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Why Listening To Your Intuition Could Be The Best Decision Of Your Life.

When I channelled guidance from my Higher Self one day in a psychic development class, my teacher told me that it was “only” my higher self and I shouldn’t pay too much attention to it.

I thought that channelling my higher self was a good thing, but she said no, it meant nothing.

I was quite a beginner back then, and I believed her.  Instead I strived to ignore my inner voice and channel other beings whose insights, she said, were more important than my own.  I opened the door to guardians, guides, angels and other beings whose identity was questionable at best and of course completely unproven in any conceivable or objective manner.

Basically, upon her advice, I shut down my own internal guidance and sought guidance from external sources instead.  This included believing what other teachers told me even when, somewhere deep inside, I knew something wasn’t quite right with what they were saying.

I did this for quite a few years, and I ignored my own inner knowing.

But honestly, that lead me so far up the wrong path, that I can hardly express it to you, and it took me even more years to find my way back to myself, to my own internal guidance and most importantly, to de-programme all the disempowering and misleading information I’d picked up from these teachers and beings along the way.

That all happened many years ago now, but it’s for this reason that I recommend against connecting with etheric external sources or other teachers who are aligned to them.  Because honestly how can we really tell that they are who they say they are?

This was a very painful lesson for me but I’m thankful for the lesson nonetheless.

My message, clear and simple, is to follow your own inner guidance, because your own intuition that comes directly from your higher self and ultimately from Source, will always be exactly what’s right for you and it will never lead you astray.

Your ego/lower mind might lead you astray however, so learning to tell the difference between the two and developing a really strong bond with your inner guidance is really important.

Your ego mind is not malicious, it just wants to keep you safe.  But it’s a bit of a scaredy cat in new situations and tends to pull you back and keep you small.  That’s standard psychology though and when we think from that level we tend to stay at that level.

We stay in our comfort zone and that limits us.

It doesn’t have to be that way though and it doesn’t have to feel scary either when we understand what’s really going on, so my advice is to get in touch with your intuition, learn to feel it, know it, sense it.  Try it out on the small things to check its accuracy and then start taking bigger and bigger leaps and follow its guidance towards your magnificence because it will always lead you there, providing of course, that you choose to grow AND that you choose to listen!

Your intuition will guide you to your best and highest outcomes including:

perfect relationships, best home locations, business ideas and inspiration, direction of personal growth and development, health issues, including ways to improve your health and alerting you to what you need to attend to, finding your life path and purpose, how to find joy and abundance.

When we learn to listen inside to our own intuition, is when we begin to welcome more and more abundance into our life.  It’s designed to be that way and when we are in alignment with it, is when we can begin to create a rather spectacular life.  And we all want that, don’t we?

I know I do and from experience I know that the first step to take is to make time to listen to your inner voice and then to start to follow it’s guidance.  (Many people hear the guidance but don’t actually take any steps forward, then they wonder why their life doesn’t look like they want it to look).

If you’re unsure  of how to tune in, and how to tell if you’re listening to the voice of your higher self or your ego, then I have something to help you with that…

I have two online Intuition Development Classes beginning on 21st July designed specifically to help you learn how to tune in to your inner voice in whatever way it best speaks to you. These two classes are at different times of the day, so check out the details below to see if there is a class that suits you.

These will be really small classes so that I can offer you personal tuition. Sensing where your energy is in your body, how it speaks to you and getting you connected to it, is one of my superpowers.  I love working with people in this way and I’d love to help you too.

Check out the details here and I hope to see you in class starting next week so you can move to your next level of personal development that will help you manifest the amazing life that’s waiting for you.

Remember to always listen for your own inner guidance – it will always lead you in the right direction.

From my heart to yours,

PS:  Spaces are extremely limited.  If you want in, book quickly!




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