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(Part 3) Is This The Shift Of Consciousness We’ve Been Waiting For?

How To Be Of Service Right Now

Now, if you’re anything like me, you’ve been meditating and doing healing work on yourself for many years already. You’re probably very well aware of frequency and vibration and you’ve been doing the work to shift your consciousness into a higher state of being knowing that your health will improve and you will be able to live a more abundant and happy life.

But you’re not immune to this Covid programme until you see it and acknowledge it. You also won’t comprehend this if you are living in a state of denial or floating in la la land as we see often of people in spiritual and new age communities. You are required to be conscious now. To be able to hold your centre in the eye of the storm. To consciously choose where you place your thoughts and to be conscious of what you are creating in the quantum field because that’s where all future potentials exist. Let’s explore that further now.

If you are a healer or a lightworker it’s even more important that you understand this, because you hold a particular charge of energy that is very powerful. If you fall into fear you are lowering your vibration and aligning to an outcome that you probably don’t want. Equally if you’re out of your body in another dimension you are not being effective here.

If you are visioning Armageddon, the End of Times, everyone around you sick and dying, then you are charging the timeline of that vision with the power of your own energy. When enough energy has gathered on a particular timeline, it becomes manifest so we have to take care what is made manifest. This is the same as what prayer does.

When we pray or send distant healing to somebody, if enough of a positive charge of energy can be gathered there, they can be healed. This is what shamans do too — focus energy on a particular outcome. You know this! So pay attention to where you put your energy and what your thoughts are. (Sorry, I might get a bit shouty in a minute — it’s important that you understand this).

Honestly, you cannot afford to let your thoughts go to this virus timeline even for a single moment!

This is the time that we have been waiting for. We collectively have the power to override whatever sh*tstorm is going on around us now just with the power of pure consciousness and love, but we can’t do it if we are floating around in a bubble of bliss, tuning out because it’s so painful to look at.

We need our feet on the ground, connected to Mother Earth, who by the way, is already using this time to clean up the environment and get into a growth phase.

If you think it takes anything less than pure focus, then you’re sadly mistaken. This is a time to take control of your thoughts. Focus your energy in the direction of what you REALLY want to experience here.

If you want to live in a world of mystical creatures and rainbows, then go right ahead — your thoughts create your own reality after all…. but if you really want to make a difference in the world then being solid and grounded and holding your vibration high is what we need right now.

You’re not being helpful if you’re not even in your body because you’re floating in a cloud of cannabis or throwing up on ayahuasca either. If you are, then you are entering a whole different timeline experience to the rest of us, because I can guarantee that when you wake up and border controls mean that you’ve run out of goodies, you will be living in a world that you don’t even recognise, and bliss will be a word that people used to use in the good ol’ days.

We are in a timeline shift. In spiritual circles we’ve talked about this for years. This is the time we’ve been waiting for but if you thought it would be a breeze then you are mistaken. Work is required and the work is all internal.

It’s such a gift actually, that we are all in isolation right now. The Universe has offered us the perfect opportunity to do this internal work.

Or you could choose Netflix instead. There are always choices.

But clearly this is an opportunity to shift into a higher state of being, yet we are presented with an agenda to spread fear which is a low state of being. Which will you choose and what are you doing about it?

To move into a higher dimensional experience of love, of peace, of harmony we have to be able to hold that vibration in every cell of our body but we can’t do that if we’re in fear.

We have to hold a higher state of consciousness in order to be a vibrational match for that higher consciousness experience.

As healers or lightworkers or just a normal Joe Bloggs from down the street, we all hold a certain level of awareness — you could call it a code or an energetic passport — that will align us to a particular timeline or experience.

Think of it like going through a sorting station, showing the guard your passport and he directs you to where you need to go next and off you go into that room, unto that train, unto that plane that will take you to your next destination.

You’ve been creating your code or passport since you became an adult. Every thought, action, deed has been registered. Every emotion or state of mind has been calibrated. Every single thing about yourself has created your unique coding and you will see the manifestation of that in your external environment. That’s why some people experience challenges in their life or ill health or bad luck and others don’t. It’s a reflection of their internal state.

So our code or our energetic passport is our entry ticket to a new timeline. We are shifting timelines right now. But as every olympic runner will tell you, if you want to win the race, you can’t give up or slow down until you cross the finish line. The finish line is looming up ahead quickly now and this is not a time to give up, slow down OR go into fear. Keep your vibration high. Keep your energy elevated.

I for one, don’t want to wake up in a hellhole of tyrannical rule or something that looks like the Hunger Games. My whole focus and attention for quite some time has been to create a particular energetic code within myself that aligns me to a timeline of abundance — health, happiness, freedom and love. A distorted code will not get me there, so I need to keep my thoughts pure and my frequency high. I have no time to play on somebody else’s timeline — of what they think is happening here or of what it all means and I certainly don’t have time to go into fear.

You can visualise this if you like… as if your unique coding or passport allows entry to a particular floor or level in a very tall building which contains everything from the lower hell realms of the dimensions in the basement, to the ground floor where everyone wonders around lost and hopeless in the lobby (a bit like they’re doing now), to the mezzanine level of awakening, all the way to the penthouse where one can access the higher consciousness and vision over everything that is below.

I’m planning on taking up residence in the penthouse, and I know that only my thoughts and consciousness will get me there. How about you? Which floor would you like to gain entry to?

I am creating my own reality however the more of us that focus on the same thing the more easily it is created for all of us and that’s the beauty of unity, community. Everyone coming together for a single purpose — elevated consciousness, freedom and peace. Coming together in Unity.

Community — the very thing that has been taken away through social distancing.

It has been proven that when people come together in pray or meditation that crime rates go down in that city. That’s the power of our focus and energy. It’s imperative that we use our focus and energy in the right way now — visioning the higher potential that we all want and not feeding a negative timeline experience.

Self-isolation is an opportunity for Transformation. Use this time to work on yourself or get a healing or coaching session to help you see where you get stuck or might be holding yourself in a lower vibration of fear, limitation or scarcity mindset. Many of us that do this type of work are available online to help you as you work to shift your vibration and hold it high.

Be here. Be present. Keep your heart open and hold the higher consciousness on the planet, so that the light of the Divine can come through and override whatever lower vibration mess is happening here right now.

I invite you to join my Community on FB. My soul purpose is to awaken, inspire and help you to transform your consciousness and become the highest vibrating being that you can possible be.

We need you on our team — working for the highest good of all.

I invite you to join me on this timeline shift. Together lets create a higher vibrational experience here on this planet and clear away the control of anything that is vibrating at a frequency lower than love.

Until next time — stay in the light and raise your vibration even higher.
Much love to you

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