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Your Actions Manifest Your Reality – Your Magnificent Mind S1 Ep2

Just last week, I said that your thoughts create your reality – and they do…. but this week I’m going to go a step further and say that in order to manifest the reality that you really want, you actually have to do something about it.Unfortunately, the truth is that you can’t just think it up and then expect it to magically drop in your lap.

So many people create vision boards and mantras and positive affirmations…  

And they think all the right thoughts – or so it seems on the surface anyway – but they just don’t seem to get ahead.

They can’t seem to create that dream or vision.  It seems impossible somehow…

Why is that d’you think?

Well, over the course of almost 25 years of working with thousands of people, I noticed that so many people who are into spirituality and personal development are broke.  They don’t want to be – in fact many of them are actively trying to manifest abundance but the reality is that it’s just not happening for them and nothing changes.

There are a few reasons for that and I’m going to share a few of them here with you now.

Firstly, that they’re saying all the right things, but deep down inside they hold a different or contradictory belief about their ability to create that thing that they say they want.

Usually, this is connected to not feeling worthy enough, good enough or just enough in general – and this is a fear based thing.

Secondly, they are not taking the action steps required to create the success that they want…

because amazingly awesome businesses, relationships, health, and piles of money don’t just drop in your lap while you’re sat eating bliss balls and sipping green juice!

Even if you’re saying all the right things, you still have to BE that person!

You’ve also gotta tune in!   You have to start listening to your own intuition and following your inner guidance when it gives you action steps to take.

When your intuition says to do something….  do it!…  and fairly quickly too, before the energy behind that inspiration collapses down around it.

If you don’t, it can be really difficult to build it all back up again.

But here’s a stumbling block for many people.

They don’t trust themselves.  They don’t value themselves and they don’t love themselves.

And if you don’t, then why would you listen to yourself or follow that guidance, or take those steps?

Well you wouldn’t, and you don’t, and hence the reason that you’re stuck.

Am I right, or am I right?

At the end of the day, this is all about doing the inner work. 

To know and understand the contents of your own heart.

To clear limiting beliefs that you’ve picked up throughout your life, so that you can literally turn your life around and truly BE who you came here to be.

We ALL say we want that, but we often don’t take the actions steps that afford us the joy of being in absolute alignment with what we’ve come here to do – or that will allow us to share our gifts and talents with the world.

So if this speaks to you – I’d recommend that you grab your journal now and get to work.

Ask yourself:  Why don’t I trust my intuition?
Why don’t I take the steps or do the actions that I know I need to do to achieve my goals?

Be really honest with yourself.

What’s really holding you back from having an amazing life?

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