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Owning Who You Are

You’d probably be surprised at how many emails and nasty comments I have had over the years, from so called “spiritual people” abusing me for charging for my services.

When I’ve written articles (for free) for some well-known online magazines and put my website details at the bottom so that people can find me, I’ve been abused and called money grabbing.  Or accused of preying on people who need help.

I used to take those comments to heart – they really hurt me, and at the start those comments almost shut me down.  I felt like I should just stay small and not put my work out there, or talk about what I do or passionately believe in, for fear of being judged, criticised, or even failing and being laughed at.

But not anymore.  I’ve moved passed that because I realised that the people who do this, who criticise and attack others, are in poverty consciousness and they’re nowhere near ready to move out of it.

When we are in poverty consciousness, we can become so miserly, that we actually don’t want to see anyone else succeed or become abundant.

Our own fear of lack, or not-enough-ness, consumes us from the inside and we become bitter

towards anyone who we see is becoming confident and successful or stepping out into the world when we are not.

It blinds our vision to the fact that they might actually be helping people or that they are quite rightly, sharing their unique gifts with the world in a way that allows their natural abundance to flow.

Instead of celebrating other people for all the good they bring to the world, we attack them for receiving money as value exchange for their energy/work.  We fail to realise that abundance (money) is all around us and it’s available to all of us, as when we act in this way towards it (or towards those who have it), we separate ourselves from it and it becomes even more elusive to us.  It’s pure physics.  The Law of Vibrational Alignment.

We can’t see this though, because our bitterness has closed down our own abundance and there is always a belief that there is not enough to go around – that if someone gets more money, then the rest of us will suffer more because of it.  It’s an unconscious limiting belief and of course by its very nature, it’s hidden and can’t be seen unless one does the work to uncover it. As we all know, looking at ourselves and working on our own stuff, can be one of the most painful things to do – yet the most transformative.

I’ve helped thousands of people now, who I couldn’t have helped if I had not pushed through those times when I was judged and attacked for being who I am.  I’m not lying, it took a lot of inner work to get to the point where I will stand confidently and speak my truth, even if some people don’t like it or don’t agree with it.

I see so many great women (and men) who are healers, therapists or have some other amazing creative skill or talent, and they struggle to put themselves out there because of their own limiting beliefs or fear of not being enough and there is always a fear of being judged by others and something to do with money blocks in there too. It breaks my heart because I know exactly what it feels like to be stuck and limited like that.

If this speaks to you, I want to tell you…   you are here on this planet because of who you are – and you have unique gifts and talents to share with the world.

Don’t play it small through fear of being seen – take your uniqueness out into the world, because YOU are the Source of your Abundance.  There’s nobody else here quite like you and we need YOU – your unique energy signature.

And of course – if you’re struggling with this – feeling stuck or limited in some way – book a session with me and I’ll help you break through it – because that’s my unique gift and talent – helping people to get unstuck – and it’s what I’m really good at.   (Write to me here if you want my help)

From my heart to yours,

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