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Your Thoughts Create Your Reality – Magnificent Mind S1 Ep1

Welcome to this first episode of a new series called
Your Magnificent Mind

When we focus just outside of ourselves we can tend to forget about the power that is within us – our own magnificence, in a sense – and actually some people don’t even know that this part of them even exists…   they don’t teach us this in schools.  But actually if they did, we would see a very different world today.

Focusing on the power within ourselves is so vitally important in these current times.

You’ve probably heard the expression, “You create your own reality” – and that’s true, but for the most part of the day we spend our time with our minds outside of ourselves – concerned with the outer reality – we kind of get swept up in the outer world and think that we don’t have much choice in how our life plays out.   Especially lately – and that’s why it’s even more important that we understand that we create our own reality – based on the choices that we make and the thoughts that we think – and as well, the pictures we see in our mind and the thoughts we think constantly. – and let’s be honest lately, some of that has probably not looked very pretty.

If you see lack and limitation in the world no matter where you look then that’s because that’s what you’re focused on and expect to see.

If you see abundance and joy it’s because that’s what you’re looking for and expecting to see.

Basically, in most cases you will see exactly what you expect to see.

But at no time before has this been so apparent I think.

Whilst so many people are suffering there are also many who are thriving.

These people didn’t just get the “lucky” ticket,  – and they’re not necessarily any more privileged – so there must be something that they’re doing that created the experience that they’re having in this life

– The way they choose to think, behave, act and feel all contributes to what they’re created in their life and the same is true for you and me.  It’s true for all of us.

In fact this is one of the most important points that we need to understand if we are to create a happy and abundant life.

Everything we either have or don’t have in our life right now is down to the way in which we have used our mind to create our life up to this point.

Take a reality check for a moment, and have a look at your life.  What things do you love in your life and what things are you not so keen on?   In both cases it was you that attracted that into your life.

(So to be clear, I’m not talking about getting attacked or starving children in Africa…) – or even what the governments are doing lately…

There are no victims here – it’s only that perhaps we didn’t realise that we are the ones that allowed it to be this way.

Maybe we kept quiet about something for too long and didn’t stand in our truth.

Maybe we allowed someone to treat us badly without saying anything or moving away from them.

Maybe we talk to ourselves badly – put ourselves down and tell ourselves that we’re useless and will never be successful in our life or business or health goals.

We can probably see the part we’ve playing in this and maybe we can even see that we choose to allow it to stay this way – but literally this is also because we are choosing not to use the incredible power within us to change our life;

– there are those of us who are choosing to make do, rather than choose to be happy;

– there are those of us who got so used to living a life of mediocrity that we forgot to create a life of greatness instead.

but the good news is, that it can all begin to change in an instant.

All you have to do, is literally start changing your mind.  When you change your mind you change your life and that is exactly what my work focuses on – helping you to change your mind to become awesomely powerful in your own life – and of course we do that in a much deeper way inside my Abundance Bootcamp too.

We look at all of our limitations around money and success and what hold’s us back from creating an incredible life in which we have it all – and once we identify where we’re stuck then we can begin to change the outcome.  It all starts on the inside first which is why it’s important to do the inner work – and even more so, when life on the outside is really frantic and it takes you away from your creative power – and this is true for all of us.

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