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Transformation through Isolation

These are unprecedented times… we’ve been hearing this everywhere lately, but what if it’s not what we think it is… what if we are actually in a time of unprecedented opportunity for growth and transformation, perhaps one that was divinely orchestrated as a counter punch off the back of what appeared to be a global disaster…

What if the collective shock and trauma that humanity felt, as we watched everything we had come to know as normal disintegrate in front of our eyes, was the trigger event required for the shift of consciousness that we’ve been waiting for?

It’s that feeling of falling you get that jolts you awake. It snaps you out of a dream.
~ from the movie Inception

Did you notice a feeling of falling? or perhaps like you were in suspended animation waiting to land somewhere and wake up? Admittedly, we can experience these feeling as we move through trauma, but I’ve also experienced it many times in meditation or inter-dimensional travel too.

Is this the time we’ve been waiting for? even if it’s not though, can we use it as such?

Could we approach it differently, shift our gears a bit and see it from a different or higher perspective and consciously shift ourselves out of fear or panic by choosing to move our attention and become aware of our thoughts…

What would this experience look like from our higher mind as opposed to our lower mind…?

Quite honestly, a few weeks ago, I wobbled and fell into a hole.

I felt like I’d hit rock bottom and I stayed there for a little while — I just couldn’t shake myself out of it… it was so unlike me and I hardly recognised myself in that space. I understood that the feelings I was having were the feelings that millions of other people were having too. It was as if I had dropped into the collective mind and it felt heavy and stagnant and it’s the darkest place I’ve been for quite a while.

In that place it was hard to meditate, I felt lost and directionless and small, and it was difficult to remember my greatness or to feel my connection to Source. The pains of humanity seemed all consuming and I know that this is a place where many people live day in day out.

But then, on the third day, my meditation practise seemed finally “to work” — I got my connection back (although it was never really lost, it just felt that way) and I managed to lift myself up again. My energy clearing techniques reaped the expected results, the heavy energy shifted and I felt reborn. I stepped up into a whole new reality and I realised that I had stripped away an old identity of self that no longer served me.

Before I went into this place, I had recognised myself as being in a process of inner transformation. But I’d forgotten about this type of shamanic death/death of the ego that often accompanies such a shift of consciousness. Having been through many shamanic deaths, how I could have forgotten this, I’m not sure…!! it’s surely not something that one can forget easily! but perhaps it’s the same in-built self-preservation mechanism that labouring women have when they conveniently forget the pain of childbirth until they find themselves doing it all over again with the next child and wondering just how they could have forgotten this!

Coming through a transformation such as this is rather surreal. Exacerbated I think by this global transformation that we are experiencing collectively. It is truly a micro to macro, inner to outer transformation, knowing that we can only change our external environment when we first change our internal environment.

Being in isolation gives us a perfect opportunity to transform, as we need to be in a quiet place away from the world, but we must take care to approach it from the right perspective. It’s prudent for me to clearly state, particularly at this time, that if you feel like you’ve fallen into a hole and you can’t get out — it’s not necessarily a shamanic death that you will move out of in a few days time! All the time I was in that hole I was working on myself — to move and clear energy, meditating to understand what was happening to me and to know myself at a deeper level and listening to discern the inner guidance from the distractions. I say this because depression or suicidal thoughts are not necessarily the same as a shamanic death and you MUST seek help if you feel that you’re in that place without the spiritual tools and know-how to get yourself out.

As I’ve mentioned previously, we can experience any timeline that we choose to. We create our reality based upon the thoughts and feelings that we choose for ourselves. I often use the analogy that it’s like stepping out of the elevator on to the level that you choose to experience based on the thoughts and vibration that you hold in your body and consciousness.

Will you use this as an opportunity for growth? or will you sit there in fear, anger or resentment over what has happened globally and personally? Will you perhaps focus your attention on numbers of dead people most of whom you don’t even know…which will most certainly bring your vibration down to a lower level.

I’ve been down the conspiracy path… and believe me, awareness of it is all fine and good (actually encouraged really, to some degree, as most of it is proven to be accurate over time) but focus all of your attention on it and you’ll miss glorious opportunities being presented to you… opportunities that will ALWAYS take you to much higher places. (Again, focusing on this will bring your vibration down).

It’s just a matter of timelines really… do you want to live on a conspiracy timeline or do you choose a timeline of, say abundance, wealth, or health for example…

Where you place your attention you focus your energy and there you will experience an outcome.

My path of service has always been to awaken, to inspire and to help people to transform themselves and be the best, most powerful version of themselves that they can be. Understandably in order to do this, I must do the same within myself. And as I go through this personal transformation and come more and more into alignment with my truth I can begin to make more impact in the world and reach more people which I know is what I’m here to do.
I’m so excited to see this unfold and to know that I am being prepared to take my work to the next level as we move forwards unto this new timeline that we are approaching now very quickly indeed. So there’s no time to waste!

Some would view this as a most disturbing time to be on planet right now, however I see this as a most exciting and uplifting time to be here. All the work that we’ve done to date, to know ourselves, to grow ourselves, is beginning to come to fruition — it really is such an exciting time to be alive — when you’re in alignment.

Without that inner alignment though, I understand that this current time that we’re in would not feel the same. But don’t stress and don’t fall into fear. It’s not too late to start work on yourself or to dig a little deeper. You might already know what you need to do — so do it! Take aligned action! Take the inspired action that you know you need to! What are you waiting for?

If you don’t know what to do — book a free mini coaching call with me and I’ll give you a few pointers on how to get through this process so that you come out the other side in an even better place energetically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually than when you went in.

You don’t have to be alone through this process. Reach out, get some help from a therapist or maybe come and join my group on FB where I’m currently offering free virtual coffee and chat sessions so I can coach you, answer your questions, help and support you.

It’s ok to feel down — but don’t be alone through this and if you know you’re ready — that this is your time — then book a coaching package with me and let me help you completely transform your life and come into alignment with your personal mission so that as this global lockdown begins to lift, you too will lift and transform your life in ways you could only have dreamed of

Together we lift each other higher.

Until next time, stay awake, stay aligned to your truth.
With love

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