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Soul Alignment through the Hero’s Journey

Have you found your soul purpose yet?

Many of my clients tell me that they know their soul purpose, yet they can’t find a way to make it happen, for them to live it on a daily basis.

It’s a common fear amongst many of us when we begin to wake up, that we will be asked by “Spirit” to do something so powerful in this world, that it will require us to leave behind everything we have — our friends, family, the lifestyle and creature comforts that we love…

A hero’s journey always requires that the hero leaves behind all that he’s ever known and step into completely unfamiliar surroundings. Think of Dorothy from Kansas, Bilbo Baggins from the Shire. In order for them to become the hero of the story, they were all required to leave behind the comfort and security that they knew and step into the unknown.

It is the unknown part of our own Hero’s Journey, that terrifies us and it’s why, many of us are in fact nowhere near reaching our highest potential or living in alignment with our Soul. Actually, many of us can’t even hear the inner guidance of our Soul (and when we do hear it we often ignore it!) and own power unconsciously terrifies us so we mostly hold ourselves small but the “leaving behind everything that we know” is rarely what we imagine it to be and sometimes what we actually leave behind is only the smaller version of ourselves, like a snake shedding its skin.

If we could see the potential even for just a moment, that we could live in a state of absolute abundance, effortless abundance… and even if we knew that it was available to us, many of us would still immediately shut it down through disbelief and we’d become separate from it once again — because it’s unknown to us and mostly we don’t like the unknown even if that unknown looks rather amazing.

In a classic tale of the Hero’s Journey, it is usually a discovery, an event or even a danger that begins the heroes journey, but in my experience of working with thousands of people all searching for healing of some part of themselves in order that they can feel whole, complete and fulfilled in life, the catalyst is more often than not, the feeling that “they just can’t live like this any longer and something has to change”. The knowing that “there’s something they’re meant to be doing but they haven’t found it yet” can be strong but it’s usually only when our back is up against the wall that we actually take a step towards change and that’s why so many of us haven’t found our soul mission or purpose and that’s why soul alignment is also elusive to us.

Some of my clients like rapid transformation and others like to tiptoe through the changes. Some become rapid heroes in their own lives. Others are almost reluctant heroes… and their soul has to drag them kicking and screaming towards change and growth. Change is not always comfortable for us, I get that, but I think it’s a necessary and inevitable thing especially when we say that we want to know our soul purpose. We can’t have one without the other. We are required to change and grow because what we’re really talking about here is soul alignment.

But here’s the thing… what I see a lot of in spiritual circles, is people that say they want it — they want to be soul aligned — but they do nothing constructive to make that happen. They don’t take any action steps. They kind of sit back and expect to magically wake up one morning with everything clicked in place. Well, maybe that can happen, but I haven’t met a single person for whom that did happen… and I’m not even going to go down the path of walk-ins because that’s a whole different thing.

Now, I know there are many different pathways to reach the top of the mountain, but honestly it takes more than a sage stick and a crystal to become soul aligned. I’ve talked about this before from several different angles and I will probably continue to talk about this, because it’s one of the things that I can see with absolute clarity and its become a bit of a speciality of mine actually. I see what it takes to step into our highest potential and the vast majority of us are not doing what is required. For the record, I’m not claiming to be fully there myself yet but for the most part, I know that we’re not doing the work even though we appease ourselves and say that we are. If it’s feel good then we’ll do it — we tend to like wafty, floaty experiences. But if it brings up emotional stuff then we don’t like it and we put it off — some of us even accuse the healer or therapist that facilitated this step of growth, because it was uncomfortable and we wanted “feel good”.

Perhaps if we could see this emotional work as strength training for our quest… perhaps then we would be more prepared to take it on…

I’ve had some truly terrible experiences at the hands of spiritual teachers. It felt like crap at the time but I see the growth in that. It was my strength training and clearly something I needed to learn and something unseen led me there.

So… what if your Soul required you to complete your strength training before it could reveal to you, your mission and purpose?

Could you accept that?

Or would you be prepared to go through emotional healing, clear your energy blocks and shift your mindset in order to become soul aligned and have your mission revealed to you…

And what if this feeling you have that “I just can’t live like this any more” is a personal invitation from your Soul to step into your hero’s journey? Would you accept the invitation…?

Believe it or not, many people don’t. I think it sounds really exciting when I put it like that, but they don’t want it. Perhaps they don’t realise what it actually is, because their fear comes up and they make excuses that sound valid to their mental mind… but it leaves the Soul/Higher Mind frustrated and anxious. It wants to be “on mission and fulfilling its purpose for being here”, but it’s being stunted, and it knows that when this type of invitation is refused, a whole different chain of events is about to come into play. No wonder it feels anxious.

These events take time. It doesn’t happen overnight, but it all begins to play out and sometimes it can take years. Years of feeling lost, hopeless, directionless. Years of feeling stuck and alone and sometimes there’s even abuse — accepted and self-inflicted. It all stems from being out of alignment with our soul.

I don’t want to sound morbid here — it’s just a reflection of what we do to ourselves through our own choices.

And Thank Goodness the invitation to follow our heart and become soul aligned is never withdrawn. The invitation is always extended to step into our Truth and it just depends how long we choose to live out of alignment before we are willing to reach out and accept our own soul’s invitation to the party — well it’s actually an invitation to grow and expand — but maybe party sounds more appealing to some people…

Once the invitation is accepted, we move to the next stage of our heroes journey and we enter the beautiful unknown.

This stage of the heroes journey will also teach us that not everything is what it at first appears to be. Not everyone with a friendly face is a friend and even if you thought you knew the rules of life, here, outside of the Matrix, everything is different. A whole new set of rules apply. We have stepped out of the natural and into the supernatural.

Dorothy, We are not in Kansas any more!

It is at this stage of the journey that we can most benefit from a guide or teacher who has walked this path before. Not least a person who understands this supernatural world — the interplay of dimensions, karma, past lifetimes and collapsing timelines. No two paths are the same, but there are certain pitfalls and common experiences that we all have on our path and we can often benefit from some guidance, and actually… every hero needs a helper, without which most would fail miserably.

Think: Samwise Gamgee (Lord of the Rings). The Scarecrow, The Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion (Wizard of Oz).

We need support. We can’t do everything on our own.

Then comes: The Test. The Final Challenge. For which all the challenges and training has been preparing us for… still a leap of faith for many of us — to actually step out and be seen for who we truly are — to speak our truth — to put a stake in the ground and say: “This is who I am and this is what I’ve come here to do”.

You see, through all of that, if we have only been focused on what was being thrown at us, we may have missed the point that our whole life is actually a spiritual quest. Every step of the way there is an opportunity to pay attention and listen to our inner guidance, to our soul that was actually there guiding us all along. Some of us don’t listen but when we do, we become the hero of our own story.

When the Final Challenge is complete, the hero is always rewarded:

A trophy, the hand of the princess in marriage, the Holy Grail…

A successful business, the career you’ve always dreamed of, a charitable cause that’s making a difference in the world.

Regardless of what the prize actually is, the hero in this Quest has become a different person to the one that first began. They have grown in spirit and they undoubtedly feel a sense of worthiness, a feeling that they are enough, an inner strength… because they’ve achieved this break away from the normal and mundane, and it is precisely these qualities that we need to grow within ourselves in order to become successful in our own life and mission. I’ve seen that as my clients develop characteristics of inner strength, courage and fortitude, they become more and more soul aligned, their purpose in life is revealed and they feel that sense of fulfilment that they craved and searched for. Each of us actually has the opportunity to do this — in itself it’s kind of what we’re here for.

When we say “something needs to change, I can’t live like this anymore”, we usually say it from a place of absolute frustration but we may not realise that we’re being called to wake up and follow our heart and allow our spirit to guide us.

It can be frightening to step into the unknown, I know that, but I’ve done it several times over now and each time it has led me to a place of unbelievable beauty, freedom and abundance. Like stepping into a bountiful fairy kingdom after being in a dark, dangerous forest. It’s not so far away, but people don’t know that. The two places co-exist, they’re side by side and this is precisely why people repeatedly have a beautiful experience then plummet into darkness again, like a yo-yo on a string. They try to walk in the two realities by keeping hold of what they know instead of stepping into what could be.

If this is you, yo-yoing back and forth, or even if you’re stuck in the dark forest… what would it take for you to make a proper commitment to yourself to find your way into the (proverbial) fairy kingdom of abundance?

I’m inviting you to follow your heart and become soul aligned, so that you can step into the abundance that awaits you, that’s really there for you…that’s your birthright.  And of course if you’d like my help to remove the fears and obstacles that prevent you from coming in to Soul Alignment, then please don’t hesitate to contact me… it’s your time now!

From my heart to yours,
© 2020, Karen Turpin

All rights reserved

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