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Instant Gratification – Does It Really Serve You?

Have you ever had a creational thought and absolutely believed that it would manifest immediately? As if, by the mere fact that you had that thought and saw that vision that it would all happen exactly as you saw it, in just a blink of an eye.  On some level of consciousness it has quite possibly already been created, but how do we put enough energy into it for it to become manifest here in the physical?

We live in a world where instant gratification seems to have become so normal, that I wonder if we are erroneously expecting instant manifestation to be the normal too.

Without doubt, we are creational beings.  What we think, we can create, and whilst some things do seem to come quickly and easily most things do just take a bit of time to come. Every expectant mother knows this and even in the business world, it’s very rare to go from zero to hero overnight.

Good things just take time.

I worked recently with a young lady who had been on an extremely rapid spiritual journey.  She had been totally invested in an ascension cult and upon realising what she had got caught up in, she left and headed off into the jungles of Peru for six months to work with shamans in the hope that they could fix the mess for her and offer her the enlightenment she was desperately craving.

Leaving the jungle in a worse state than when she went in, she then did the rounds of various healers, desperately searching for someone to release her from her inner pain.  She eventually landed at my door.

Without doubt, she is one of the most severe cases I have ever worked with.  Her energy field was in tatters and I could see the impact of all the various things she had been involved with over recent years. Energetically and emotionally she was in an extremely vulnerable place. I knew immediately that this would not be a quick fix.  Some serious repairs needed to be made and actually what was required was a complete education of how to manage her own energy field.  She also really needed to learn and develop awareness and accurate discernment of the spiritual energies that she would continue to meet if she was to stay on this particular path.

But she didn’t want this.  She wanted a spiritual quick fix so that she could get on her way and off onto the next thing. She was extremely well versed in satanic languaging so she had clearly studied it quite extensively and seemed to be focusing an inordinate amount of time and energy in that direction.  I brought this to her attention but she insisted that she needed to understand it so that she could fight it but actually what you focus your attention on expands.

This young lady could not see how I was trying to help her. She rejected my suggestions of learning energy self-management and almost screamed at me to get on with my job of healing her.

Unfortunately her actions since that session have proven that she is once again completely under the control of the possessing entities that travel with her, as theirs is also one of instant gratification.

You’ve heard the expression:  Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. 
I was trying to teach her how to fish but she wanted to be handed her fish on a plate instead.

My life’s work is about empowering others to realise their greatness and to understand that we each have choices in life.  Our choice and actions dictate what experiences will come to us.  My focus is upon my client becoming the best version of themselves that they can possibly be.  I want to help them to reach their highest potential in this lifetime, through the healing and clearing of energy blocks that hold them back and limit them.  In order to reach our fullness, it is necessary that we each do our personal and spiritual development work.  There are no quick fixes to this.  I can clear out negative energy and entities but if the person’s mindset does not change, if they remain in the same state of consciousness as they were before, then these things will come right back in and they’ll find themselves stuck all over again by their own limiting beliefs.

Nobody can come along and make us instantly awakened.  There are things available that might appear that way, but they are not true and long lasting unless the work is done from within ourselves, to be able to hold that higher state of consciousness.  It is like building with blocks of light.

There is no getting away from the fact that we all have our own inner work to do.  We come here to experience this life and to grow and develop ourselves but we have to clear the sometimes quite heavy energy of our own limiting beliefs in order to hold on to truly high vibrational experiences.

To create an abundant life we must be in that abundant flow of life and it is our own thoughts and positive mindset that get us there. Gratitude and appreciation play a large part in this.

It is really the quality of our thoughts that attract quality experiences and if we spend our time in states of bitterness and self-entitlement and go around like spoiled children demanding that life gives us what we want exactly when we want it – well…  we are way out of balance somewhere.  Every expectant mother knows that as much as she might like her baby to arrive exactly when she wants it, that there is a natural flow and process to this creational force and that there are certain stages of development that must be in place before the process can complete.

When what we see through our vision of the future, is something sustainable and worthwhile then we need to get our foundations firmly in place before we build too quickly.  This might not feel sexy and exciting but it is a very necessary part and in terms of personal growth this is the self awareness part.

Self awareness can be cultivated through meditation and prayer, through journaling and through therapy or coaching sessions with a person who is able to accurately reflect back to us the limiting beliefs and obstacles that we often fail to see for ourselves.  This will reveal not only our weaknesses, our fears, our patterns of self-sabotage but also our potential greatness and our strengths and help us to focus intention upon our goals.

Now we know that in the quantum field things can be created in the moment, things can be healed in the moment and this is a very real potential that is available for all of us however in order to access that, first we need to be able to move out of the density of our own stagnant or negative thoughts and behaviours and actually really hold a state of coherence between heart, mind and pure consciousness.

Time spent learning about ourselves at a deep level, is never time wasted.  Our wisdom often lies deeply within ourselves and it is through walking life’s pathways that we have developed this wisdom.  Wisdom cannot be acquired through instant gratification – it takes time and sometimes it takes time to uncover it from within ourselves too.  It is often like a timid animal wondering if it is safe enough to reveal itself from its hiding place yet.

There are many necessary steps to tread in revealing our greatness.  Rome wasn’t built in a day but it has stood the test of time.  If day by day we remove unwanted blocks from within our own structure then pretty soon we will have a clean slate upon which to build a magnificent new temple that can house our newer, higher vibrational state of being.

Slow and easy wins the race – and whilst it might seem really frustrating not to have achieved everything in an instant there is good reason for this.  Strong foundations are important in any structure from which we require longevity.  Shooting stars shine brightly but burn out quickly.  As with everything worth creating – it takes time and it’s a process.

Until next time, stay on the path, stay in the light.
From my heart to yours,

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Karen Turpin is a multi-dimensional energetic healer, etheric surgeon, ascension facilitator and lightbody technology specialist. She also employs the use of multidimensional hypnotherapy to witness and dismantle your own subconsciously held programs, belief systems, karmic residue, and implants that are blocking you from living your life at its highest expression.

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