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Consolidating What We Know

The vast array and diversity of the experiences on offer to us here on this planet are pretty much unlimited and with each new “latest thing” we add to that list of what we might choose to experience, but are we really free to choose which experiences to have and which to avoid? Or is choice an illusion?

When we look at the “free will and choice” option that is said to be available to us here, we could be really confused as to why some people would “willingly choose” to experience what they are going through, as without doubt some people are really doing it tough. Is it correct to write that off as karma? Are we powerless to change anything?


How many of us have questioned why there are starving people in Africa suffering like that, just to be told that “it’s their karma” or that they’ve chosen to experience that, (Really? They’ve chosen that? – I bet they wish they could un-chose that!)

We have all read stories of people who went from rags to riches through their own determination and solid grit and these people are to be commended because somehow or other they were able to take control of the experience they were having and create enough of a change within themselves that their outer reality was also changed.
The change always must come from within ourselves first – all healing is an inside job, meaning that we have to change the internal landscape of our mind and even our physiology if we are to heal completely or change anything. We can’t change our external if the internal remains the same and as Einstein said:
No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

Thankfully when we understand how our mind works, we can use our minds effectively to create all manner of change. We can even change our physiology through the power of our mind and science is catching on to this mind/body medicine now and is able to prove the effectiveness of the power of our mind.

Now because we have so much on offer to us here on this planet externally, we can often forget that amazing innate power that is within all of us. We often get distracted and bedazzled by all of the colourful shiny things that we can do in the world and this potentially keeps us away from looking within to grow our own soul. When we have illness, imbalance or disease we often first look externally to fix ourselves forgetting to looking inside to find the root cause of our disturbance.
Pushing forwards

The energies on planet right now are pushing all of us to be really specific about what we are trying to do, achieve or become. This is a time to sort the wheat from the chaff and if we are able to maintain our centre for any length of time we can see that there really is a natural selection process happening right now and we are a part of it.

Energy is available to all of us now to take us to the next level but when external energy coming in collides with our internal energy that is blocked there is discomfort until we can release the blocks and ease through the clearing process. Our free will and choice plus time spent on self-awareness dictates how smoothly we will transition this stage. This energy can be very chaotic and if we don’t allow time for stillness then it can become explosive in all directions.

In this clearing out stage we will naturally see people dropping away from our circle of friends. We will be required to let go of old ideas and beliefs or we may find that things and places that used to interest us just don’t anymore and generally we are being stripped of the things that no longer serve us or are no longer aligned to us. It’s important that we don’t get in the way of this process and that we are able to flow naturally with and through this so that we can allow vibration and frequency alignment to go ahead rather than block the flow through our own rigidity or lack of ability to be flexible or unwillingness to expand our consciousness.

Whilst this supporting energy is available to everyone, not everyone will be able to tap into it and use it in the same way, so for those of us who are willing to participate with our awakening and ascension process we can use this energy literally to propel us forwards. Now this clearing process can be quite intense and we are being called to be very clear about what is important to us and where our focus actually is. Allowing ourselves to become distracted from our path will prevent us from reaping the benefits of this current planetary energy burst.

For some people, this rather pushy energy might be very uncomfortable as it literally could feel like they are the baby bird that just got shoved out of the nest and we might see them grappling to maintain some perceived level of control over their surroundings (which they never actually had in the first place anyway), or compromising themselves in order to fit in with the crowd or we might actually just be able to watch their literal breakdown. Now, I know that might sound harsh – well you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink right?! – and when you have tried to reason with such people and you can’t be heard, or when you have tried to support them through difficult times but they can’t take your help or use it constructively, or when someone just refuses to even try to get out of their own (proverbial) dark hole, well what actually can you do, because after all then, this IS their free will and choice, isn’t it?

We all have the ability to create a better outcome for ourselves. That ability lives deep within us and we have to find it for ourselves. It’s one of the things that nobody else can do for us. We could call it guts, strength, courage, commitment, fortitude, determination, focus. We are all born with this inside of us but some of us are born with it switched on and others of us have to find it and switch it on ourselves in order to activate it. We can all do this but we have to want to and we have to choose to. Once we choose to things begins to change but we must follow up that choice with action steps and move forwards towards our goal. We can’t just decide it and then sit back and wait for it to happen.

How many times have you said “I’m going to do x, y or z” but then actually done nothing about it…?

If we are really serious about achieving something we have to make the decision, take the action steps and keep on taking the action steps until we actually achieve it and never give up. People often give up to early, not realising that what they were searching for is just around the next corner, the job they were looking for was coming online the following day, that their body was actually becoming healthier on the inside they just couldn’t see it on the outside yet and they’ve given up. People make promises to improve things for themselves all the time. They feel a moment of inspiration, a flash memory of something they were good at once, something they achieved and loved, a vision of what they could achieve in the future, what their life could really look like… and they want that, they can imagine that for themselves and in that moment everything feels so real and it feels so possible for them and it is… but the next morning they wake up and it’s all forgotten. It’s like a distant memory of the impossible dream and they let it go again as they return to their familiar daily routine. How could their mind possibly understand what it is that they really want if they are prepared to let go of the vision so easily?

But what if, they could keep that energy of inspiration and potential alive in their mind and vision… what if they could focus on it, live it, dream it and literally create it for themselves… is this what “creating our own reality” is actually all about?

I believe it is and I’ve spoken before about architects drawing up plans, getting things in the right place to build the vision they saw in their minds eye when they first put pen to paper – or perhaps fingers to keyboard nowadays – but they still had a vision that could be build upon and brought to life successfully. They didn’t think it just once and expect it to suddenly happen. It took time and work and effort and thought and they were constantly checking in with that vision to energise it.

Well, you are the creator of your life. You are the architect and you can vision what you want in your life and build it! This skill is rather like a muscle, you have to develop it and build it within you, so I’m not recommending that you try to re-create Rome in one day, but at least start somewhere, and build it one brick at a time…

Now this is not magical thinking… Once upon a time I might have thought this but I understand much more about how our mind works now and I know that this type of thing does all begin in our consciousness, in our own minds. I know that if the mind holds two conflicting thoughts at the same time, then it can’t move in either direction. It actually just cycles around and around with nowhere to go and this is how we get those repeating patterns in life. We say one thing but believe another – how could the mind possibly know what it is actually trying to create for us?

I’ll give you a couple of examples of two conflicting beliefs that could keep you stuck and stagnant:

I want to be successful in my business…. but if I am successful in my business I won’t have any free time but I like my free time and don’t want to give that up.

I want to be in a loving relationship… but I’ve been hurt in relationships before, I can’t trust men/women I always end up getting hurt.

Now these types of conflicting beliefs are what prevent us from actually getting in life what we say we want. We say the first statement but we actually believe the second part of the statement so we get nothing because we then become powerless to move in either direction, they’ve conflicting beliefs. The mind tries to keep us safe by keeping us away from pain and in both of those examples the second part of those statements would be painful to us, so our clever mind keeps us away from what we say we want. The mind is actually doing a very good job of protecting us then right? This is one of our survival skills. Keeping us away from painful situations… however, then we turn around and complain that we’re not getting what we want. It’s all very confusing and keeps us going around and around in circles because very often we don’t even realise that we are holding those beliefs that are in the second part of the statements. They are usually hidden away in our subconscious mind and these are called energy blocks.

Now should we be able to move a little ways forward through our own sheer determination – maybe we’ve entered a relationship or we’ve started that business, but very quickly we find that it’s not working out. We’re overworked and exhausted with no time to ourselves, just exactly what we said we didn’t want or we’ve hooked up with the wrong person yet again. What does this do? It just confirms and validates our biggest fears and the energy block gets bigger and even more compounded. We might try again but eventually most people give up. Is it their karma to never be successful in business or find a loving relationship? Or is there some part in there that is about free will and choice and the ability to change our mind.

Can we overcome these scenarios? Yes we can, by going inside of ourselves, free of distractions from the outside world and exploring what really are our beliefs, what is it that we really want, what blocks we have that are preventing us from having the life we want and discovering what we need to do to let go of them. We should do this because these limiting beliefs and energy blocks form the foundation of our failures.

Which foundations are stronger your successes or your failures? You can create a new track record for yourself by releasing the past.

This is like journey work. A journey to know ourselves on the inside and every time we decide to lift our game, try something new, re-create a better version of ourselves we will always come up against these obstacles of old belief. They are held at every level – they are not insurmountable, but they do need to be understood in order that we can let go of them.

In a sense we could say that these are the initiations and tests to see if we are ready to take the next step. They are not external to us, they are internal challenges manifested in external situations and how we respond and deal with them indicates our ability to move forward. If things come up in our life that we just can’t get passed, or if the same thing happens again and again… at some point we must look at that and ask ourselves, what is going on inside of me that I keep re-creating this for myself. We are not victims here, unless we choose to be.

At a time of initiation there are always tests and challenges to go through but we learn that the more we evolve our consciousness and learn to let go and clear the energy blocks that come up to be seen, then the easier it becomes to move along our path and be able to create the life we want and vision for ourselves. In order to get there though, we must be willing to make the changes from within first.

People worry that as they awaken more and more that they will have to leave family and loved ones behind and yes, this can happen, but it only happens when we are being severely limited by those people and it takes us to a point within ourselves that it is just too painful to stay connected with them. The choice to stay or leave is always ours. The Universe doesn’t just rip people away from us unless there is a really serious mismatch of energy and even then it will usually be “soul directed” anyway. It can be painful to leave behind people but in the end we can always look back and see that it was in our best interests to do so. It’s not selfish to put yourself first when your emotional and physical health depends upon it. Illness can be born from unhappiness, stagnation and the inability to let go of things that hold us back, because it’s all energy and energy needs to flow.

I suspect that as time moves forward throughout this year, we will see a large movement of people in and out of relationships, jobs and places, because the energies on planet are pushing and squeezing us to step out and be who we truly are. There is a very liberating air to this energy for those of us who are ready to step out and step into our truth and authenticity, but naturally there will be people who feel challenged to take this step – to go it alone or leave behind what is comfortable to them even if they don’t really like or enjoy what they are currently experiencing in life and the benevolence of the Universe again presents an opportunity to express free will and choice here because they can stay or they can go and their choice will likely allow freedom or further suppression. It’s like a plant that wants to grow beyond the confines of a glasshouse – will you move it outside so that it can grow freely or will you prune it back and contain it?

When we do this inner work, of finding and letting go of limiting beliefs and blocked energy, or find the parts of our Self that were buried and locked away, we create a flow of energy that is our unique energy signature. When we are willing to speak our truth and follow our heart we become authentic and whole and this is when the magic happens. We find that we do have the ability to do anything that we set our minds to because nothing is standing in our way any longer. We can step forward from a solid foundation.

So at this time we are consolidating the parts of our Self and coming together as a whole – and this could mean that a healing process will need to occur in order to heal the disconnected or dissociated parts of self. Even to find these parts that have been in pain and retrieve them and love them back into wholeness.

As we continue upon our healing journey, each time a part of our Self is consolidated and integrated we feel more and more whole and we get a real experience of feeling just more and more like our true self. People who have been on a healing journey for many years already are expressing that they are finally feel like they are getting somewhere now with these new energies that have come through in recent times.

There has been a purification process occurring of late. A burning off of inauthentic parts of our self and it is being replaced by a yearning to be completely authentic and to feel the freedom of our own expanded consciousness. As the dross is burned off only that which is pure is left behind. These pieces can then be consolidated and we can re-create ourselves at this new level. This forms the solid platform from which to express ourselves – this is the ground upon which we now start to build.

So this really is a creational stage that we are in right now. It’s a blank canvas that has been afforded to each of us by virtue of a dimensional shift and anything is possible providing that it is created in a totally new and authentic way.

So until next time, stay on your own unique path to freedom.


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