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We’ve entered a new year and a new time cycle and many people are experiencing, even at an unconscious level, a move towards wanting to heal themselves – so that they can move beyond their pain and trauma as they are just really fed up with living the way they have done and its time to change. For many there is a feeling of urgency to get this done and as this is a time of great change so they are bang on target whether they know it or not.

Many of the feelings and emotions hidden within us in our subconscious mind are coming up spontaneously to be healed now and we can be left in no doubt that now IS the time to get this work done. For many of us this is not a moment too soon as the pain has worn us down and yet the healing seemed somehow to be unavailable to us before but we know that we really need to be free from it for our own health and sanity. For others this time could mean that they are finally able to see how they can move beyond karmic bonds and limiting contracts and agreements from the past and move forwards because they are ready now and it is “their time”, to be “of service”.


What are we here to do?

Have you ever had that feeling that you are here to do something really important – something “big” or “really special” somehow, even though you actually have no idea what that is? This is a common feeling among Starseeds and Indigos and it’s true that we are here for special reasons, but perhaps not in the way we thought or have imagined. Firstly, how do I say to you that merely the embodiment of our soul essence and individual energetic coding is “something big” or “really special” that we might be here just to do that? Not “merely” of course because soul embodiment is something pretty special, and to find that it was always within us when we’ve spent years looking outside of ourselves for it, is just part of the “not quite what I thought” equation. The gem we looked for in the external was embedded, encoded deeply within us all the time and it is in fact, in every cell, every atom, every particle of our physical body and most importantly in the speck of consciousness that we are and when we activate that through the genuine experience of it’s embodiment and the conscious awareness of it, then THAT is the “something big” but still probably “not quite what you thought” because after all, what does that actually even look like or mean in the real world?

Well in a sense that is our gift to humanity – to embody and activate that coding and to share it amongst our fellow humans so that we may all benefit from elevated consciousness – and at this time in earth’s history we were meant to step into our Truth, into our Wholeness… but it has been almost impossible for many of us to do that as we have been battle weary and have been dragged down by the experiences we have endured in our human life. It is sometimes not just this lifetime that has dragged us down, but some of us have also brought through from other lifetimes certain bindings, contracts and agreements that have limited us and held us back from any level of being self realised or being all that we truly are, or free to express our true gifts. It has been such a heavy weight for many and relatively few of us have done as well with this project as we thought we might. Various controls on planet have proven to be somewhat harder to navigate than at first expected and various revisions of how we were to get our work done were called for.

Very often, we as Starseeds have come through with a huge weight-load to carry – not just accumulated karma from personal lives, but also some of us apparently took on a particular role and agreed to clear genetic and collective karma – or so we have been told… A few of us agreed to this knowingly during our “in-between lives” phase (although those contract have mostly ended now) and others of us were actually tricked into taking on this role through mere suggestion (or implantation into our subconscious mind) by various negative factions once we got here, often at the time of our spiritual awakening or upon first accessing galactic awareness and these are the more disturbing contracts that I have been seeing in session work with people more recently.

Because we feel such a strong calling to “be of service”, in our naivety many of us were completely hoodwinked into believing that because of who we are and because we often can clear this type of thing through our lightbody, that we, in fact, should do it and also take on large portions of collective clearing that in truth, was never ours to clear in the first place. Because of this, many of us have found ourselves in a position where, at times, we have hardly been able to hold our head above water, due to the sheer volume of mass consciousness negativity and fear bearing down on us, plus the collective and accumulated trauma of humanity (it’s abuses, wars and degradation of the human soul) and the extremely malevolent energies that have existed here in lower dimensions. These painful energies that have accumulated in our field have held us in trauma, submerged and stuck in heavy matter and often the more we were told we are doing a great job, the more we offered ourselves up for that role and the more it inhibited and suppressed complete soul embodiment and the expression of our true Self.

Our exquisite sensitivity as empaths has opened us up to so much pain at times that we can hardly bear to feel any more, in fact sometimes it doesn’t even feel safe to feel and many of the millienial starseeds have unfortunately completely shut themselves down emotionally as they have not had the adequate training as to how to navigate the fields or manage their energy body in this harsh environment as some of us who have been on this path for a longer time, have.

Taken at face value many of these millennial starseeds appear to be hugely successful – they talk the right talk, connect with all the right people and seem to have nailed their market but their spiritual substance is severely lacking and many have actually missed their spiritual mark and are not embodying or activating the coding that they agreed to bring through on to this planet. Many have been blinded by their own ego brilliance and their arrogant awareness of their own DNA wiring has created a false reality for them that would have them believe that they can bypass the deep healing and spiritual work that is required for code embodiment and activation, believing in a sense that they can access all at the touch of a button – such is this technological age of artificial intelligence versus genuine spiritual intelligence and wisdom of having walked the path.

In a sense, this adds yet another level of confusion for the more recently awakened spiritual students because they see these successful people that say all the right things and they readily sign up and jump on board but they are unable to see the energetic layers of what is hidden underneath. Of course they want it all and everything IS available to them (to all of us) however without the proper grounding and core strength, heart centred business goes out the window and gives way to yet another ego based business. One must wonder if this is all by design as the surest way to a spiritual downfall and halted consciousness growth is when the ego is lead into temptation and we only have to look to Hollywood and various other celebrities to see this in action.

Millenial Starseeds have been given a really amazing opportunity to make a difference in this world. Many of them hold some fairly advanced coding in their lightbody and with heart engagement at the age they are now they really could play a vital role in creating a more conscious planet so it is quite unfortunate that rather than embodying and living the level of consciousness available to them and sharing to activate others, they have used it for personal gain and to afford themselves a high profile image. There is no advancement without diligent focus though and their busyness keeps them looking externally so they miss the internal red flags. Words can be cheap.

So what’s next for us?

Now is our time to awaken on earth.   Do we really need books, workshops or You Tube videos to do that? No, of course not. It would be ridiculous to think that Source Light would set things up so that humanity on earth in 2018 had to have access to technology to watch a video or listen to a meditation in order to awaken. Or that we had to have access to books or workshops in the right language at the right price before our consciousness could evolve. So we don’t NEED these things, but we may choose some of these things and in the current climate where people are looking to develop their spirituality in great numbers, well, what a great market place for the unscrupulous to set up shop! In fact many of them ARE like pop up shops, here today, gone tomorrow with no chance of going back for customer support when the item you bought turns out to be faulty, dangerous or completely misrepresented on the box. Many people are participating in ceremonies and initiations, taking on vows and agreements with absolutely no idea of what they have just bought into, because the terms and conditions are not fully understood and Universal Law is being twisted to submerge the truth and subvert personal power. This is a very real problem on this planet – the usurping of personal power very deliberately and destructively by unscrupulous people with no care for others.

If we choose to look only at the darkness and the darker side of people, then we will see only darkness. There is so much human suffering and pain on the planet that if we focus solely on the pain we will see only pain and we will feel it too. Our minds are so incredibly powerful that if we choose to move from darkness and into light that we can absolutely make that move and change our whole reality. What we focus on becomes our reality… if we choose to make our lives successful, if we choose to thrive, then we must decide to take steps towards it and this sometimes requires that we leave some other things behind… The Law of Attraction says that we attract to us what it is that we must focus on and are a vibratory match to – this is accurate however what is often missed is that we must take steps each day in the direction of our goals, action steps, because as wonderful as the Universe is, it rarely just comes along and drops everything in our lap just because we spent time each day doing some thinking. It is the action steps that count and if we do nothing we get nothing.

Where are we now?

So currently on planet there is a sensation of being sorted, of being moved in location, although not in physical location. Many people are experiencing this… it might feel as if a minor earthquake occurred and you wobble on your feet a little, as if you just got picked off and dropped off in another location that looks exactly the same but feels different (you may have to steady yourself a little bit as you drop back in) or as if a time wobble occurred and the things you thought you said already, were said somewhere else in a future time, space or reality and you’ve had to come back into this one to say them again because the people here haven’t heard you say them yet – I know that’s a bit mind bending but it’s all part of these dimensional shifts that are happening now as we come in and out of our body and adjust at different levels of our consciousness. It’s a bit like the sorting hat on the Harry Potter movie where we are moved around through various houses to find the right fit.

This feeling of being sorted is a vibratory thing and it is happening naturally, it’s occurring naturally… there is nothing that we can do at this point to change anything because it is what it is… the work that we have done beforehand dictates where we are and the measure is taken in our heart and energy field – our heart reveals where we are at and the measurement taken is only ever accurate. No amount of falsity, illusion or PR can influence the measurements being taken now and we always knew this time would come. It is about reading the frequency of a genuine heart – words and actions and vibration must be a match because incongruency is also measured plus intent to deceive. This is about being authentic. In a sense it is almost like a universal barometer reading is being taken from every human heart on planet and we are gently being moved into the right locations (or energetic stations) to experience what we next need to experience. This actually could be classified as a blessing because for those of us that have done a fair degree of work on ourselves already we will really be able to get somewhere now… that ascension gateway is closing and the energy feels somewhat more focused. Rather than being sprayed with a water cannon we are now being targeted with a very precise and focused stream of consciousness that allows us to move forward very directly on to our path. In fact it propels us along that path in some cases but it is directly related to the amount of frequency that one can hold in their lightbody at this time and to how focused one is able to be on what it is that we are required to do. As an example and in the most basic terms, suppose one were to take up a new hobby of embroidery… the person that focused purely on their embroidery would progress far more quickly than the person who chose to pick up embroidery, crochet, knitting and yoga all at the same time. Would you prefer to be a jack of all trades or very targeted and focused upon one of which you can become a master?

That is the time that we are in right now. It is time to knuckle down and focus in order to excel. Our time for dabbling and finding our way is somewhat passed for many of us, this is a time to absolutely formulate our strategy so that we can create the big things that we need to, in order to transmit our particular codes out into the world. Let us not forget that for many of us as Starseeds this is about transference of activation coding for those who are not activated yet. We are the leaders in our field and our uniqueness dictates that what we have embodied must be put forward and shared in a different way now because what many of us hold within us, quite literally has never been here before on this planet. It may look similar to what others are doing or have done before but there is a frequency alignment to our work. The frequency is unmistakeable to others in the same vibratory field because finally those of us at this level get to meet our real soul family, our tribe, and it leaves all of the others that we’ve so desperately tried to connect with and found nothing there for us, in its tracks. There is a star family alignment happening now and we recognise each other. We are coming together as equals – it really makes no difference as to what role we each play as this is about a code exchange that is happening. What I share with you, you equally share with me in terms of growth, learning, activation and resonance. This is a star alignment and a high level of consciousness exchange, and even to the degree of inter galactic lineage reconnection points that are being activated within our consciousness via various pathways because what is being revealed on planet now is far and beyond what we have previously ever been able to access.

I have seen in session work particular galactic alignments taking place now and as a being who holds a huge variety of connection points within my own field, I have noticed that a new and different configuration is happening in my clients’ energy fields during session work and that no matter at what level the client appears to be in their physical emotional process or understanding level, that the configuration happening at galactic levels now opens access points for them to also connect to their star family in order that they may begin to move beyond some of the trauma experienced on earth and be able to process it a bit more easily. Perhaps it is merely that they have learned from it what was needed and it is time to move on now and this would reflect my view also that we are not here to process massive amounts of karma for everyone else and stay churning in a vat of pain and misery any longer because that time has passed for collective human pain to be continually felt and processed and my sensing is that for those of us so aligned and committed we are now being given that “proceed to the next point” card while those who have manipulated their way through life, knowingly caused pain and suffering to others or concealed it and those who have effectively sold their soul to the devil in order to get on in life are being handed out the “do not pass go” card and I foresee that their life will begin to get tougher, first from the inside and we won’t see that part but quickly reflected and projected from the outside too. It is a time, we could say, when Empires might fall, reputations will fall into disrepute and people will begin to wish they had never chosen to dance with temptation in the first place.

I’m sorry, if this sounds a little dire… it is not mean that way, however that is what is shown to me in terms of vibrational resonance when I look at where we are moving and what we are moving into. Those organisations who have willingly misled people, usurped their energy and basically set up sophisticated levels of enslavement upon their clients’ energy bodies will be held accountable, for that is the age that we are moving into now. People are going to be held accountable before they can progress any further. For a long time on planet, people have not been taken to task for their actions – the catholic church, cult organisations, slave owners, environmental polluters, governments and more… you know where I’m going with this… it’s all about our rights as human beings, to live freely upon this planet.

Only when we are free can we shine fully. When we are enslaved we feel it as a compression on our lightbody – our light is dimmed and we often have not realised that whilst our life may look “free” at a physical level that we can be enslaved at multiple hidden levels from the emotional and mental levels to countless multidimensional levels depending upon what we entered into with no clue that it entailed more than a piece of paper that we signed stating that we wished to participate in that experience. When we willingly participate in something, we generally are not aware that multiple layers of commitment have been entered into and the ramifications can literally bind us for lifetimes. Thankfully at this time the layers of deception that have kept this hidden are slipping off now and we can see what has been hidden much more easily. I am reminded of how gently silk cloth slips and falls to the floor… there is no loud crash or bang, the silk just gently drops away and reveals what was hidden beneath and many people now are being uncovered, de-cloaked we could say. Only those who are looking would see it fall and be rewarded by a clearer vision.

In many places and at many levels the silk has dropped away now and this is so much more than saying that the veil has lifted… here we are talking about multiple levels of revealing, inter-dimensional and multi-dimensional levels of revealing. So much is becoming transparent right now that it is almost comical. It is rather like ones eyes have opened and we can see that the Emperor is indeed naked as the day that he was born… and it is quite laughable how some have not even realised that their silk has dropped to the floor and they are quite easily seen.

So of course, with this, once again, we must find compassion in our heart and understanding for those who were mistaken into thinking that they could take all and give little in return or that they could treat others badly and not have to answer for their actions and of course in the big scheme of things, that’s ok… the lessons that they require will be delivered to them through the benevolence of the Universe, as will ours. Judgement is not ours to give – thine will be done.

All up, exciting times that we are moving into. I can feel a freshness in the intensity of that laser focus but it feels like a push from the heavens and that is infinitely better than treading water and waiting for the choppiness to subside. Now that the ascension gateway is closing I feel that things will settle – not into complacency by any means – but into a space where we can actually make some headway and progress on this planet for those of us that want that. Enough consciousness has been downloaded that we can move forwards into the right direction and enough of us have accessed coding to help to elevate others. Many of us have a direct connection to Source that we cannot be cut off from now like we once were down here. Enough people have poked through the frequency fences and nets to weaken them and providing that we stay focused and true to our path we should all now begin to feel some progression and movement forwards.

So you don’t know what your job is yet? No problem – you’ve just read this newsletter and codes have already downloaded as a result. Tapping into what is aligned to you, continues to move you forward. The trick is to not get distracted by some of the Emperors cohorts – who appear to be wearing clothes but are actually only creating the illusion of wearing clothes – or in this case the illusion that they are leading you somewhere you need to go, when actually the only place you really need to go is within because all of your answers are there. When you can really get in touch with your self, your soul, your inner guidance you will know what is aligned to you and what is not and you will know where your focus and direction lies… so turn your back on distractions that lead you nowhere and come back to yourself – what inspires you, what lights you up, what brings you peace.

As always, stay in truth, stay in the Light, and I’ll see you next time.

With love,
Karen Turpin

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