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Completed Contracts

Have you ever had that feeling of freedom that comes from knowing that you have just completed a contract that has been with you for a while, and that was beginning to feel heavy or to pull you down…?

I clearly remember the first morning that I woke up in my new home after I got divorced.  That feeling of freedom was almost overwhelming.  I felt completely alive and free!

I mean no disservice to my ex by saying this… but for both of us, the contract was complete. That’s all.  No animosity. It was just done.

As I write this, I am feeling almost this same level of new-found freedom.

Because today I completed a contract and the lightness I feel after realising that, is HUGE.

We come to this planet to fulfil specific contracts or missions.  We never have just one contract and they extend into many different areas of our life – from family contracts, to business, to relationships, to spiritual missions – and it was a spiritual mission that I completed today.

It was something I had agreed to do – and I kept my word and did it.  It was actually very easy for me to do because I have all the information written in my DNA from lifetimes on planet, but I didn’t love the subject matter and I felt it beginning to pull me down towards the end.

The awareness that this spiritual mission is complete, I admit, did take me slightly by surprise, as I didn’t quite expect it today, but the knowingness is unmistakeable.

What it is, is irrelevant to the purpose of this message, because what I really want to say is that it’s ok to let go of the things that no longer serve you.

In fact, it is highly recommended that you let go of what no longer serves you and definitely don’t try to keep reviving it when it really feels like you’re carrying a dead horse on your back!

I had a friend who was amazingly skilled within her industry.  She tried to leave that industry several times because she didn’t love it anymore and wanted to change her career.  She told me many times that it was killing her to stay there because every day that she woke up and thought about going to work, she felt a wave of nausea rising.

But it seemed that every time she planned to move away from it, an offer that was too good to refuse was dangled in front of her nose and she would always take the bait – which got her well and truly hooked each time.  Repeatedly she did this, and she actually got more and more deeply tangled in that web, until the whole thing snapped and she fell apart.

It was not pretty to watch her go through that and it has been almost impossible for her to come out the other end of that, intact.  In fact, she’s had to go into recovery, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually, because she was literally drained.

This is what can happen when we continually make choices that are contrary to what our heart is guiding us to do.

I knew for a little while, that something was feeling out of alignment for me.

A particular area of my work seemed to follow me around and it kept popping up for me to look at because I didn’t love it.

Today, I saw it – and now it’s done and it’s complete. And I feel relieved.

Have you ever tried to explain something to someone repeatedly, but they just can’t hear you?  I know I’ve written about this before as I see it commonly in people who come to me to ask for guidance and direction, but I don’t say what they hope I will say.
Sometimes they try to persuade me to see it differently, but I see what I see, and I know that what I’m seeing is a misalignment between what they think is available for them, and what is actually available for them.  They usually sell themselves short because they can’t access the higher vision of their life yet so there’s a mismatch in the vibration of where they are, and where they could be.  It usually comes to them in time. (Unless they block it).

Today, I saw that higher vision of my own life.  It’s a vision that requires me to let go of something that would hold me down in a particular bandwidth, and prevent me from lifting higher so I’m happy to see it so that I can act on it now.

Actually, it’s what I’ve been waiting for!

Thank goodness, that contract is over, is all I can say, and I definitely won’t be going back.

Many people don’t like change.  They like to stay where they are because it feels safe and secure, but many people stay far too long in places that they shouldn’t be, and it drags them down.
They have a vision you see… of what they want it to be like and they hold on hoping that it will get better.  In their heart they know, it won’t, but they’re just too scared to let go.

Admittedly the completion of this contract does not require any major upheaval in my life, but it would still hold me back if I chose not to see or acknowledge it.  If I ignore this, it is the equivalent of a “Do not pass GO, Do not collect $200” card in the game of Monopoly.

Some things in life, we ignore at our peril and this is one that I shall not be ignoring.

I’ve seen it.  I’ve acknowledged it and I am happily letting that contract go.

The sense of relief is immense and I can now step forward into my next spiritual contract with joy and excitement.

I hope my sharing of this experience, helps you to see something in your life that needs to be let go of, next time a contract is complete.

Embrace the journey and allow yourself to be lifted to new heights.  If you’d like to see what needs to change within you so that you can reach your next level, send me a message and I’ll tell you how I can help you get that “freedom” feeling that I’m feeling today!

Until next time – stay aligned with your heart.




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