with joy and happiness, then you’re ahead of many people who still haven’t found that in their life yet. It doesn’t matter what you do in life really, it’s about how you feel when you’re doing it. If it’s not enough for you, then it’s not the right thing for you… search until you find it!

If we acknowledge that we’re stuck, if we reach out and say that we need help to find our “something”, and if we’re prepared to dig deep and do the work, then doorways begin to open up for us… The Universe knows that we are acknowledging that which is within us and it begins to reflect back to us what we’re searching for.

It’s always fear, procrastination, self-sabotage and our own limiting beliefs that stop us.

Being great, being successful, being celebrated and acknowledged, or even being seen or visible, might not be comfortable for us. It might feel really alien to us to step out and be in our own magnificence… and because it feels so unfamiliar to us, the mind stops us. It puts in place obstacles and fears – fear of failure and even fear of being successful…

The mind says: “Better the devil you know, than the devil you don’t” and we believe ourselves. We believe that it’s keeping us safe and we go along with that – we don’t stretch our mind to open to possibilities and we settle back down into our normal life. But very soon we feel stuck and frustrated all over again and this sets up our new familiar feeling and it becomes who we think we are and we live our lives small, when in truth we are capable of so much more.

Successful people reach out though, and they select someone to help them with these challenges and limitations of their mind. They select the person whose area of expertise is the exact one that they are looking for. (After all, you wouldn’t go to a knee surgeon for brain surgery, would you…?)

If you want abundance in your life – find a coach who specialises in transforming your mindset to one of abundance.

If you’re feeling stuck and frustrated – find someone who can help you get unstuck.

If you’re feeling that you’re creativity is blocked – find someone to help you to unlock all that is within you… and funnily enough once you do this you will no longer feel stuck and your abundance will flow in, because ultimately, YOU are the SOURCE of your OWN ABUNDANCE and when you shift your mindset to believe in yourself, value yourself and feel worthy, then everything starts to open up for you. You’ll find yourself quite naturally living the life of abundance, joy and happiness, that you always wanted.

If you’d like my help to unlock your happiness and abundance why not sign up to join my Abundance Bootcamp next time we open the doors.

Until next time, stay in truth,


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