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Is It Wrong To Talk About Money?

Is it wrong to talk about money?

I’ve asked this question to lots of my clients.

Many of them hesitate before they respond, but I can almost see them going through their thought process as they search for an answer to give me.  They want to give me the right answer, but they’re not sure what that really is.

You see, as spiritually minded folk, many of us have picked up an unspoken rule that it’s wrong or bad somehow, if you talk about money.  But there’s a part to that, that really doesn’t make much sense and your mind knows it too.

“I don’t need much money to live” some people say, and others say “that it’s not spiritual to want money”.

Well I confess…    I’ve had these same money beliefs myself in the past.  I didn’t realise how limiting they were though.  I thought I was being a good person for thinking in this way.  Kind of humble or virtuous, or something….

But No, No, No!!!   It’s not that at all!

This is a person with money blocks!   Huge money blocks in fact.

This is someone with serious limiting beliefs around money that will hold them back in their experience of life at every turn!

I know it, because I lived it and it wasn’t very comfortable at all.

Admittedly, I was never homeless on the streets or living on the poverty line but my guts churned every time the subject of money came up because I was in fear for my future.  I was terrified that I’d run out of the money that I had and I felt the need to hold on to it very tightly.

I was only an inch away from becoming a miser!

Well, ok, maybe not quite that bad.  I was being a bit dramatic there… but it did feel terrible.

I definitely was living in poverty consciousness.  I was never actually in poverty – or povo, as we Australians like to call it (because we abbreviate everything) – but the thoughts in my mind were aligning with being povo, that’s for sure and I could see it coming.

Now the Law of Attraction tells us that the level at which we vibrate and the thoughts and feelings that we have constantly, will attract the same back to us.  We all love to use the Law of Attraction, but we often forget (or don’t know) this one part…. that it attracts everything that is a direct match to it whether it’s a positive life experiences or a negative one.

So, when we go around in fear of having to spend money, worried about losing the money that we do have and always focused in a negative way towards money, what will we attract?  Of course… more negative experiences in regards to money.

When we catch on to that realisation, we try to override it.  We start saying positive money affirmations, for example:

Money flows to me easily
I love money and money loves me,
I love having money all around me.

Have you done this?

Well believe me I tried it too. But the words in my mind went something like this:

Money flows to me easily – (well let’s be honest, it doesn’t really because you’re broke and you don’t have much coming in at all).

I love money and money loves me – (I love money yes, but it doesn’t seem to love me because it never comes to me).

I love having money all around me – (errr..   where is it then? because I don’t see much around).

Who’s is that other voice that is trying to destroy my attempts to become abundant?  Oh wait…   it’s my voice and it’s sticking rigidly to my lack mentality.

Now, don’t get me wrong… positive affirmations do work but there’s a whole other thing going on that also needs to be addressed, and it’s an inside job.

It’s about all the beliefs you hold around money, your self worth, your fears, your past experiences with money and more.

Digging through all of these is fascinating and empowering and it’s something that I love to do with my clients because when we uncover where these limiting money beliefs first came from, then we can free ourselves from their grasp and we can finally start to make positive headway towards the abundance that is our birthright.

Because this is not just all about money.  It’s about abundance on every level.  Money is just a part of it.

I’ll talk more about this in another post, because money is my favourite subject now that I’ve cleared my money blocks, but suffice to say that if you are experiencing lack on any level at all, I’m here to tell you that it’s completely fixable.

If you want more money – tick.
If you want improved relationships – tick.
If you want better health – tick
If you want more joy – tick.
If you want to create an amazing business – tick.

I got you covered on all counts.  I dig deep into this in my Abundance Bootcamp (doors opening again soon) and I’ll share more insights like this in these regular posts.

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