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Re-Evaluation – Pioneers of a New Timeline

An opportunity to step on to a new timeline is here for all of us right now and it is so palpable that we can be left in no doubt of it’s arrival or presence in our life.   Many of us are feeling pushed to step up and step out and we may feel very much out of our comfort zone through this time if we try to analyse and think our way through it. We know from past cycles of growth, that to achieve best results we should feel and be guided, or “think” through our heart’s feelings.

We have felt this awakening or stirring in our heart and deep down we know that “now” is our time but what is causing a bit of a stumbling block for many of us is actually how to make this work in the physical world, because we know it needs to be done slightly differently this time around. How do we actually pull this off when we can’t quite see what that looks like yet?


Bridging the gap between the thinking mind and feeling heart has often been a challenge. It has been one previously reserved for those on a more spiritual or awakening path perhaps – but now we have moved forwards and this challenge has spread to a wider audience. It is now affecting people who were once before much more mentally aligned and very structured in their approach to achieving success. They have probably already been very successful men and women in the business world but we are no longer in a 3D world anymore so everyone is been pushed to be create in a slightly different way.

Although the outer physical signs would still suggest that the world is the same, we intuitively know that the energetic structure that underlies and supports this reality is not the same as it was. We have come through a dimensional shift and it has progressed to the next level, which of course is 5D. Something has changed, even if we can’t find words for it. It’s subtle and yet we know it without a doubt.

So we are not talking here of the love and light 5D that was promised in spiritual circles of course because it is much more complex than that. Much of the reality that we see and exist in is built upon the collective human consciousness and their agreement upon “what reality is”. When more and more people shift their perspective and vibration and systems of belief on a micro level, then we begin to see the changes reflected on a macro level and the world we see and live in also begins to change.

We create the structure of reality with our thoughts and collective beliefs. This is similar to the saying that “our thoughts create our reality” but to be much more accurate – it is actually that “our beliefs that create our reality” as what we hold in our subconscious mind in terms of limitations or possibilities is what either limits or enhances our personal ability to create. So the trick is to be able to access the subconscious mind and remove any blocks to our own success.

So now we are being pushed to change – the bar has been raised. What may have been acceptable to us previously, now no longer is. Our internal mechanism or soul agreement that has aligned us to this new timeline is alive and active. It’s like a snooze setting on our alarm clock that this time, will not turn off or give us more time to lie around and think about doing something. Our time has come, we just can’t ignore any longer and the challenge is how to make it all work on this new timeline that we are building as we go.

Something wants to be expressed through us. It is bursting to get out and this is an example of how energy moves through us into creation. Energy in motion yields. Stagnant energy blocks our creativity and leads to frustration and stress. Sometimes we just have to let go (of the things that have held us back) and accept that we are birthing a new creation. It takes time to move through this process and it is sometimes not without some pain but we must go through with this now and keep the energy flowing.

There is no precedent set for what we are doing. We are the creators of this new reality, we are the architects of our dream because this timeline is so new people have not been out there creating on it yet. It is like a blank canvas and we are painting the picture of the reality in which we want to exist. We really are at the cutting edge of this.

Think of the pioneers, the voyagers, who travelled across the plains in order to create a new future… it was hard for them, but they were driven and fuelled by the belief that they could build a better future for themselves and others. I guess you could say we are the pioneers of this new timeline and to be successful we must be equally driven and equally creative if we want to make it work.

In order to create anything new and long lasting, we have to set things up so that it all works well from the ground up and we are in a grounding phase right now.

We are building the foundations – of our new business, of our new life, of our new relationships. The foundations must be strong if we are to build a sturdy structure. We must avoid building on sand and this is one of the potential problems that we might face if we are not strong in our sense of self, what we want to achieve and the reasons for that.

For me, when I feel into this new timeline, there is just no resistance anymore and I can actually feel that field of Infinite Potential. I’ve always known it was there, but it had only been a mental concept before and when I did see it in glimpses it was always “out there” somewhere and it just seemed very far away from me at times. It’s here now though, I can dip my toes in it, I can swim in it actually, and you can too.

This energy feels quite watery but it’s light and with the limited vocabulary that we have here on earth, it can only be described as plasma, or plasma light perhaps because when we exist in it and then for some reason are not able to stay in it’s flow we certainly can feel the heaviness of our surroundings and this can bring us down with a crash.

There is a necessity to ground this plasma light – we have to bring it down to earth to make it work but it also can’t work in the old way that things used to, so we have to get a bit creative with this and forge some new ways of being.

From personal experience this stage of building can feel quite acutely difficult and painful I’ve found, although I’m sure it’s not the same for everyone, but my physical body responds to this stage of the process with extreme pain from the waist down. The bones – the structure of my physical body – actually hurts. The bones in my feet feel almost broken and it’s painful to walk and my hips and back feel like they are carrying a very heavy load. From experience, I know that when this happens to me, I am grounding something in. It comes through my body as energy or plasma light and it creates an alchemical process as it moves through my body to ground, taking with it anything old and stagnant and pushing me to let go of the things that hold me back. It has on occasion brought up those old familiar fears and doubts so that I could work on them again until they are finally gone and released. Once the energy block has cleared and passed through, then the physical pain releases also.

On a conscious level, I understand this process because I’ve done it before and I sometimes think it would be really useful if we could just by-pass this part of the process but we are here in physical form and our bodies still needs to go through this process. There just is no avoiding it as past limitations and old patterning of behaviour are literally being dragged out of the DNA deep within the bones of our physical structure and this is actually a blessing as we get to clear out these emotional blocks and we can move through them much more quickly if we have awareness of what it is that we are actually doing.

We of course are moving from a carbon structure to a silicate matrix and our bodies are the alchemical vessel of this transformation process. We know that, but I say it here as a reminder because sometimes when we’re in the middle of it we can forget that “physicalising” part of this process and we should not be put off track and confuse the discomfort with what it is that is actually going on. With conscious engagement so much can be learned and we can grow through the experience as opposed to just feeling like the whole thing is a complete pain…


I’ve talked previously about the need for new architecture… given the analogy of upgrading your house to run higher frequency circuits and electrical charge through your physical body and now I would liken this stage that we are entering, to re-styling your new home.

We need systems in place so that there is a smooth flow. We need infrastructure and next we need furniture in our home.

There’s often a feeling of excitement when we are decorating a new home. We haven’t moved into the new home yet and we may be wondering around in an empty house thinking about how we should style it – what feel we want to create, what colours to choose, which cupboards for which things…   Others of us have our furniture beginning to be delivered but we’re not sure how it all fits together yet and one day the sofa is here, the next day the sofa is over there as we move things around to find out what looks best.

There is a process of both inner and outer exploration occurring as we try to work out what is the best fit and exactly what it is that looks and feels right and what it is that we are really trying to create. We may have purchased items that just don’t work and they are being moved aside and some pieces are an absolute priority and everything must be moved around those just to accommodate them, such is their importance.

This is an analogy of course, and what I am referring to here is the pieces of our life. What works and no longer works. What we need to let go of or hold on to. What is priority, what is not. What past memories or pains cannot be allowed space on the timeline of our new life. We might even feel challenged to find actual words to describe what it is that we are trying to create on our new timeline because the words don’t exist for us yet… we are flying this thing without a manual and we need to go purely on internal guidance and knowing and be careful to move aside doubt and scepticism about our abilities to manifest and create the abundant future that we can see for ourselves.

This is such an exciting time of discovery and creation and we really must try not to rush this part of the process as this is our foundation and it’s a really important step. Don’t rush in the wrong direction but move forward with inner knowing that this is the right path. It needs to be kept in balance but enter the process with optimism, interest and strong self-belief.

We need to be taking some action but that may not be at 100 miles per hour. If we commit to do even just one thing each day that moves us in the direction of our goals then we are creating a forward momentum. Procrastination – sitting thinking or continual research on the same topic are not really action steps. Even if you are still at the thinking stage then get your thinking all down on paper instead of continually turning it around in your head, because doing this creates an energy and as it moves the energy it prevents a blockage in your creative flow. This is like a creative visualisation and when we tap in to the quantum field to create that vision it begins to take on the energy of creation. When we put energy into that each day it begins to build momentum. The Universe sees that you are serious and it begins to move things around to meet you half way. The stronger the vision, the more commitment and focused intention that we put into it the quicker we begin to manifest that as our reality but we must do this from a place of loving creation and belief in ourselves as opposed to a place of being desperate to make it work. Energy blocks of self doubt and fear need to be smoothed away and released to maintain this forward motion and self awareness is also important to enable us to see impending blocks before they have the opportunity to jam up the works.

Clearly then, this is not just a case of think of something you want and the Universe drops in your lap. There is an aspect of the Law of Attraction to this whole process but there is a process to this but it is a fascinating process and approached in a particular way it will lead you to a much deeper understanding of your self and your abilities to be the conscious creator of your reality.

This new timeline is bringing with it the opportunity for such clarity of vision that even the biggest hurdles are actually beginning to look surmountable. The obstacles that previously would have held us back, now look completely manageable and this is a welcomed change.

If you have ever had something you wanted to do but thought you couldn’t achieve it, I would encourage you to have another look at it now. Look at it from a different angle, from this different timeline. Visualise turning it around in your hands and really examine why it didn’t work last time, what it was that held you back? what was the obstacle that appeared too large that it stopped you from achieving your goal or from even starting….? And are any of those answers still valid now, all this time later…? Can it now be achieved albeit in a slightly different way? I’ve been through these feelings – filled with self doubt and lacking in my abilities and self worth. Not trusting myself that I could be successful but I have come through all of that now. My belief in myself is strong and I have no doubts anymore. I know that the Universe is abundant, that it is here to support each of us and that most importantly everything is available to us, we just have to reach out and make it happen. We may need to learn new skills to do this but we can because everything is available to us and to help us do that.

The only limitations we have are the ones we place upon ourselves.

This really is the most exciting of times and I’m delighted that you are here with me on this wonderful ride to our individual and collective abundance.

So lets keep in touch. Let’s support each other and let’s make this happen.

Until next time, stay in truth, stay in the Light.

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All rights reserved

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