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How To Get Your Reality To Match Your Vision.

Have you ever seen yourself in a vision that looked so amazing and felt so real, that you wondered how you were ever going to pull it off?

I have.  Many times.

It usually happens in response to me asking a question, something like:  What am I really here for?  or What’s my highest potential?

I see these visions in my dream-state or in meditations and quantum visions.  They act as signposts along my path and they’re a very important part of me achieving my goals.

We all need these signposts.  Without them we don’t know where we’re heading and not only do we get lost on the path, the problem is that sometimes we can’t even find the path to begin with!

Many of us miss these signposts that are actually all around us.

Hello “feeling stuck” – have we met before?

When clients come to me for help to get them unstuck, we usually pretty quickly discover that they haven’t got a vision of what they’re aiming for AND they’re missing the signposts.  This can be catastrophic.

Picture this:  my client is in a train station.  There are trains going in and out constantly.  Going in all different directions.  Going to all different destinations and they can get on any train they choose…

What do they do?

Nothing.  Because they can’t decide which train to get on.  They haven’t got “the vision” of the destination that they want to head towards, so they don’t do anything. They’re stuck in indecision. Metaphorically they’re stuck in a train station, at night, in the dark, and they’re all alone.

Have you been there too?

Indecision and lack of vision is crippling for all of us.

We have to know where we’re heading if we want to get somewhere – heck, if we want to get anywhere!!

Well that’s obvious, I hear you say…

Obvious to our logical mind yes! But for the most part our indecision and stuck-ness is a subconscious thing and not so easy to work out when you have no idea that it’s running the show and not you.

In part, that’s why it’s so frustrating, and you wonder why you can’t just sort yourself out, for goodness sake! (Or… if you’re really frustrated, FFS!)

Welcome to your Inner Saboteur.

It’s actually he/she that is keeping you stuck and once you work out why, then you can sort it out and GET UNSTUCK.  Then you’ll finally be able to get on one of those darn trains that will lead you to “Destination: Soul Purpose and Mission”.

Believe me, life is so much better when you know that you’re heading in the right direction, not just killing time waiting for your train to come in.  (See last week’s blog too:  What To Do When You’ve Given Up On Yourself )

What do you need so you can finally get on the right track? (or on the right train, as it were…).

Well, you need:

Some clarity – on what drives you and what is your passion.
A vision – of what you want to achieve.
Inner confidence – that you are enough.
Conviction –  that you have everything you need inside of you – (believe me you do).
Tenacity – to keep moving in the direction of your dreams.
Awareness – of how you sabotage yourself and how you hold yourself back. (often repeatedly).
Commitment – to yourself to uncover your limiting beliefs and throw them under that damn train, once and for all.

Sounds simple right?  Well it can be, once you know the steps to take, so a great starting point is to get your journal out and start writing your vision.

Write: how you see yourself, what you see yourself achieving, how you would walk, talk, behave, think and feel as your new version of yourself, and step by step begin to build the persona of your future successful self.

Notice: all the obstacles that your Inner Saboteur starts throwing at you and make a note of them.  They’re really important, because those are going to be the ones that you have to cast aside or alternatively throw them on the train track and run them over.

Sorry, that sounds a bit aggressive, but let’s be honest, patting and soothing your little Saboteur has got you nowhere so far, so maybe it’s time to try another tactic.

I have tactics that actually work.  Believe me, and this is a couple of the first steps to take.  If you do this, you’ll be amazed at what starts to reveal to you.

Make sure to email or DM me your revelations and I’ll tell you what to do to overcome each one that comes up.

And if you want my help to take you through the whole three step process for transformation, book a Discovery Call with me and let’s talk.

Kick stuckness in arse and start Being Who You Came Here to Be, because Lightworker, Shine Your Light.  The World Needs You.


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