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Valuing Yourself!

The missing piece for me, came when I worked with a woman who had come for help with something very specific in a healing session.

It became a turning point in my life and has completely transformed my business and made me value my worth in a way that I never did before.

When we continue to evolve and grow, our work will too and I realised in the type of session I was doing with this woman that my own personal growth and development was not recognised.  There was no space for my values and by working with her in this way, I was being pulled back to “an old way of being and working” that was not true for me anymore.

I knew that I could get her great results with some transformational mindset work, but she was completely stuck in her way of thinking and behaving.  She was bitter and angry, and she wanted revenge, and until she was willing to change on the inside, it was going to be very hard for her to fully accept any healing.

She was stuck in a story of being a victim, under attack by dark forces.  And she was unwilling to change, she said, until she had “taken her previous teacher down”.

She blamed her previous ascension teacher for implanting her with various thoughtforms that were stuck in her mind and body, that in time had now become her reality.

It was a dark day for me, the day I worked with her.  Her viciousness had oozed towards me from the other side of the world via skype and as I stood waiting for the kettle to boil for my customary post-session cup of tea, I made the decision that I wouldn’t work with this type of client ever again.

Actually, I said out loud to an empty room: “I don’t get paid enough for this! Never again! I will never do this again.”

Then I laughed out loud – also to an empty room.

I have no doubt that the Universe was listening though, because almost immediately the types of clients I was attracting changed.  I now get to work with people who really want to change their lives for the better and are prepared to do the work to make it happen.  The Universe is benevolent, but it needs to see the commitment from our side too, before it’s ready to deliver the goods.

I had a few potential clients that tested my commitment to value my worth though.  I had several people begging me.  One saying that he could only afford $25 but that I was the only person in the whole world that could help him.  He was an singer on stage, but broke and couldn’t afford to pay more.

It’s hard when you hear that.  I’m a healer – I don’t want people to suffer.  But I’m also not a charity and I didn’t acquire the skills I have in five minutes – I have many years of experience behind me.  Nor did I acquire my training for $25!

I have to value my worth (and I am 100% worth it).  It’s my effort and my energy that I put into my work.  If I don’t value myself at the highest level, I can’t serve my clients at the highest level and I want the best for my clients.

I realised that my prices are a reflection of the value of my worth and my expertise at what I do – NOT a reflection of someone else’s budget.

Spending money on yourself – on developing a healthy mindset and healing old emotional stuff that holds you back and limits you, is an investment in yourself, but chances are you’ll only do it when you begin to believe that you’re worth investing in.

If you’re in business, or you want to be in business it will make you even more money back in the long run and if business is not your thing but you’re feeling like something is missing in your life then you need to invest in yourself too, so that you can find yourself.

Investing in something that you can’t see or touch feels scary, but it’s necessary for growth if you want to reach your full potential and unlock your unique gifts and talents.

The Universe wants to bring you the abundance that is your birthright – but you can only receive what you feel worthy of receiving.

I’m ready to receive my full worth.  Are you?

If you want me to help you to receive yours too, then contact me here and let’s talk.


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