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Will you Find Your True Self in the New Age — or Is It Just a Distraction?

In the 60s it became popular to “find yourself” in an Ashram in India.

More recently people attempted to find themselves or their soul group by following New Age teachings and when that wasn’t sufficient to their needs (or when they felt a bit stuck there and wanted something new), they moved up a dimension to search for their star family or home planet through Ascension teachings.

It seems that its human nature to be constantly searching for something… the Meaning of Life perhaps being the ultimate thing that we search for.

The majority of people that I talk to though, are not searching for anything quite so grand. Most would be happy just to find their True Self and live an Abundant Life.

There are ways to begin to uncover our True Self, and I think it’s a very exciting journey inwards but sometimes that seems to bring with it a lot of change and that can make us feel very confused and uncomfortable.

It depends a little, on the level of understanding that people have when they begin. Some people handle it better than others. Even though there is no competition, we tend to judge ourselves on how well we’re doing, how “together” we are, how “successful” we’ve become or maybe, even, how many “likes” we have.

Sometimes people make the decision “to be true and authentic” and expect it to arrive instantly. They don’t want to go through, what may be, years of self-discovery, uncovering and evolving. Like our modern world of instant digital downloads, they want it NOW!

I can see why that might be attractive… but I also see the pitfalls there too.

We used to read and study things but now that takes too long for us… we want a video of a 6 hour read condensed into 20 minutes as our attention span can’t cope with anything much longer AND we want to be an expert immediately!

Our brains have changed you see, and I suspect that social media has something to do with it, but it’s also been proposed that time is speeding up as we move into higher and higher dimensions so there’s that to consider too. I’d like to tell you emphatically that the reason we can’t wait and allow things to naturally evolve is because we are now living in a higher dimension on this planet and we can evolve and become enlightened much more quickly, but actually I really don’t think anyone can say that they know that for sure, even if they sound quite certain that they do!

It’s said, that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks… well you definitely can, but it takes time — not forever but it takes time. Just as it does to grow your hair, to get fit and toned, to grow a baby AND to have and embody a real experience of awakening.

It’s obvious that you CAN’T learn to swim by reading a book — you HAVE to get in the pool or in the water and likewise you can’t have a real authentic spiritual experience by reading it on a forum or watching it on You Tube. These latter two styles of learning do appear to have been a catalyst for many people’s stories of awakening and enlightenment, not to mention the abduction and visitation stories that have become quite common these days. Call me old fashioned if you like… but I’m just not buying it. Not all of these “experiences” are real, even though the people involved really believe they are and I’ve explained how this occurs in my article called Starseeds in Trauma. Please take a look at that article if you’ve not seen it yet.

A long time ago, one of my most beloved teachers at the Arthur Findlay College in England told me that it takes many years to develop as a great medium. You can do it quicker, he said, but then you won’t be quite so great because you’ll constantly be competing with your ego to see who can tell the best story.

He spoke truth that man, and he was an absolute wealth of multidimensional wisdom. Glynn Edwards, a beautiful soul (RIP).

Many of his words have stayed with me and they have truly stood the test of time.

The search for Truth

It’s funny that, so often when we search for truth, we look to other people to help us find it. We all read things and follow people and we are often completely unconscious of what we are taking in at a subliminal level even though we think we are being quite astute at the time.

Our subconscious mind is absolutely amazing actually… it has the capacity to take everything in, that we don’t consciously filter out. They say that young children’s minds are like sponges because they just absorb everything, but we’re the same — we just don’t realise it. Unless we are really self-aware and paying attention in the moment, we take in everything too, even the most subliminal suggestions that we can’t consciously identify.

When we’re in a light state of trance, which we are many times a day without our awareness, it becomes harder and harder for us to filter out what we take in because the brain takes everything in at such a tremendous speed.

The same can be said of meditations and initiations that we choose to participate in. The act of “choosing” can be seen as compliance and acceptance of anything that comes thereafter. Whether subliminal OR through cleverly worded commands that we don’t even notice we’ve agreed to whilst in a meditative or trance-like state. Sometimes we are literally floating in inter-dimensional lah-lah land, completely unaware of what’s really going on around us. This is how our free will and choice can be usurped and we can be manipulated.

This is a great worry and it’s concerned me for years actually, particularly when I’ve heard some of the meditations that begin to drone on in a semi-robotic voice. They carry syntax and coding in the voice and frequency — we don’t know what it is, what it’s saying, what it means… but we are agreeing to it just by choosing to participate.

This is true also of some of the Light Language channelling that is very popular right now. Some of them really sound off, don’t they? and we must learn to trust our feelings but it can be really tricky to discern which is a clear channel and which are not. Just because something feels good and seems amazing… doesn’t mean it necessarily IS good. Commonly all discernment has gone out the window as we rush to be in the “in-crowd”.

These are false and infiltrated timelines that we are dealing with here. It’s not all love and light in these teachings and all is not what it seems.

It’s been my experience to witness, that a great many of our New Age and Ascension teachers and leaders are infiltrated by various ET races, or they’re hybrids or walk-ins and honestly, it worries me that so many people rush to follow them. People have become “wow-ed” by ascension mechanics and talk of the lightbody and it’s very seductive, I have to admit!

But in many cases, these things only appear so great because they offer us an escape from our day to day lives.

Sometimes this world seems so dark and terrible that we could be forgiven for wanting to escape from it, but that’s exactly how we fall for it, hook, line and sinker — because at that time — when we’re searching for an escape — we’re vulnerable and we’re an easy catch for something that offers us the promise of a better life or enlightenment with minimal outlay.

If we were strong, and in our power, we’d see right through it!

Always enough Truth

There always has to be enough truth in something, to make it believable, because we’re not completely stupid, and even just 60% or so truth, is enough. We might get lucky and get involved in something that offers 80% truth, 20% deception, but regardless, that element of truth lulls us into a false sense of security and rather than continuing to run everything through our internal truth filter, we just sit back and take it all in. Pretty soon we believe it’s our path, our dharma, our lineage, our truth. Infiltration is complete.

We stop searching then because we think we’ve found it and then we go out and spread the word, like little minnions or good disciples and followers.

Have we found our true and authentic self? No, but we’ve found comfort, and a purpose that seems to give our life meaning and that will suffice.

Is it really what we came here to do… to spread somebody else’s word of truth? No, not necessarily but the shoe seemed to fit, and we’ve decided to wear it. Because it’s so comfortable, like an old glove… and we don’t need to search any more or dig deep inside of ourselves because we have someone to guide us every step of the way. Too bad that we still haven’t found our own truth yet but that path is all but forgotten now, so it really doesn’t matter anyway…

You’ve probably heard the story about a man who tried to help a butterfly out of its cocoon by slitting the cocoon open. The butterfly that emerged had small, unformed wings, and died soon after. It needed the struggle out of the cocoon to force the fluid into its wings to stretch and open them so that the butterfly could fly. By trying to shortcut the process, the man had instead doomed the creature.

In order to be the butterfly and BE all that we came here to be, there is a process of unfoldment that we have to go through. We all have layers and layers of programming to sift through to find ourselves and there may be discomfort there but there is also liberation from past pain and limitation.

The mind loves what is familiar so it will constantly try to pull us back to what we already know and are comfortable with. That’s precisely why people go back to old situations or repeat them. Breaking through the limitations of their own mind is equal to the struggle that the butterfly has to emerge from its cocoon. Without this, we cannot grow and spread our wings. It’s a necessary part of the journey.

If we’re strong enough and committed enough to stay the path, then perhaps we will realise that Finding our True Self IS the Meaning of Life. The breakthrough from the Conditioned Mind to the Infinite Mind.

I’ve found with myself and my clients, that the more that we unfold and align to our own truth, the more abundance becomes available to us in every aspect of our life. Happiness, joy, peace, health, wealth and love are the gifts that manifest when we align to our own truth, move out of separation and connect to Source Light.

Until next time stay in truth, stay on your path.
From my heart to yours,


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