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3 Things That Will Stop You From Living Your Life Purpose

Many of my clients come to me saying that they feel stuck, they’re really frustrated… they feel they should be “doing something” but they don’t know what. Why do they come to me and say that? — because I’m really good at getting people unstuck and back on to the right path again — that’s what I do. It’s a bit like helping them to know what they already know… or helping them to do what they know they need to do but for some reason are not doing.
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Am I heading in the right direction?… (I want guidance)

I don't know anyone who hasn't, at some point in their life, wished that someone would just come along and tell them what to do - give them clear guidance on what steps to take next, which choice to make or what might be a possible outcome of an opportunity that has presented itself to them.  I've certainly felt like that...  many times actually
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Soul Alignment through the Hero’s Journey

Have you found your soul purpose yet? Many of my clients tell me that they know their soul purpose, yet they can’t find a way to make it happen, for them to live it on a daily basis. It’s a common fear amongst many of us when we begin to wake up, that we will be asked by “Spirit” to do something so powerful in this world, that it will require us to leave behind everything we have — our friends, family, the lifestyle and creature comforts that we love…
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