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The Dark Side of Spiritual Lightworkers

“Some people are magic, and others are just the illusion of it.”
― Beau Taplin

Not everything that shines brightly comes directly from the light.

Take the moon for example… it is purely a reflection of the Sun. Its light is not generated from within and in fact some sources say that it is a false structure created to manipulate earth’s magnetic field.  I can neither confirm nor deny that.

When it comes to lightworkers though, through my 25 years within the spiritual industry, I can say for certain that not every “lightworker” that shines brightly is shining pure light.  There is an element of darkness there, and whilst that is true for every human, it is also true that once you begin to walk a spiritual path, the lessons that come from the dark are even more intense.

By the same token, not every spiritual being or guide who says its from the light IS from the light and this lesson can be one of the hardest to learn.  Discernment takes time to acquire and in this throw away world, people want things instantly.  They don’t want to have to work too hard for anything.  Why take time to develop a strong clear connection with Source, when a guide can step in instantly and tell you everything you need to know… But who is this guide and where did he come from?  And most importantly can you trust him to be who he says he is?

When we are willing to do our own inner healing work, the darkness within us can be brought out into the light to be healed and cleared thereby further elevating our own level of consciousness.  But so often as healers and lightworkers we focus our attention outside of ourselves. We focus on how we can best be of service and help our clients and the planet and sometimes we forget to do our own inner work.

By placing so much of our energy and light out into the external, we allow the darkness within ourselves to remain and this creates a block within us, that we can’t see.  It also creates a limitation in how far we can evolve and raise our vibration whilst this darkness is still inside of us.

Many healers and lightworkers offer huge transformation to their clients.  They are seen by their fans as these wonderful people who do amazing work, and because of the transformations that they see in their clients, these healers often miss the fact that their own growth has been stunted at a particular level.  When they reach that limitation though, the ego can begin to take over because it must maintain its status and those on the spiritual path are used in this way, to deliver some of the harshest lessons ever, to their fellow lightworkers, healers and to their clients.

You wouldn’t expect this to be the case would you?

I for one thought that everyone within the spiritual industry held the same “best interests” at heart, but I was surprised to find that is not the case at all.

I found it ripe with bitterness, jealousy, judgement and criticism, and whilst, I can accept that at the time, that was probably some of my own stuff reflected back to me, the absolute imbalance of light and dark within some people was palpable and is still even now completely shocking to me.

It was when I stepped away from the spiritual industry to do my own personal development work that I gained the advantage of being outside the box looking back in, and my insight and consciousness soared as a result of that.

Einstein said that:  “You can’t solve a problem from the same level of consciousness that created it” and this has proven to be very accurate for me.

From my current vantage point I find it much easier to see where we trip ourselves up and hold ourselves small and I see what we can do to shed those layers of ego and emotional wounds that dim our light and hold our consciousness capped at far lower levels than what we aim for.

When we hold unhealed emotions, self-limiting beliefs and a negative mindset, it’s impossible to be completely aligned with our truth and purpose.  It’s like a train running just slightly off its tracks, not enough to topple over, yet not completely stable either and this is what is rife amongst many of the healers and lightworkers within this industry that is suddenly booming. There’s just enough alignment for us to believe we’re on track, but not quite enough to see the dark.

This misalignment also opens us up to energetic manipulation through resonance with other beings and that self-denial can be great.

When we work on ourselves at a subconscious mind and soul level we literally can re-align ourselves, raise our vibration and we can transform the darkness within us into light.  That’s when we can truly become aligned and unlimited and begin to live our highest expression of ourselves.

So how do we do this?  How do we begin this process of inner transformation?

To begin with, I always advocate a daily meditation and journaling practice and I advise against channeling anything other than your Higher Self or Source. (Basically I don’t recommend channeling other beings or entities until you have an extremely well developed ability to read energy blueprints in other people and entities). I recommend that we pay attention to our thoughts and train ourselves to spot the negative or limiting thoughts that pass through our minds each day and make a note of them.  Pick out up to three of the most prevalent negative thoughts and begin to change them.

Change the words you say to yourself each time you hear yourself say them because you create your life through your words.  Words are like spells, so if you are not creating the life you want, change your words.

You can use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to shift limiting beliefs and you’ll find lots on You Tube about how to do that.  Some people love EFT and find it very effective.  Me, not so much.

Obviously all of my private session work is focused on creating transformation in your life.  We start from the inside, with your thoughts, mindset, limiting subconscious beliefs and we also work energetically to shift the energy blocks from your body so that you can get clear and come into alignment with Source Light and BE who you came here to be.

If you’d like to know more about how you can work with me, please visit my website here.

The words you say write the story of your life.  Whether it is about yourself or another person.  Said out loud or quietly to yourself it doesn’t matter because you are still working with the same vibration of thought. So, if you are creating your life from a place where unhealed wounds and limiting or judgemental mindset resides, you cannot be creating your best life – it’s an energetic impossibility and in fact you’ll only be attracting more of the same types of vibrational experiences towards you.  Many lightworkers and healers have a less than peaceful life and it is these unhealed parts of self that create it.

What life experiences are you casting upon yourself with your own words?

From my heart to yours,



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