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It’s Your Time To Shine

When I was a teenager at school, they asked us what we wanted to do once we left.

They directed us to a box of index cards in the library and some books and told us to pick something and they’d help us to map out our career path.

The career I wanted wasn’t in that box, so I felt stuck and asked for help, but didn’t get any.  Instead I got laughed at and made to feel stupid.

When I told the teacher what I wanted to do she said I’d need a real job because nobody would pay me for that.

What did I want to do?   Well, at 14 years old I couldn’t quite decide between being an astrologer or a fortune teller, but either way it wasn’t in that box!

So that was it.  They had nothing for me.   I thought those were both legitimate choices but she said they weren’t.  So I became a secretary instead.

Thankfully I’ve gone on to pick my own career and I’ve spent the last 25 years doing it but not everybody is that lucky.   Many people are still searching for meaning in their life and many are stuck.

The most common things that people ask me for help with is:  How do I find my true path; and How do I become a healer/lightworker/psychic/astrologist, and make a living from it?

Like it or not, we all have to earn money and make a living, and having a spiritual profession should not exclude us from that.

I know this journey well, because it took me years to get into my groove and really own my spiritual gifts and talents, and just like there is a Starving Artist archetype, I’ve noticed that there is an Undervalued Healer archetype too.  I tried it on for size (for years actually) but I didn’t enjoy it.  Eventually I learned that it doesn’t have to be that way, so I’ve dropped it, and you can too.

Contrary to popular belief, nowadays one can earn a very good living from being an astrologer or a fortune teller (although the word psychic is a better and more modern descriptor of this gift).  Healing modalities and spiritual insights and wisdom are much more acceptable now.  People have learned their value and regularly seek them out.

Unfortunately though many healers, lightworkers and spiritual folk in general have so many blocks around money, that they’re still in struggle and feeling stuck.  They can’t see how they can become a healer when the common mindset it still that people don’t pay much for it.

We spiritual folk, talk about abundance and manifestation but if we’re honest, we usually don’t do very well with it on a physical level and we’ll find the reason for that tucked away in our subconscious mind.

Other common blocks or areas of struggle for us, include Imposter Syndrome, The Witch Wound and The Starseed Trauma – all things that I’ve experienced (and overcome) personally and have written about extensively.

We don’t have to stay stuck any more though.   We’re at an incredible time on the planet and things are getting really exciting…

What we do now really counts!

Lightworker!  We came here to make a difference and our time is now.  If you’re still feeling stuck and frustrated or if just know that you should be out there doing more but you don’t know the what or the how, then book a free discovery call with me today and let’s talk about how I can help you.

Then if you’re really ready to get unstuck and aligned with your mission and purpose, my Lightworker Coaching Programme begins in March and together, we’ll dig into all these areas, clear them out and get you on the right track so that you can become the empowered healer/lightworker/starseed that you came here to be.

It’s time to shine your light my friend, the world needs you!


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