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How Important Is Money To You?

Lots of my spiritually minded clients tell me that “money is not important to them” or that “they don’t want lots of money”.

Later in our conversation, they’ll tell me that they’re: “stuck in their business or in life and if they had more money they could do something different and it would all be better”.

Basically, they’re saying that they “wish they had more money to do the things they need to do”.

Do you see what I’m seeing here?

On the one hand they don’t care for money but on the other hand they want it…

The problem is that our mind listens to every word that we tell it.  It doesn’t decide what is a good thought to have or a bad thought to have, it just listens to what we say and takes it all in.

Then it acts upon those words.

In cahoots with the Universe it sets things up for us to have the experience that we say we want.

If we say we want more money, the Universe sets the wheels in motion to allow that to happen. Maybe it will begin to bring new clients to us.

Unfortunately, not long afterwards we remind ourselves that money is not important to us and we wouldn’t want to be rich, so the only thing that the Universe can do when it hears that command is to slam the brakes on and make that client go somewhere else instead.

Does this happen to you?  Just when you think things are getting better, it all falls apart again…?

Well I’m sorry to say that something in your powerful subconscious mind is responsible for creating that.   The trick is to find what that is and change it.

Have you ever tried to drive a car with one foot on the gas and the other on the brake?   You’d get nowhere very fast, plus you’d probably burn out a lot of things in the engine or the tyres or something at the same time too!

You’re giving your car mixed messages!
Go forwards.
How is the car supposed to handle the mismatch of information and know what you really want it to do?

It can’t do both things at once and nor can your mind.  It can’t act on two opposing ideas at the same time and nor can it hold two conflicting beliefs.  All that happens is confusion and stuckness.  Potentially even burnout.   Does that sound familiar?

This is what many of us do repeatedly, every day, every week, every month.  Sometimes for years on end.

We wonder why we’re stuck and we even blame others for why we can’t get ahead.  “He did that to me.  She did that to me”…  Instead of taking responsibility for our own thoughts and actions, we go into full on victim mode and that’s really not a good vibe to be relying on the Law of Attraction to handle for you either.

What do you think it’s going to do with that?  Quite likely bring you more of the same!

It seems so obvious why we can’t get ahead now, doesn’t it?

Well thankfully, this can all be cleared up really quickly with a bit of coaching or subconscious reprogramming work.  (DM me if you need help with that – it’s what I do best).

But if you want to work on it, on your own…  here’s a few quick tips to get you started.

Firstly, become aware of what you really think about money.

Secondly, become aware of stories that conflict with what you think you think about money.  (ie the gas pedal and brake metaphor because we think we know what we’re thinking but sometimes we hold a conflicting story about the same subject).

Thirdly, choose which story you would rather have the Universe respond to and bring you more of (because that’s what it does through the Law of Attraction).

Fourthly, do everything to align with this story and never again utter the words, or have the thoughts, of the story that you don’t want to become a reality in your life.

Literally, stop giving your attention and energy to a story that you don’t want to experience.

You create your reality based upon the thoughts you have and the actions you take, so make sure that they are perfectly aligned to the best outcome that you can create – not the one you don’t want.

Think this way consistently and let the Universe go to work on your behalf.

When it presents you with an opportunity, recognise it and seize the moment!   (Take the inspired action steps required to align you with your goals). Our mind is the creator of our reality.

Simple and yet profound, don’t you think?

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