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(Part 1) Is this the Shift of Consciousness we’ve all been waiting for?

What’s Really Happening?


What the heck is happening here on this planet right now?

Is it a virulent virus of which we should all live in fear? Is it biological warfare?
Is it a cover up to instal 5G, to microchip everyone and enforce mandatory vaccination?
Are we now beginning to live Agenda 21 OR is this the shift of consciousness that we were all expecting anyway?

So many questions bouncing all over the internet. Equalled only by the number of people stating with certainty that they know what’s happening because Archangels, ET’s or off planet Guardians told them.

If you prefer we could look at certain astrological alignments to see what’s going on and I haven’t heard mention of the Mayan Calendar lately, but I’m sure it would have something to say too.

Confused? You should be.

If you’re not, you need to get out more. Oh wait… you can’t, you’re in house arrest. I mean self-isolation.

Honestly, I’ve heard so many different snippets of what’s really going on that I have no time for it anymore. I’ve switched off and I recommend you do the same but not until you’ve read what I have to say, because I think it will help you to make sense of a few things and put your mind at rest.

Now I’m not going to make any rash claims that I know what’s really happening for everyone… and I think that’s the whole point — because every one of us is experiencing something slightly different based on our beliefs.

Everything is a matter of perception. It is us that attaches meaning to things, in both a good way and a bad way.

Let me give you an example…

In spiritual circles people often say that when you find a feather, “it means something”. I’ve seen people in psychic reading groups put up photos of a feather they found and ask what it means. I’ve seen elaborate charts that show the size, shape and colour of a feather giving its meaning, and I’ve seen people ooh and aah over how this particular feather could affect the person’s life and whether it’s a blessing or a warning.

Now, I literally see somewhere between 5 and 30 feathers every single day! I live in a wooded area where there are plenty of birds and I keep chickens, so there are always feathers around… Does that mean I’m any more blessed (or cursed) than the next person? No! Am I poo-poo-ing this feather thing? Not really… because occasionally, I’ll see a feather and intuitively “know” that it was meant for me and in that moment it feels like a cute little blessing from the Divine and it makes me smile.

Do I rush to find the meaning of this particular feather though? No, because I trust that what I need to know will come to me, and it always does.

But most importantly getting external validation from people I don’t even know about what a feather means to my life, seems ridiculous.

And this is kind of how I am approaching this current time space that we are in right now with this virus thing…

Life has proven to me that our thoughts create our reality. If I focus on the colour and size of a feather that I happened to come across on my daily walk, I am completely giving my power away to it. To a feather — to an object that once was living and growing upon a bird but is now lying lifeless upon the ground.

But this virus is completely different I hear you say, because people are sick and dying in droves!

Yes apparently they are — I too saw it on the TV… so it must be accurate but to me, something about the reporting doesn’t quite add up.

I’ve heard all the warnings that we are supposed to put into place lest we come across a random virus sitting upon a surface somewhere. Are viruses even alive? Some would say no, because they are triggered from within our own body in response to an external event, chemical, stress, emf. There are so many angles to this, but regardless which is truth and which is fiction, none of this can override the Universal Law, that our thoughts create our reality and that we attract experiences to us.

Yes, it’s that old Law of Attraction, be careful what you wish for, type of thing but let us understand that it is scientifically proven to be accurate now, through quantum physics, (double slit experiment) and so if the focus of our thoughts is what we create… how many people are focused on a virus that may or may not even exist? That may or may not even be alive! But people are still putting their thoughts into it and our thoughts create our reality.

There’s a very real danger here that millions of people are putting their attention on a feather oh, I mean a virus that means nothing more than we make it mean.

Do you think I spend my time focusing on a virus? Panicking and freaking out because I might have missed 0.0001 of a millimetre of my skin when I washed my hands? No! I’m not even giving it a thought and why, because my thoughts create my reality and what do you think I will create in my reality if I focus all of my thoughts on this?

Am I still washing my hands? Yes of course.

Am I self-isolating and social distancing? Yes! Because I believe that it is wise to be cautious and disrespectful to others if I don’t.

When I walk past a person while out with my dog I leave the appropriate space between us, not because I’m scared of them or a virus but because people are afraid right now, and I don’t want to add to their fear.

Toto, We’re not in Kansas anymore.

Right now, the world is rather surreal. We definitely are not in Kansas anymore and we are seeing some extremely disturbing signs of people’s consciousness beginning to break down, which if there is a spiritual significance to this timeline, then this is probably the whole purpose. I do see this as an opportunity for a Mass Shift of Consciousness actually, but freewill still exists so it won’t be chosen by all.

You always have to dismantle something before you can re-build it anew and that’s why it’s even more important that we pay attention to our thoughts — to what we are creating with our thoughts.

Yes I know I’m repeating myself a lot. There is method in my madness, it’s for a reason, because I want you to understand this really important point.

People are in fear. They’ve lost their jobs and can’t pay their bills. They fear they will not have food, so those who can afford it rush out and hoard it. Next they hoard alcohol, cigarettes or even drugs because they need their fix. (I bought an extra bar of chocolate — I need a fix too!).

Everywhere around us people’s lives are being dismantled and now they are told to stay at home. They have no job. They’re not allowed out and they are alone with their thoughts and with their fears and with all the emotions that they’ve never had to deal with before because they could distract themselves by keeping busy with their external life.

But the external has now been taken away and only the internal exists.

Emotional Detox

When you first started meditating, did you have the experience where all you saw was dark stuff? Shadowy figures and faces and intense emotion that threatened to overwhelm you? I did, many of my students did, and that’s what many people are just beginning to experience now.

The difference is, this is not a meditation so they can’t just open their eyes and make it all go away. The dimension in which we access that emotional stuff is fusing into the physical level and for some of them, it’s like a terrifying nightmare that they can’t wake up from. There just is no escape.

This is their life now and all their unhealed emotional baggage is starting to rise up, like bile. Many people literally will not be able to live with themselves. It’s like facing all your demons at once and you can’t get away from it. The fear is all consuming. They may try to project it all upon the loss of their livelihood, but actually it runs much deeper. It is an existential crisis on a soul level. Particularly hard on those who have never met themselves at this level ever before.

And this is precisely why we’ve been working on ourselves for years — to clear our emotional baggage so that we can remain in balance and hold a higher state of consciousness and so that we could rid emotional toxicity from our body in order to hold a higher vibration in every cell of our body.

To be able to hold a vibration that just perhaps could create some level of immunity to a low frequency virus… (Remember that there has to be an energetic alignment or frequency resonance for an experience to manifest into the physical. Our internal creates and attracts our external).

So our thoughts create our reality, and if we now focus our thoughts on a terrifying virus, no job, no money, no food, house arrest, and all the other stuff that’s going on, what do you think we will create in our reality?

Yes exactly! We’ll be creating something that we don’t really want to experience. But I see something else going on here too…

Because we create our own reality and because we like to attach meaning to things, we will see things in a way that reflects our personal beliefs and the programmes that we run in our own mind, so that could be something completely different to what our partner, friend or colleague believes and will experience. This can go in a few different ways though and in my next email, I’ll begin to break this down a little bit further for you.

In the meantime though, stay out of fear, keep calm and remember to breathe.

With love
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