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In a therapy session Forgiveness can be an interesting point.

– Some people really WANT to forgive their hurter and others don’t…
– Some feel OBLIGED to forgive… we have all heard so many times that we SHOULD forgive that we can sometimes get the impression that if we don’t forgive that we are a bad person.
– Some people really DON’T want to forgive the person that hurt them and caused them pain in their life – one day they might feel ready and want to do that but today is not the day.
– Some say they have ALREADY forgiven… and yet they also have never actually been able to move on in their life and they are still holding pieces of hurt.

It’s complex. It’s individual. And I don’t think there is necessarily a right or wrong answer.

What I DO think is important though is moving on from the situation that caused the pain – not dragging it with us everywhere and re-living it constantly, and also moving away from toxic people and situations so that we can re-balance, find ourselves and find our sense of freedom again.

I find that “letting go” is more important in many instances than the “forgiveness” and I’ve also found that the forgiveness often comes later – quite naturally – once the letting go has occurred.

What has been your experience regarding forgiveness?


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