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Do You Remember Who You Really Are

Have you ever had a sudden flash of remembering… perhaps in a meditation, a dream or moment of absolute knowing… that you are so much more?

Have you ever wondered what’s really inside of you…? What you really know, deep inside…? What you have really experienced in other lifetimes, in other galaxies? And, what you are truly capable of?

Have you seen yourself achieving GREAT things one moment just to somehow plummet into having absolutely no idea HOW to pull that all together and make it real?

I’ve often had a feeling of falling down through space. From a place in which I truly know myself, to a place in which I feel small, contracted and seem to be suffering from amnesia… It looks something like the startle reflex that you see in newborn and very young babies – they look so lost in that moment… I think we’ve all experienced it.

Some of us feel lost our whole lives.

Some of us are in a constant search, for a sense of belonging, a sense of identity and sense of worthiness and many adults still feel like they don’t quite belong here.

Some never truly find themselves. It can be hard for people here.

What I commonly see in client sessions is that we seem to pick up our limitations in childhood. Sometimes even in the pre-birth stage. And we pick up these limitations as a direct result of what happens around us, within our family or through our parents or primary caregivers and from our own perception of the events that we see, hear and feel.

Given that we are small children or sometimes not even born yet, we often misunderstand these things and that simple misunderstanding can shape who we become and to some degree lay the pathway through life that we are then compelled to follow.

I believe that we choose to come here and, that we choose our parents. They offer us an amazing opportunity for growth but sometimes we become so wounded by our childhood that we fail to thrive and this is what I commonly see in clients and it’s what I continue to work on within myself too.

None of us had a perfect childhood. Siblings growing up in the same family home can have wildly different experiences of the same parents.

Parents’ expectations can be very different for each child and each of us comes with particular lessons to learn and gifts to share. Those well versed in astrology will explain this via the positions of planets, moons, stars and astral bodies and I tend to see the soul patterns and potentials available for each of us.

Those core wounds that we sustain are there throughout our life but they don’t remain as limitations once we understand what they are and where they come from. Instead I feel they become little reminders for us, to continue to grow through and strive to move beyond.

I can still see what my core wounds are – but they no longer hold me back UNLESS for some reason, I have allowed myself to get out of balance and then they feel a bit closer, a bit more emotional and a bit more real to me and it reminds me that we have to be constantly working on ourselves if we want to continue to grow and expand. It is truly like tending the garden of our own mind and not allowing the weeds to grow and take over.

When we are growing, we have to break through to new levels of success, achievement or frequency and these core wounds seem to be like little tests. Not necessarily there to trip us up, but, I feel they are there to remind us of what we have achieved, of where we need to re-align or re-balance in order to elevate to the next level and in my experience at least, when these little tests threaten to trip me up, I see it as an opportunity to deepen my love for myself and my compassion for others on this same journey, because it can be painful.

Because we really are all searching, and I see that some of us really are lost and stuck and I feel for them because that is a potential for each of us at any point. We might like to think that we’ve come so far that we could never fall back, but we could… our ego would just never admit it.

I see that as I break through to each new level, I acquire a deeper understanding of exactly what is required of us to overcome those limitations laid down in childhood and I also get to see the mystical part in all of that – that there really are no mistakes.

When a client is speaking to me from their subconscious mind (in hypnosis), they never regret choosing the parents they had and even when they have experienced terrible things, they are calmly counselled by their own soul to have the understanding of what it was all about. They get to see and understand from the perspective of the other people involved in the scenes and often they get to feel compassion or sometimes even forgiveness of those involved.

That is healing.

Once that understanding is acquired they feel free, because they realise that it was never about them in the first place. Though it felt very real at the time and they sustained a wound from it, they are now liberated and their vibration immediately shifts and they can re-align on to a totally different path in life.

From the outside, their shift might be hardly visible but on the inside their shift is huge. They become open, expanded and they get absolute knowing that they are enough – they have always been enough – that they are worthy and that everything is available to them. They become open to new possibilities and most importantly they begin to see their own unlimited potential.

Their lives change in subtle, profound and beautiful ways and they begin to remember who they are and what they came here to do and that is healing too.

But. We have to constantly work at this. It’s enjoyable and amazing work but we have to remember that this planet’s default setting seems to be to make everyone forget who they are. There seems to be inbuilt amnesia at every turn, and with the multitude of ways in which we can be distracted from our path of truth and light, we must remain vigilant to our cause – of remembering who we are, what we are capable of, what we came here to do and most importantly of what unique gifts and talents we have, to share with the world.

That’s the work and that’s the blessing, because we are all blessed with gifts and talents in this same way, if we could just remember what they were….

So aim to be who you truly are. Embrace your uniqueness. This world needs you and that’s precisely why you’re here.

With love

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