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And just like that it seems, the year is almost over.  What did you achieve this year?  Did you tick off all of your goals or do you find that you are pretty much in the same place that you were this time last year?

This year has been a year of big energetic change for many people.  Some of us have made huge strides forwards on many levels and of course, others haven’t.  For some, nothing has changed even though they desperately wanted it to and they feel frustrated that things don’t look any better and that they don’t feel better either.

Polarity exists

We know that this is a world were polarity exists – for every pull in one direction there is an opposite pull in the other. Light/Dark, Positive/Negative and so on.  Where we choose to be in the experience of polarity is completely up to us however many of us don’t realise that every thought we have and every action we take, constitutes a choice we are making that will lead us to be in one or other of the polarity experiences. There are consequences to everything – nothing is really a neutral choice.

We know that we live in a world of cause and effect.  We love the idea that karma will deal with bad people at some point in their lifetime or perhaps in another, but we don’t fully understand how karma works and our concept of it is a bit of a mish-mash of ancient eastern traditions, modern philosophy or mysticism with a sprinkling of new age ideologies thought up a leader of a group somewhere.  Although we believe that we understand it and have a handle on it, we don’t really.

We welcome the aspect of cause and effect that seems to validate our good thoughts and deeds but habitually we choose to ignore it’s opposing force.   When our lashing out at somebody or our negative mental looping causes us to dramatically lower our vibration and spiral into a pit of self despair, we seem unaware that we created that for ourselves.  What we are experiencing is a result of cause and effect.

If you’ve ever thought: “Poor me – there’s nothing I can do to change this terrible situation that I’m in” … or if words similar to this fill your thoughts repeatedly, in time you will take on that belief at every level of your body, mind and consciousness.  (We call this learned helplessness and it’s often passed down through families and society).

If this is your mindset, your whole being will begin to vibrate that message out into the Universe and you will attract situations back into your life that will validate and accurately reflect that to you.  Because you see it all around you, you believe it.  That strengthens the belief and it becomes even more deeply ingrained.

The vibrations you send out is what you get back.  We reap what we sow…  We know this!  We are not hearing it for the first time, yet why do we choose only to acknowledge the positive aspects of cause and effect and consciously choose to ignore the opposite polarity of it.  If we send out negativity we will receive negativity back and the same applies to positivity.

Now I know it’s unrealistic to expect to feel positive all the time – it’s natural that sometimes we will feel a bit low or have some negative thoughts.  Life’s challenges can get us down and we do sometimes come across some really nasty people in this world, but we don’t have to take it on and own it.  As soon as we become aware that our energy is spiralling down or that we have been negatively impacted by something, then the choice is ours to stay affected by that sticky, heavy energy or shift gears and lift our vibration.  It is actually a choice.

At first it might take a bit of work but soon enough we can get into the habit of choosing how we look at life; choosing to move away from toxic people and situations that pull us down and our life then becomes self-directed and that’s the first steps on the road to our own empowerment.

Abundant Universe

I believe that we all live in an abundant Universe and, that that abundance is available to each of us. But what I’ve found is that the thing that holds us back from receiving that abundance into our lives is our own energy blocks and limiting beliefs – often around money but also around what we believe we deserve to receive and what we are willing to ask for from life.

What we ask for, we are given and what we are willing to accept becomes our limitation but what if we asked for what we really want in life – and we actually got it!

Could you imagine what your life would look like if this actually happened? Well it could, but you will have to participate in order to make it happen and that’s exactly the point at which people often begin to hesitate because their limiting beliefs and energy blocks begin to get restless, and it trips them up every time.

The work that we need to do is on ourselves, in order that we can be a perfect match for a high vibrational experience such as an abundant life.

It’s easy to create a life of drama when we focus on drama.  Not so easy to create a life of abundance when we are paralysed by hidden fears.

Here are the six basic fears that keep people away from creating abundance in their life.

The fear of POVERTY
The fear of CRITICISM
The fear of ILL HEALTH
The fear of OLD AGE
The fear of DEATH

How many of those do you have?

Other energy blocks to abundance can be grouped somewhere under those six headings and the precursors to these fears is often Indecision and Doubt.

If we want to create a life of happiness and abundance then, we must remove the fear vibration from our mind and body.

Abundance and Fear are opposite polarities.  The mind can’t hold two conflicting beliefs at the same time, so when we are holding these two opposites in our mind they cancel each other out.  That’s exactly why we stay stuck.  We can think good abundant thoughts but if we have unconscious fears we can’t move towards that abundance – we’re not a vibrational match for it.

Our fears are often unconscious at first, but they seem to gather energy and begin to grow.  Offshoots reveal themselves such as doubt, indecision, worry, insecurity, procrastination, jealousy and indifference and before you know it you have a whole gamut of low vibrational feelings consuming the best part of your day.  Not a good place to be, I’m sure you’ll agree.

So the good news is that you can turn all of these negative thoughts around and that is the “work” that the Universe requires you to do.

The one thing that we can control in life is our thoughts.  It’s a skill we have to learn if we want to become masters of our own destiny and it’s a skill that many of us have not learned.  This is the reason that we constantly run negative looping patterns of thought that can’t fail to create negative experiences in our life.

How to protect yourself against negative thoughts:

Recognise that it is far easier to be pulled down into negativity than to be pulled up into positivity. When you have lived in negativity for a while there is a magnetic pull to revert to that, each time you try to get out of it. This is your work to do and nobody can do it for you.  You have to stay strong.

Negative people may plant seeds of negativity in your sub conscious mind that you can’t see until they are substantially grown.  Keep away from negative people.

Deliberately seek the company of people who have mastered their own negativity to a higher degree than yourself.

Deliberately seek the company of people who encourage you to think and act for yourself and that cheer you on as you do so.  Look for people who have your best interests at heart and that want you to succeed.

If you are waiting for and expect trouble – you will not be disappointed.

Control your mind yourself or someone else will.

All positive mind control is the result of self-discipline and habit.  You either control your mind in the direction of your choosing or it controls you in the direction of its choosing.  There is no halfway with this because by default you either end up stuck in the middle and going nowhere or you spiral into negativity as your default programme.  This is why hypnotherapy recordings are so successful at re-writing and overriding negative thoughts with positive ones that move the client towards creating success in their life.  The client is required to be discliplined to actually listen to the recording of course because it doesn’t magically install itself into their mind just because it happens to be on their audio device!  The work of creating new positive neural pathways in the brain is our work – nobody can do that for us.

Without control of our own mind success is just not possible.

So before arriving into the New Year, take stock of all that you achieved this year and ask yourself how you go there?  What did it take to achieve that?

And, take stock of all that you didn’t achieve and ask yourself why?  What held you back?  What did you allow to get in the way of your success?  Why were you not able to proceed towards the success that you really wanted?

Answer yourself honestly.  Put yourself in a position of understanding so that by this time next year you have more successes ticked off and procrastination, self-doubt and fear have become things of the past.

And so until next time, stay focused on your goals and always walk in the Light,
From my heart to yours,
With love,

© 2018, Karen Turpin

All rights reserved

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Karen Turpin is a multi-dimensional energetic healer, quantum energy healer, hypnotherapist and lightbody technology specialist. She employs the use of multidimensional hypnotherapy to witness and dismantle your own subconsciously held programs, belief systems, karmic residue, and implants that are blocking you from living your life at its highest expression.

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