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Lightworker: It’s Your Time Now!

I get where you’re at.

I searched for years to find my Soul Purpose.

I think I was expecting some huge light bulb moment when a whole vision would open up and I’d instantly know everything I needed to know about what I was here to do.

Maybe it’s like that for some people, but it certainly wasn’t like that for me!

I also believed that once I found my Soul Purpose that everything in my life would suddenly become amazing. I didn’t realise that really, it would be just a starting point.

My “knowing” came in stages.  Little snippets of information was revealed to me, and it was my job to put all the pieces together and make sense of it – only, I didn’t know how to and I couldn’t find anyone to help me.

It felt a bit like trying to build a jigsaw puzzle but with no picture to follow.

Where do all these little pieces go?

How do I fit them all together (and what do they mean)?

Had I seen the importance of these pieces sooner, I guess I could have acted quicker.  But perhaps just like you, I didn’t recognise what was really happening.  I didn’t know that each piece I was given was an important key that would unlock the box of magical gifts held inside of me.  Or indeed, that it was a box of many locks.

Sometimes I recognised the pieces I was given.  I knew that it was something that came from a past life because I felt that connection, but I couldn’t see where it fitted in to my life now.  I even dismissed some things because I thought it was just an interesting memory of a life I’d once lived.

Of the pieces I knew were important, I sometimes allowed my mind to get in the way and override my inner knowing.

I know that even when we think we’ve evolved beyond 3D, our reptilian mind is always there waiting to pull us back into our comfort zone. We feel safe there because we’ve been doing this for our whole life – pulling ourselves back just as we step into our magnificence – and we don’t recognise our own habits of sabotage.

I held myself back in this way for years.  I think a lot of us do.

We think we don’t know enough yet, so we stay stuck waiting and studying more things.  We don’t recognise that we’re in a holding pattern – waiting for the right time to come.

We tell ourselves that we don’t know what we’re here to do.  That there’s no money in it anyway.  That nobody would buy that thing that we pour our heart and soul into creating.

That it’s not safe for us to be seen in the world.  That it’s not our time yet. That, who are we to be an amazing healer, teacher, dancer, writer…?

Well I ask you, who are we not to be?

We’re here for a reason and it’s not to sit and eat popcorn and watch everybody else go out and live their passion!

So, how would it feel if I told you that it’s your time now… ?

Would you feel disbelief…? or a strange mixture of scared but so freaking excited that you can hardly contain yourself because you literally have been waiting for this FOREVERRR!

Well I invite you to dream, just for a moment… try it on for size and feel what being aligned and on track could feel like.

Having been where you are right now, I’d like to remind you that you ARE here for a reason.  There is something that only you can do, in the way you do it, with your voice, your style, your flair.

Don’t wait a moment longer my friend… believe me, it’s your time now!

If I can do it, you can too.  It’s time to follow your inner guidance, step up and become amazing at what you’re here to do.

If you’d like my support to help you move forward on your path, then I invite you to book a free Clarity Call with me to find out the different ways that I can help you to become Authentically You and get fully Aligned and Activated into your mission and purpose.

DM or email me and say this Declaration:  “It’s my time now and I’m ready!”.  That way the Universe knows that you’re serious and it will start bringing all the good stuff your way too.

I got you covered and I’d be delighted to be on your team.

From my heart to yours,

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