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A Time of Unrest and How to find Peace again

In my experience, when I discover new information that is shocking to me, there’s always a period of unrest that follows.  Mostly unrest within myself because I’m uncomfortable with what I’ve just found out and with what will need to happen next.

The same has been true, when I make a decision to change something in my life that will massively take me out of my comfort zone.  I think a period of unrest is almost inevitable.

In these situations, the status quo that I had been holding on to begins to dissolve – sometimes gradually and other times rapidly – and on each occasion I have to find a new level footing, which takes time.  It’s a time of unrest in which I sometimes feel unsteady and might even wish that I didn’t know what I now know.  But there’s no going back…

Have you ever heard something that really rocked your world?  So much so that you can hardly believe it…?  So much so that you can hardly breathe sometimes…?

I’m sure you have.  It takes time to rebalance afterwards doesn’t it?

Big reveals can be shocking, and the natural tendency is to turn away and not want to look. I feel that we are, collectively, in this period of unrest right now and this is another level of the mass awakening that is happening on a global scale.

You may have heard the term “drain the swamp”.  Well that is and has been happening in some very major and dramatic ways all over the planet for some time now.

For the most part this is unreported, however the energetic impact is still tangible to those of us sensitive to planetary energy.

Because of this and the planetary timelines that people continue to straddle, the energy on planet is very disturbed. People are being forced to make changes in their life that often go against their free will and sovereignty and that sets up resistance in the field.  People are feeling energetically displaced and their nervous system is rattled by the waves of density clearing through the field.

It’s wise to be aware as to what is really going on around us.  The head in the sand position is not the wisest one at this time.

For many years already we have been uncovering and discovering what has been hidden from us and in this age of technology what is discovered, is shared around the globe much more quickly.   Censorship is trying to keep the lid on much of it, but there are many credible sources that bring forth the truth and if one has a genuine intention of finding the truth, it really is there to be found.

The truth is not always comfortable and some of us may choose not to search for it or in fact may choose the comfort of what we think we know over the discomfort of uncovering something new (or potentially offensive).  Maybe it’s best not to look kind of thing.

Is that the same as the blind leading the blind?

Or perhaps just a different level of blind, because how much do we really know anyway? (wry smile).

We must remember that we live in an illusory world.  Nothing is completely solid here – just made up of atoms of varying degrees of density and slower vibrating particles.

When our mind is fully existing within the matrix of this illusion there are more slowly vibrating particles within us (we sometimes call people dense when their thinking processes are slow) and as we raise our vibration everything shifts apart and we begin to let in more light and there’s more space between the particles (in a sense) and we become more open.  A state of expansion occurs.

What was once hidden now may become more visible as we are seeing it from a more heightened level of awareness, yet there is still a choice there, of what we choose to look at and what we don’t.

We can make a choice to see only the good – and there is a lot of that to be seen here – pure beauty and majesty exists all around us.  But a more balanced approach may be to focus on the good whilst at the same time being aware of what else is around, just in case we need to course correct at any point.

I believe that, even if you are a Captain of your own ship – you still need to know where the rocks are so that you can avoid them!

Many years ago I made the heart-felt declaration that I wanted only truth in my life.  There followed a period of major unrest as everything that was not truth fell apart around me.  Literally everything… my marriage, friendships, my health, my business…

Uncomfortable at the time but very necessary as it provided a much needed opportunity for growth.

But the choice was always mine to make.  I could have taken the easy ride and ignored what was going on around me rather than address it.  But that’s my nature – I’m a Truth Seeker and a Truth Speaker.  It’s in my DNA.  I want to see the Truth and this I feel, is where we are on a global scale now.

People want the Truth.  Great numbers of people are demanding it and naturally a period of unrest will follow as people will need to recalibrate to a new level of understanding and potentially get over the shock of what they’re just beginning to discover.

I remember being completely shocked at the shenanigans that goes on within the food industry in respects to gaining government approval of various ingredients and additives in food.  Until that point I had genuinely believed that the government wouldn’t let manufacturers sell something to us if it was going to cause us harm.  What a rude awakening THAT was, but it’s a million miles away from what we’re having to look at now!

Our ignorance and complacency has got us here and our acquiescence will keep us on this same track – which in my opinion is a likely dead end for the Christic DNA coding that we hold within our body.

Genetic manipulation breaks down our code and once lost we also lose access to all of our historical record that is written within our DNA.  We lose our connection with our inner knowing, our ancestral memory, our innate gifts and talents accumulated over lifetimes, and our connection with Source. When the God Code within us is destroyed we lose all of that.

Therefore this time of great reveal, unrest and recalibration is here now.  Right on cue as we step into the Age of Light giving us the opportunity to go within and retrieve our inner wisdom.  To know what is right and to be strong enough to face the Truth.

The Light shines on Truth.

I see this as a very exciting time but some parts of what we’re looking at offer the same feeling of disgust you get when you pull out decaying vegetables and mouldy cheese from the back of the fridge. So vile that you don’t want to look but you know you have to deal with it.  Once everything’s cleaned up though, then you can look at what you’ve created (a clean fridge) and sit back with a sense of peace and accomplishment in your heart.

And that’s where we are on planet right now.  Pulling out decaying vegetation and mouldy cheese… We’re in the messy stage.  Some are arguing to keep controls in place and continue to profit in the way they always have and others are revealing what’s really been going on and are asking for support to create change on this planet (the opportunity of having a clean fridge).  Because how much longer can we ignore rotting veg?

What will you choose: mouldy cheese that wants to stay festering away there at the back, or the fresh new feeling of a clean shelf and life giving fresh organic veg?

Yes, forgive me, I’m trying to lighten the message a little, because I know it’s a heavy topic…

Remember, that you chose to be here on this planet right now.  For a specific reason.   I’m guessing that if you’re reading this, it’s because you also choose Light and Truth and if that’s the case then please Shine your Light – we need you!

Strengthen your inner core through prayer and meditation.  Focus your attention on the grand vision for the planet whilst at the same time keeping your eye out for submerged rocks so that you can craft-fully steer your ship and ride this wave with all the expertise that you have gained over lifetimes of experience.  Some of that may have involved slavery and persecution or suppression.  Do you want the same again?  Rise above and see from beyond a 3D level.

We, collectively, have waited a long time for this moment.  It’s time to show what we’re made of and to activate that pure crystalline light of truth that we hold within us.  We come from the stars – and we are the Light.  We must shine more brightly than ever before and bring light to even the darkest of places on this planet.

In Truth, Sovereignty and Liberation.

With love from my heart to yours,

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