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We Create Our Reality With Our Thoughts – Stay Out Of Fear

We Create Our Reality With Our Thoughts
Our thoughts create our reality – you are the thinker of your thoughts.

In these difficult times, when there is so much fear and uncertainty all around us, it can be a bit challenging to remember that we create our own reality.

In real terms I know that many people will argue with me on this point especially when we look around us and see what is currently going on in the world – “I didn’t create this!”.  It can look very scary, but when we become impacted by an external crisis such as this – when we allow it to really get inside our head – then we become almost powerless in the situation.  We can go into victim mode and feel completely helpless – perhaps even hopeless believing that there is nothing at all we can do and we might visualise all kinds of terrible outcomes.

When we are in this place in our mind, the reptilian part of our brain has activated and taken over and literally in almost every moment we are planning our escape route in terror.  That primitive need to run away very fast from a threat to our survival has taken us over and we are in a state of fight/flight or freeze and in this state it becomes impossible to have an intuitive thought or access internal guidance or the higher mind and we are literally at the mercy, so to speak, of the physical 3D world.

To some degree we are currently living through an existential crisis – people are in fear… and because the masses are, for the most part, still asleep, they’re feeding this and the sensitive ones amongst us are feeling that collective fear.

We have to stay vigilant that it doesn’t seep in and take us down with it.

Our thoughts are magnetic.  The frequency of the thoughts  that we give out attract the same frequency of experience back.  We create our reality with our thoughts. Yes this is the Law of Attraction but it has been proven in Quantum Physics many times over, so it’s not quite so woo-woo after all – because it’s scientifically proven so we ignore it to our own peril really. Whether we believe it or not, it’s still an energetic law that exists whether we want it there or not.

When our minds are consumed with fear of a terrible outcome we are amplifying the potential of that terrible outcome becoming a reality by feeding it with the energy of our thoughts.  What we give out, pretty much, is what we get back.

The basis of this statement is again scientifically proven, for example the double slit experiment which you can look up on You Tube and many others experiments like this exist too.

So in these challenging times where are you placing your attention and focus…?

What energy are you amplifying and what are you expecting to experience?

Your thoughts create your reality – however what we also have to take into account and be open to is that perhaps the reality that we have been focused on creating – or wanting to get “back to normal” is never going to happen because everything is about to change. Is this the shift that we’ve been waiting for?

Can life ever be the same again, and should it ever be the same again…?

So I also wanted to talk today about this current phase that we are in and we could call it “the shift” – I’ve heard people calling it a “reset” – so call it what you will… I feel that this is an amazing opportunity for people to re-assess what they currently have going on in their life and ask:

how is this serving me?

is it fulfilling my soul purpose?

do I do what I do with passion and love in my heart? or am I just existing through each day to earn money to pay the bills…

am I living and thriving or am I just surviving?

Even though many people are worried about their jobs and their ability to earn money at the moment, I am quite busy in my session work – or more particularly my Life Guidance sessions and I can tell you, it is one of the most exciting sessions that I do.

I’m taking lots of people through a process of forward viewing their life.  These people intuitively know that this is their time to make a shift… they’ve usually been sensing that a change is coming for them and they want to have a look forward to see what it might look like for them if they went in that direction versus just sitting tight and hoping that everything picks up again and goes back to “normal”.

These sessions are great because once we get the vision and have the feeling that it’s all going to be ok, people can really relax into the creative process – the process of creating the life that they really want.  It takes courage to step into a different direction but these sessions let them explore it through the quantum field and when they know that it’s all right there waiting for them, it makes it so much more do-able.

What’s even more interesting though is that because we create our reality not from do-ing it but rather from be-ing it – becoming the person who is successful, healthy, wealthy, in a different career, in a different location or whatever… – because we feel what it feels like to be that future self… once we are emotionally connected to it, we find that very often we draw it towards us even more quickly.  It’s as if by feeling it in the session, we put energy into it and activate it and then magnetically draw it to us and then begin to live it as our experience.

Well, that’s exactly what we are doing with our thoughts of course – we are creating our own reality.

In these sessions, it’s been really exciting to see so many people develop the confidence to begin to use their energy in this way.  I love doing these sessions.

So in these current times, this really represents a Choice Point for many people.  When they are sequestered at home in isolation, many people will begin to reflect upon their life, their relationships, their future and their values.  Some will be very uncomfortable with this self reflection – many people fill their days with outside dramas to avoid having to face themselves and their truth but for those of us used to self development work or meditation it will be a breeze.

People will be changed through this process though and they will make changes to their life.  There is fear of loss of jobs and industries and some people will suffer greatly through this… but others will rise very successfully with a completely new vision of the world and their place in it.

What if, we had the opportunity to change our lives for the better just by choosing to stay out of fear and see new possibilities…   would you choose that?

Could you take control of your mind for long enough each day that you could align with a greater future?  One of my first meditation teachers used to say:  take control of the mind for long enough that you can give up control of what you think your life is all about. 

Could this be the opportunity for you to come into your highest potential?  To finally step out and do what you came here to do.  Would you do that even if it required big change…?

Could you do that?

Do you have enough self-awareness to hold yourself out of fear and in your higher mind knowing that everything will be fine or … are you one of the people whose thoughts overcome you and plunge you into your reptilian brain thereby cutting you off from your magnificent future and highest potential. Every time I’ve done a future life viewing session with someone their future
always looks rather magnificent and they come out feeling quite inspired at what is available for them so it spurs them on – but it’s fear that keeps them away from it.

I want you to know that the choice is yours.  YOU choose who you will be and YOU choose what you think and where you will place your attention.

Your thoughts create your reality.  You are the thinker of your thoughts.

What thoughts… what future will you choose?

Until next time, Stay in your Higher Mind – it’s the best place to be!


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