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Are You Being Who You Came Here To Be?

What does it take to create a new version of yourself?

Have you ever tried to change your image…. but failed to sustain the change longer than a week?

Have you bought a few nice new outfits thinking that if you just wore the right clothes then you could be somebody else – carry a whole different persona and become a new version of yourself.

We’ve probably all done that once or twice…  Well, I certainly have.

Sometimes it takes a while to find out “who we really are” on the inside.  We go out and explore new avenues of what might be a fit for us.  Sometimes we detour slightly (or greatly) before coming back to where we’re meant to be.

With that said though…  it’s easy to get into a rut and get stuck in our old ways, finding ourselves no further progressed than where we were 20 years earlier.

This theme of circling right back to the beginning, has been coming up for a lot of people recently as we move into a new timeline both in our own personal life and at a planetary level.

We’re actually in a phase of recreating a new version of ourselves, for 5D and beyond.

It’s time for us to step up.  Whether you consider yourself a healer, a lightworker, a starseed or any other type of Spiritual Entrepreneur, it’s your time now…   you’ve waited a long time for this, so please get off the fence and get on with the job that you came here to do.  (Yes, I’m a proponent of some tough love when required).

The Universe has big plans for you.  But unless you’re willing to get your big girl pants on and do what you need to do, I promise you, you’ll get left behind, and I know that’s not what you really want.

There is a huge wave of awakening happening on the planet right now.   The energetic momentum of this is HUGE and I’d love you to be riding this wave with us because we’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time.

Many years ago, the vision came to me of our planet energetically dividing into two and I see that we are at this point now.

We have a choice to make.

We either go backwards to old identities and ways of being, or we expand our consciousness and shift into a new identity, hence a new timeline.  (AKA, a newer more upgraded version of ourselves who is living their passion and soul purpose).

We all say we want that, but we don’t always manage to create it.

We sit back and wait for it to come to us.

NEWSFLASH! It takes our participation to make it happen.  That’s the aligned action steps we need to take albeit we often don’t know what they are or how to take them.

But don’t worry I got ya and I can help you with that.

First we have to recognise where or how we’re stuck and so I invite you to enquire within yourself now and ask these relevant questions:

Am I holding myself back from stepping out into the world to share my gifts and talents?  If so why?

Do I have money blocks that are crippling me and blocking my flow of energy and abundance?  If yes, can I choose to let them go on my own or do I need help?

What do I need to let go of, in order to receive more abundance into my life and get aligned to my soul purpose?

If I didn’t have any fears, what would I really be doing with my life?  What are the fears that stop me doing that?

As well, I invite you to ask one of these questions when you go to bed each night for a week or so, and to just see what begins to come into your awareness throughout the day.

Make sure to have your journal to hand so that you can keep notes of thoughts and feelings that come up, as this is the way that you begin to open the communication channels between you (your Self) and your higher mind (Higher Self) – your inner knowing.

I’d love you to share with me what comes up for you and when you’re ready, if you’d like some help to work out your next steps, then book a Clarity Session with me.

These types of processes are like a never ending journey of uncovering who we truly are and what we’re here to do.  It’s a simple unfoldment of what’s within us.  A necessary part of our empowerment that I find quite fascinating, don’t you?


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