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Finding Your True Self

I’m sure we’ve all felt our own limitless potential at times.  It perhaps came in a dream or in meditation, or in a flash vision that showed us that “we could be great at something”, that we could have an “amazing life” or that “we could make a difference in the world”.  In those moments we felt so inspired and sure that we could go out and create and become that person that we saw ourselves to be in the moment of that vision and yet, for the most part we haven’t actually gone out and done anything about that at all.

People have also experienced these visionary moments in workshops, when listening to motivational speakers or in healing sessions with a healer who has the ability to tap into the Universe at that level and hold it for long enough so that their client could feel it and know it for themselves too.  These speakers and healer that have the ability to inspire us in this way, are the people that we should invite into our lives every single day.  Not literally of course, although I would love to sit and soak up the wisdom of some of my favourite teachers over a cup of tea or ten, but what I mean is that thanks to technology these great inspirational people are available for us to listen to in a myriad of ways now on a daily basis not to mention the good old fashioned printed book which, for me personally, is the best way to take in really important information that I want to retain.

When we begin to give our mind a daily diet of inspirational, uplifting material, (as opposed to most of the drivel that is available on TV and social media) we begin to change the wiring of our mind and we become changed from the inside out.  We create new neural pathways in the brain that hold a different quality of thought and energy and if that input is wise and pure then we will naturally raise the vibration of our body each time we listen.

A problem exists though and that is one of accurate discernment as to the type of information to take in and what to leave behind, as not everything will lead us to raise our vibration in the way that we expect.  Sometimes the information we go searching for proves to not quite be the experience we thought it would be and even though it seems to contain all the right words, the vibration upon which those words are carried seems off somehow.  This could be as simple as the speaker or their message just not resonating with us at this time or it could be that there is a scrambled type of psychic interference coming through their stream of consciousness.

As humans we often choose to learn things the hard way, although in my experience my hardest lessons have proven to be my most valuable, so “going off track” is not necessarily a bad thing providing that we can actually self-correct at the right time. Changing course towards one thing and away from another can be tricky for a couple of different reasons but it is completely achieve-able if we really want that change and are prepared to work for it.  Having the ability to detect where our energy blocks and bindings are speeds up the process of re-direction or sometimes we are lucky enough to find someone with a proven track-record to help guide us through this transformational process.

When we find ourselves heading in the wrong direction we are often faced with emotions that seem to well up from deep within us.  They could be shame, humiliation, embarrassment, fear of looking like we failed, plus a whole lot more.  These basically though are “outside fears” – of how we will look to others and what other people will think or say about us.  A wise friend once said to me “what other people think about me is none of my business – that’s their thoughts, not mine”.  I remind myself of this when my fears come up and if I am happy with my course of action then I just do it anyway, because this is my experience of life and I refuse to be limited by the judgements of others.  Holding ourselves small because of what someone else might say about us, serves nobody, least of all us.

We often have our own pride to deal with too.  We don’t want to feel like a failure.  We might have a fear of failing and we don’t want to feel embarrassed about ourselves and our efforts.  In these moments when we might feel self-humiliation, when we tell ourselves that we were stupid to try or that we should have known better and that we are an idiot, we must realise that we are not really being very nice to ourselves, saying these things.  Would we talk to someone we loved like that? Probably not, and in the end, this does all come down to self-love.

When we continue this negative self-talk it sets up an habitual pattern of self-abuse, putting ourselves down constantly and then it can’t help but become our reality, because our mind believes everything we tell it.  When we begin to feel that this is normal for us, we unconsciously begin to vibrate that belief out into the field and then we attract people who will treat us the same way as they are a vibrational match for us, so we then begin to have more and more experiences of this same type.  By this point, this really has become our reality – the one we created due to the quality of our own thoughts.

If we want to change it, we have to change ourselves.

Our mind is hard-wired to believe us – after all why would we lie to ourselves? Our mind can’t discern truth from fiction when it comes to what we choose to believe – it doesn’t filter our beliefs for us, it doesn’t judge them as right or wrong or choose what to take in and what not to, so pretty soon when we tell our minds that we are stupid, foolish, an idiot, a loser we take on those words and it becomes our reality and our state of being.  A pretty low vibrational state of being, I’m sure you’d agree.

Now in our moments of clarity… when we are moved and feel inspired by a teacher or speaker, we touch, just for a moment, the unlimited and infinite potential that is within each and every one of us and we recognise it as a truth.  We were created from that realm of limitless potential.  We know it… deep inside we know that we are that and yet the moment we step away from that experience, maybe later on that day when we leave that workshop or that healing session, or maybe the next morning when we wake up and head off in traffic back to work, we fall out of that knowing and we become the person that we have wired ourselves to become, through our own beliefs and the words we say to ourselves on a consistent basis and we become the person we believe ourselves to be again based upon our past experiences.

When we find the right type of inspirational thoughts, we will literally begin to feel our inner spirit come alive – it begins to feel inspired and creative once again – like a thirsty plant being given water.  We begin to feel limitless once again.  From a slightly deadened state of negativity we might feel, just for a moment the potential that something more is available to us…  we might begin to believe that what we want to do or create is possible and the more we think and feel that, the more we open up to our potential to make that happen.  When we grasp that and hold on to it on a daily basis, then we make that our reality.

When we want to change ourselves, we must give ourselves the right information… a daily consistent diet of what we want to see in our world.  If we change nothing, then nothing changes.

As we raise our vibration, we begin to see and experience the world as a better place.  There can be no denying this for those who have experienced it, but until that time, it is just a theory to us really.  A mental concept. Something that we haven’t energised yet.  It is only when we make a commitment and take the action steps that we begin to see what can be achieved.  In the same way that we would train in a gym – of course we will not see maximum benefits if we only do it for half an hour now and again.

To achieve anything great in life we have to commit and follow through with what it takes to succeed.  No matter how many times we have to pick ourselves up and try again.

Did you ever know a baby who, when she fell over from trying to walk, just sat down and never tried again because she felt embarrassed by her efforts or was afraid that she would get laughed at for trying? Or who felt ashamed of her great desire to learn to walk?  Did you ever know a baby who believed that this walking thing is available to everyone else but not to her so she just didn’t bother to try?

As babies, we are born with that knowing that everything is available to us and we want it, we want it all.  We see others doing things and we want to do that too!  We know that if someone before us has done it before us then it’s possible and we can do it too.  We might even know deep down inside that we will be the one that cuts a new pathway and does something first, that others will take our lead and follow on behind us. This knowing, this belief in ourselves is there within us at the moment of creation.  It is there within us when we are still in the womb and yet the moment we allow others to pull us down, shame us or reject us, that is the moment that we start to censor ourselves and create limitations in our own minds about what is possible for us to achieve in this lifetime and whether we are worthy of success or not.

Imagine for a moment what your life could be like if you didn’t have any of those limitations or the energy blocks of negative belief that stopped you doing things or being all that you truly are…

By now, I hope you know that it is possible for you to remove those blocks and self doubt – because you can programme your mind differently and create a different outcome for yourself.

By now, I hope you realise that by listening or reading inspirational words that help you to remember that you are limitless potential in human form, that you can unlock unlimited abundance from within you; and

By now, I hope that you are ready to search for the right keys, the right words, the right person to help you to unlock your own natural gifts and talents… because you came here to share those gifts with the world in the way that only you can and the world needs you.  You need you, so don’t turn your back on your Self and give up.

At this time with so many planets retrograding and eclipses galore, we are being totally supported to take a step back inside of ourselves and ask, what is it that I wish to experience in my life?  What can I share with the world? What type of force do I want to BE in this world?   What did I come here to be successful at?  It is a time perhaps to re-visit that which we once knew about ourselves.  It’s not about going backwards and feeling defeated about our previous efforts, but it is about consolidating and strengthening ourselves and releasing limiting thoughts and beliefs before we move forwards again. Once we have unblocked and unlocked that knowing from inside, then we are ready to step forward once again and finally be who we came here to be – clearly aligned and in the abundant flow of the Universe… exactly as God intended for us when we chose to come here.

So find the courage to face the adversity, as that is where you will find your strength.

Until next time, stay in your truth and stay on your path.
With love

© 2018, Karen Turpin

All rights reserved

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