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Why Are We Afraid To Be Who We Truly Are?

Most of us have had less than a perfect childhood.  We all do the best we can with that, but sometimes it comes back to haunt us.   And when it does, we rarely see it for what it really is – an old wound that still needs to be healed.

When we have hurt and pain, when we are not able to achieve what it is that we really want in life, we tend to make up a story about the reason why, but our story is usually BS.  It’s our alibi for why we haven’t done what we came here to do.  But we can only appease our ego for so long…

We say that we didn’t have the right education, grew up in the wrong area, didn’t go to the right school, married too young, had a bad childhood, had abusive relationships, had no opportunities, no time,  limited resources… etc, etc but it’s all BS

I know, because I BS’ed to myself for years and I know all the excuses we tell ourselves.  Mine was an excuse that came from my own limited mindset and was the perfect reason for why I hadn’t stepped into my own power yet.

It’s a very comfortable place to be…  we all know that place and it’s available to anyone who wants to live there – for as long as we want to live there – but once we begin to wake up, it begins to get really uncomfortable and doesn’t bring us much happiness at all.

When we’re asleep we can make do and say that this is what life is. But when our soul begins to stir and says to us: “wake up, wake up, there’s more to life than this and there’s something you need to do” then we can only “make do” for so long and that can be both exhilarating and terrifying at the same time.

And so begins the battle of your mind – or rather the two personalities of your mind.

The higher mind or Soul, that is urging you to step out of the mould and remember who you are and what you came here to do – the part that inspires you to sing, to write, to be creative, to travel… that inspires you with an energy that moves through you with a burning desire to be who you truly are!

And the lower mind or ego, that feels unsafe, is afraid to be seen, afraid to be judged or criticised or laughed at, afraid to fail… and who will come up with a million reasons why you can’t do these crazy things you are seeing, thinking and feeling that you can.  It will put you down every time, and tell you that you can’t – just because it thinks it’s the best and safest option.  It loves to feel safe and comfortable and will do everything it can to keep you there and the moment you begin to step up and step out it will flood you with all the old familiar unsafe feelings from your bad childhood, dodgy teenage years, difficult marriage or failed career moves and it will have you right back feeling afraid in your stuck place before you can even blink.

It’s your most loyal fan and it would do anything to keep you safe but it’s not really your friend.  It’s not really being supportive and it’s not really doing you a favour and actually if you had someone in your life who spoke to you the way that it does sometimes, you should probably get rid of them, because some of the things it says to you is downright abusive and disempowering.

So who will you listen to?  Higher mind? Lower mind?

Most people listen to the lower mind because it’s been running the show for a really long time and it’s kinda got a hold on you.  Not least, that we are not taught to listen to our higher intuitive mind.  Those moments of inspiration we push aside as idealistic dreams that we think will lead us nowhere and those intuitive thoughts become even easier to push aside when we choose the distractions of the modern world to avoid those old emotional wounds that we shove down and refuse to look at.

We fear that listening to our intuition made lead us down a pathway that would open up painful memories and generally we are not willing to go there.  We fail to realise that this is a default action because the memories are still there whether we move on to an intuitively guided path or not and they’ll still come up to be cleared again and again until we can suppress them no longer.  We also fail to realise that this default action ultimately proves to be the most painful path to walk and I believe it’s why we see so much suffering and illness in the people around us.

For the most part, I work with people who are midway between these two paths.  They want to walk the path that their higher mind suggests but the fears of the lower mind are holding them ransom.  It’s an extremely uncomfortable place for them to be and again it’s a place that I know intimately – I know what it feels like to be afraid to step forward and follow my heart, I know that feeling of being in limbo, frustrated, stuck and not really in a happy place even though from the outside it looked like I had everything I could ever want.

We hear stories of people walking away from everything in order to pursue their dream, and although we may think wistfully of doing that ourselves, it actually scares us.  Others may judge them and say that they have lost their mind, so we also fear that we will lose touch with life as we know it.  That we’ll lose family and friends and we’ll be all alone.

What we crave really, is to be accepted for who we truly are – free from other people’s agendas and plans for our life.  The problem comes though because we often can’t fully accept ourselves.  We don’t know what the new us will look like. And if we can’t accept ourselves, then why should anyone else?

My Transformational Soul Coaching Package covers all of these aspects and more.  I know what it takes to come into your own power and follow your heart because I’ve done it and I also know the pitfalls because I got stuck in them all on my own and I had nobody to call on that really understood or could get me out – so I’ve learned how to navigate this from the inside out.

So by now I’ve worked with thousands of women who were at various places upon the pathway to their own empowerment and I’ve help them to move forwards again when they felt stuck.

You could say that this is my life’s work really.  It’s what I love to do and I’m passionate about helping others to break free of what holds them back so that they can find the freedom to be who they truly are.  I’ve developed a very specialised process that works specifically on the places that we get stuck – it’s a four month package, but it will literally save you years of being stuck in self doubt and fear.

For the most part the Universe likes to surprise us – it brings the most beautiful things forward in totally unexpected ways.  Sure, we have to do some inner work ourselves, but when our Soul becomes aligned with our purpose and mission, that’s when the magic really happens and we become alive in the mystery of this thing we call life.  We step out of the old reality and into a new heightened experience of what it is to be human – heart centred, inner directed yet divinely guided and free to allow all of our unique gifts and talents to be expressed through us.

Aaaah…. the beauty of your soul having a human experience…
I hope this message inspires you to step out and follow your heart.

From my heart to yours,

PS:  If you’d like to know about how I can help you to become Soul Aligned, check out this link.




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