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A New Architecture

We are moving forward collectively on to a whole new timeline which carries huge potential and offers us amazing opportunities and if we choose to take on this growth it will require some re-calibration in areas of our life.

Our choices dictate whether we smoothly become part of this consciousness flow, whether we get a little buffeted on the edge of the flow or whether we attempt to swim against the flow and this choice will be made both consciously and unconsciously because often we don’t exactly know what we are getting ourselves into when we choose to participate with something new but there is often a feeling like we just have to do it anyway.

When we learn to attune to our inner sensing and we begin to recognise what “choosing from the heart” actually feels like, it becomes easier to navigate the nuances of an unfamiliar path. When we choose from the heart our choices always will be the best choices for us although sometimes a “clearing of the path” needs to occur before we are able to begin to move forwards upon it and we shouldn’t mistake that for an obstacle.

This is particularly true for anyone for whom following their heart as opposed to their head, is a new concept as it can feel intensely uncomfortable until we get the hang of it and understand how these things work and it is also true that this feeling of “not understanding how this works” is one of the biggest stumbling blocks that people come across and it often prevents them from moving forwards. Some even give up and go back to old ways of being just because it feels more familiar and more comfortable and they are just not willing to break through on to new ground.

When we suggest to people who are very used to being in control and are very mental and intellectual, that they must learn to let go and surrender to a new way of being it can literally fill them with a wave of fear and panic because this concept is just so new and unfamiliar to them. The mind loves what is familiar and by default it will take us naturally back to a familiar feeling even if that familiar feeling is one that no longer serves us in this new current timeline or is even detrimental to our progress.  So breaking down the mind’s resistance to change can be very hard for some people. 

The change of mindset required to move forwards onto this new timeline is not all that we are dealing with of course because our thoughts affects our biology.

Every thought we have affects our physical body and it has been shown that if we constantly give ourselves negative statements about our health, for example, that we can in fact go on to create the health problem that we feared we might have which is a perfect example of how we create our own reality – albeit, not the one we really wanted. So we must learn to take control of our thoughts in order that we can release the control of our ego mind (that usually runs really old and outdated programmes).

When we become interested in personal development, spiritual growth and expansion of consciousness our brilliant mind engages in what we say we want and our biology then, must also change in order to support the new circuitry that will be laid down in our nervous system in order to support the expansion of our consciousness and thereby run a higher frequency charge through our body. What this really means is massive in terms of the body’s capability to shift and change and reorganise itself on a structural and cellular level and really it exemplifies what it is to be an ascending human. Now let me give you an example of what this might look like with a physical practical analogy.

Imagine that you want to upgrade your home, you want to build a huge extension and you need new circuits for that and perhaps a home office with banks of IT and computers or a workshop that requires three-phase electricity. Would you realistically expect it all to be done in one day, just because you decide you want the upgrade? Well, I’m sure you would realise that it isn’t quite as simple as that because plans would have to be drawn up and approved, new cables brought it, wiring put into new walls, sockets positioned and wired in and of course the aim would be to do all of this with as little disruption and down time to your existing home and services as possible so that life could go on fairly uninterrupted and this in a sense is what a spiritual awakening and expansion of consciousness is like.

So now let’s think of the next step… once your home is wired to receive these new frequencies, what does it attach to? Where does the electrical charge come from that will flow through your new wiring system? Can the wiring in the street and at the local substation carry that frequency load itself? Has it been upgraded to run that frequency or will you now have a home that is capable of running high frequency circuits but it’s sitting there on its own with nothing to attach to other than the existing low frequency charge because it’s way ahead of its’ time or because it hasn’t quite realised that it needs to shift out of the old system yet.

Does this analogy sound interesting to you? Are you one of the Starseeds on the planet that has high frequency circuits already wired into your body and you’re just waiting for everyone else to catch up, so that you can feel less like you’re here on your own? It’s an interesting similarity don’t you think?

Luckily for us, we have always had something to connect to. It’s always been there, ready and waiting for us but the onus has been upon us to find it and find a way to connect to it. The “it” I’m talking about of course is Source Light, the Quantum Field, the Divine or God, if you prefer.

Sadly, many Starseeds have become completely misdirected and although they had high frequency circuits in place ready to be activated they were steered by their negative ego towards the false light power stations thinking they were getting something good like high speed activations but the flow they received there has created a rather sickening effect upon their beautiful circuitry and many are in a pretty stuck place now.

So lets go back to our house waiting for it’s flow of energy to come in and let’s use this as an analogy for a person waking up right now into this new timeline…

They intuitively know that this is the latest technology and it’s where they want to be. Their soul (probably unbeknownst to them) is awakening and guiding them towards this but as a personality ego they have absolutely no idea of the scale of changes they will have to make within themselves to actually meet the requirements of this new timeline. There is not exactly a roadmap for the creation of a new timeline in the physical, it’s kind of being created as we go to some degree but we do know that the way things have been done on planet up to this point will not be supported in the energy of this new timeline going forwards, so therefore anyone stepping into it and expecting things to be the same will be very surprised to find that things just don’t work the same way anymore.

Let me try to explain it to you this way… High frequency wiring and high frequency charge is the quantum field reality and what we are aiming for but if your house is wired to receive high frequency charge and low frequency comes through instead, everything would run very slowly and heavily – everything would feel very laborious. By contrast, if your house is wired to receive low frequency charge and you run a high frequency charge through the wiring you would quite possibly blow the whole circuit or at least certain parts of it would trip out or shut down.

This new timeline that we have entered now is the equivalent of running a high frequency charge through our bodies. Fantastic for some of us if we have done our work up to this point because quite a lot of our wiring will be capable of running high frequency charge through it and we will begin to find things are feeling easier for us in terms of creating our own reality.

However for those who preferred not to do their internal work back then or maybe are even still resisting now, then this new timeline will feel like the equivalent of running high frequency charge through low frequency circuits. So we can expect to see many people blowing out all over the place as their mental body struggles to relinquish control to their own internal higher state of being that is naturally evolving.

So for the newer participants who don’t even have their circuits build or intact yet, they’re going through all these internal changes emotionally, mentally and spiritually that is part and parcel of this ascension timeline. They’re in a completely new reality that they don’t understand or know how to navigate yet and mostly without any realisation of the impact all of this can have upon the physical body too because it is physically tiring to re-wire your whole body and process all your emotional stuff when you’re being pushed to do it at the speed of light.  Some will manifest illness or disease as a catalyst to their growth

Logically none of it makes much sense and add to that the fact that the majority of the external systems that people are used to working with and still need to work with are either still wired into the old system that they just can’t connect with anymore or are themselves in a state of collapse as they re-wire into the new system. Because it’s not just people that have to upgrade – it’s all the systems and structures we work with here too. So what we appear to have at times is a complete shambles.

These newly awakening people know what they want to create and are trying to create it based upon the old ways of getting things done but these ways no longer work in the new system and this frustrates them because it doesn’t make sense. They may take on board some of the explanations of how things work in this new system but they only get it on a mental understanding level because they haven’t built the circuits to take it deeper and it doesn’t work from that level because it has to be integrated and embodied and this causes them frustration too because this part is the personal internal process that we all have to go through individually and is our own personal journey but it can’t be done in a day. These are the emotional, mental and spiritual processes that we need to evolve through that take time, patience and (that dreaded word) surrender. We need to let go of the need to control everything. We need to let go of the need to have things happen a certain way and when we do, then that is when we begin to see the miracles of this new timeline through alignment to the quantum field – no space – no time. 

So many people simply cannot relate to quantum physics in terms of how it affects their life and yet for others even a little bit of understanding of it, truly is the best thing since sliced bread.  It certainly brings a whole new meaning to the word surrender. More recently I’ve been having some wonderful experiences of learning that sometimes I just have to “let go in order to receive” and to just realise that I can’t always have things exactly as I thought I wanted them to be but that when I surrender them I usually receive better or even more than I was expecting. I think a quality of grace is required in this process too though. It’s not something that you can fake because the Universe knows and sees this, so there is definitely a proportion of a vibrational match that needs to be in place to get the best results. When you let go with grace, you will receive back with grace but when you let go with resentment or bitterness it can’t help but be a different story.

I’m really excited about what is coming for us although I see, of course, that we still have some way to go before we can truly master and fly this thing at an expert level.   We’re still learning as we go but it’s getting easier and definitely the energy is feeling lighter and that’s a huge relief for many of us.   It’s at this point that we can truly begin to see ourselves as leaders within our community. That doesn’t mean that we have to be up there on the big stage in front of huge audiences, it just simply means that we are leading by example amongst our family members, our friends, colleagues, maybe local community. Wherever you find yourself, please begin to respect the fact that by the changes that you are making within yourself, you are contributing to the expansion of consciousness amongst the greater whole. In that way, we are stepping into a leadership role… not one that operates from ego or arrogance, but one that is undeniable in terms of the level of frequency accretion in the circuits of our lightbody. It’s directly related to the amount of light that shines from within you… and how beautiful is that because no man or woman can judge that, it is just a Universal Statement of Fact. You can be the energetic leader of your group and not even be the boss and because of your level of energetic understanding it doesn’t even bother you that you are not in the superior position of that group. What a wonderful place to be. Just at peace in your own sense of self.

Those of us aligned to this new timeline are seeing how this works quite easily now but those on the old timeline are still hanging on to old structures and experience things in a very different way, hence, we are seeing breakdown in communication as we try to speak truth, only to find that our message can’t be received or heard by the other party. What is extremely clear to us appears to be a completely different language to them and really what can we do? Nothing! Apart from perhaps a bemused smile or laugh of amazement. Let’s at least try and keep it light-hearted though as we certainly don’t want to enter whatever drama vibration they are running when they get all uppity and defensive. Really on the grand scale of things, it’s just not worth it.

So, what can we expect moving forwards…   well, of course, just more of the same – chop wood, carry water as they say and yes, that expression has been around for years, it’s not new and it wasn’t invented by a certain millennial that I saw on a webinar just recently – even though she claimed it!

However remember that we are in a different time and space now, we are on a different timeline, it is a high frequency timeline, a higher dimensional timeline and we have moved forwards in time. Each time we raise vibration into a higher dimension we move forwards into future time and this is why we can sometimes feel exasperated that things are not happening fast enough for us.

When we can hold our consciousness at a higher dimension and “see” at that level it feels to us like the “now moment” and yet we look around us and everything seems to look so slow. It is like as if we have returned to the Dark Ages – it can be frustrating but what we need to remember is that because we are multidimensional beings we are often operating in several different dimensions and timelines all at the same time.  It’s still important to keep our vibration high though, and not get dragged down by what we see around us.

Thankfully this planet has shifted and moved forward so some progress has been made and we can expect to see changes happening in the physical level too in due course. Remember though that this is also a very technological age and there are certain very negative agendas in place for where they want to take this planet.  It’s all quite disturbing to an ascending human but these timelines are not “written in stone” and it’s important to remember that.  The key here is vibrational alignment.

What all of this represents is a potential future timeline for planet earth and humanity and even though it appears to be here already so we might think that there’s nothing we can do about it, actually it is not the only timeline that is available to us. We create our reality. What we choose to participate with becomes our reality.

Some time back, there was talk of a shift into 5D and it was said that when we got there to that vibration, it would be all love and light and we would have moved passed the darkness. Well that time is here now and clearly “all love and light” is not quite an accurate description of the planet today but it is a potential for the planet.

So for example, when we agree to have one of their implants put inside our body… we are choosing to participate with the structure and agenda that they are creating for the transhumanism timeline. But we don’t have to participate – we can make a different choice.

What we are seeing now is the architecture that they are laying down… they are giving us examples and possibilities of what is available to us. When enough of us choose that, choose to participate with what they are offering then we are using our consciousness to begin to build that structure. I’ve spoken before about how we often don’t realise what we are agreeing to when we choose to participate with things that are offered and this is another example of how this works in regard to creating structure and timelines on this planet.

But we don’t have to participate. We can remove ourselves from it. We can still be on this planet but living a different reality completely. We are masters at this already remember? We’ve already been doing it for years – existing in the same space but at a different reality or dimension, seeing things so differently from others around us. So let’s not worry about this…   we’ve done it before and we can hold out and do it again.

What is important to remember though is that just as 3D seemed attractive to us sometimes when the going got tough as we were making our shift to 5D – just because sometimes it felt easier to join in with others than to resist… well it is going to feel the same now with this.

When everyone around you might be choosing to participate with the transhumanism timeline, once again you might feel like the odd one out but use that to your advantage – you’ve done it before – you are the master of this and you don’t need to get swept along with the crowd just because you think you should participate. If something doesn’t feel right to you, don’t do it. Learn to feel your energy field to know when something inorganic is trying to sway you in a particular direction and ask what is the agenda here? Who stands to gain?

Stay true to your path, to what you know and please take great comfort in the fact that you are not alone and there are even more of us with you now than ever before.

As I’ve previously mentioned I am seeing more and more connections being made with our Star Families and there is a dropping away of a lot of the infiltrated types of channelled information. Well, to be more precise, it still exists but there is a natural selection process going on within us that more easily guides us towards truth. We are seeing the deception much more easily and more quickly now – because we have learned to sense the energy of these manipulated things and we no longer give our energy away to it.

In my client sessions I am seeing people coming in, newly interested in this type of work, and they’re holding really highly attuned genetics. These are people who are just waking up and yet they hold really advanced circuitry potential. Fair to say they maybe can’t grasp what I mean when I say this to them, but they will in time.

Through my many years of experience of session work I can say that I am seeing a larger volume of higher vibrational clients now than ever before. They are intuitively coming to find their connection points and it’s very exciting, although there are still some who are lost in the new age teachings and are a bit stuck. They know they’re in the wrong place there but are finding it hard to leave.

What I am seeing is that more and more of the Source Light Star Families consciousness streams are able to get through now and they can activate more of their own people that are down here. Even this alone tells me that the planet has shifted – it IS less dense here.

Previously the ones of us that have acquired and maintained our connection with Source Light and our Star Families have had to work pretty hard for that and we’ve lost some of our brothers and sisters along the way due to infiltration and manipulation of their potential. We’ve seen them go off the rails and bring through other stuff that shouldn’t have been able to gain access here so it’s very pleasing to see this new wave of high vibrational beings being switched on and even in their early stages of development it gives us more weight down here and it becomes easier for all of us.

My hope is that we don’t lose too many of these newly awakened precious souls to the false timelines that do still run here. Hopefully we can clean some of this up and bring our Source Light Tribe together so that we can be an even more powerful force of good upon this planet.

What has been your experience with these new timelines?

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Until next time then, again… stay in the Light, stay in Truth.

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