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Would you like to glimpse your future?

A lovely lady came to me recently for hypnosis as she had been feeling really anxious, worried and unsettled about her life. Her marriage had gone through some challenging times recently and she had not been able to feel settled since. She is also the mother of three young children and has no family nearby to help her. Also having recently moved to Sydney she didn’t yet have a network of friends here. She was feeling completely overwhelmed with life and fearing that she might even have to face life as a single mother quite soon.

We did some work to release her anxiety and then we moved forwards in time so that she could look at her potential future if she stays on this same timeline that she is on right now. What she saw there made her feel happy and relieved and her fears were allayed.

The interesting thing is that BECAUSE NOTHING IS SET IN STONE, had she seen a future that she DIDN’T like the look of we would have been able to look at an alternative potential future. In fact several, because we always have a few different potential future timelines available to us at any given moment.

Every decision we make today affects what we experience tomorrow (or in the future…). So armed with this future vision she would have been able to think and behave in a different way now that would have created a different future then. We chose to look at 5 years into the future – we could have looked at 1 year, 2 years, 10 years.

This future life vision is not at all scary. It actually arms us with information to help us create a better future. For example if you could see that by changing your diet and exercising now that you could avoid ill health in the future – wouldn’t you want to know that now? or if you were about to enter a business deal that would be destined to bankrupt you in five years time – wouldn’t you want to be aware of that so that you could renegotiate the deal now or perhaps even avoid it all together?

This is a fascinating part of my work and is just another aspect of the information that our sub conscious mind holds and that we can unlock when approached in the right way.

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