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Why You Won’t Find Me Looking In Your Knicker Drawer.

OK, so full disclosure.   I’m psychic.  I know stuff.

Spirit gives me random messages.  Usually it’s on a global scale.  Mass consciousness kind of stuff, with the occasional bit of personal, closer to home kind of information thrown in for good measure.

I have a very comfortable level of psychic openness.

But it wasn’t always that way.

At the start, when my gifts really began to open up, I was bombarded with all manner of strange bits of information floating in from goodness knows where.

Each day when I meditated, I’d have random spirit people popping in with messages for loved ones which I’d then feel compelled to do something with but at the same time challenged to know whether to deliver or not.

I’d meet people I knew in the street and get this download of their personal relationship shit and I’d feel embarrassed because I knew things about people that I probably shouldn’t really have known.

I was waaaayyy too open and it felt like a burden.

It was around that time that I started to become a bit more… well, reclusive to be honest.

I didn’t want to be around people because it was energetically taxing.  It was all just too much and I was burnt out

That was about 25 years ago.

I didn’t have a teacher to guide me and Google didn’t exist then.

Fast forward a few years and I’d learned what I needed to about energetic boundaries.

I was no longer being bombarded by “other people’s stuff” and the random spirit people had stopped coming when I put the sign up saying “Closed for business”.

I could still access all the information that I wanted to for me personally and for my clients but other than that (for the most part), I’d found the “Do Not Disturb” button and I was using it.

I’d learned how to manage my psychic skills and I’d learned that boundaries are really important.

I have a saying:   Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

And I stick by that religiously.

What it really means is that: just because you can go into people’s energy fields and read them, doesn’t mean you should – because it’s none of your business.

And especially when it comes to dark spirits, dark energy places, other dimensions and things like that…   you probably shouldn’t go there either.

From experience I can tell you that when you do, you can open up a whole world of pain and misery and it’s not yours to deal with, so stay out.

When I meet new people and they discover that I’m psychic almost every one of them says:

“Oooh….   what can you see about me?  Have I got anything?”

Then comes the disappointed look on their face when I say “No, I can’t see a thing”.

Well why can’t I see a thing?   Simply, because I’m not looking!

In this context I feel that it’s a breach of your personal boundaries if I were to look.

And what if I got some dreadful news about something?  Then I have to decide what to do with it.  To some degree then, the onus is on me and I’d have to carry it energetically for you because I went there.  It drains my energy because there is no value exchange.

The value exchange, is the important part here.

This is why healers and psychics often burn out and why they should always charge accordingly for their services.

I know that’s not a favourable thing to say because people expect us to do this for free – from the goodness of our heart kind of thing – but it’s a statement of fact in my experience.

Money is energy and in order for everything to be equal on an energetic level there must be an exchange.

If you’re a psychic or a healer, I’m sure you’ll agree, that you can only have so many massages offered to you in exchange before you’re well and truly over it, cos massages don’t pay our bills!

These days, if I want a massage, I’ll pay for it, but otherwise… give me the money.

So, back to your knicker drawer…

Picture this:   We’ve become friends, and you’ve invited me over to your place to have a coffee with you.   We’re sitting at your kitchen table.  The kettle’s just boiled and you open the fridge…

You say:  “Oh, damn…..  no milk.  I’ll just pop down to the corner store to get some.  It’ll only take two minutes. You wait here, I won’t be long”.

Now, when you get back, where do you expect to find me?

Would you expect to find me riffling through your knicker drawer…   opening and closing your wardrobe…    looking under your bed…. and generally snooping around your house looking to see what you got?

No!  And if you did, then quite rightly you should kick me out of your house and never invite me back!!

And this is exactly how I feel, about tuning in and reading another person’s energy field outside of a client session.  (I also promise you, that even in a session I will never look in your knicker drawer because I don’t want to see your spanx).

For me this is a NO GO!

It’s a major invasion of your privacy and I won’t do it.

Do I still occasionally get a “download” for someone?  Yes, but that’s a different thing altogether than me going snooping and looking for something just because I feel like it or because I can.

Do you see the difference?

Why am I telling you this and what has it got to do with Money Mindset or Abundance, I hear you ask?

Well, the important point here is to honour your gifts and talents.

As a psychic, if you begin to use your gift as a party trick, to snoop on other people, do readings casually over coffee or to pass messages to the girl at the supermarket check out, then you are not valuing your own gift.  (Yes, I know some people’s heckles will be up when I say this and I’m ok with that).

When you don’t see the value (and sacredness) in what you do, others won’t either and then you can’t charge accordingly for it.

When you don’t see the value in your gifts, then you don’t see the value in yourself and your self-worth begins to go down the pan.

Or perhaps you never had it in the first place… and that’s precisely why (in my experience) so many psychics and healers fail to be financially abundant.  They don’t have self-worth and they don’t understand why, or how to fix it at a core level and that’s where the power of working with the subconscious mind comes in to play.

Your abundance is directly connected to your self worth, which is directly connected to your net worth and this is true no matter what your gifts and talents are.  It’s true in every profession but particularly for female entrepreneurs.

When you value your uniqueness and show the world who you truly are – when you let go of your money blocks – when you get into alignment with your passion and purpose – when you become the person you came here to be, that’s when your abundance flows in and when your wealth flows in.

It’s about bringing together (and healing) all the parts of your Self so that you can fully accept yourself and love yourself.

High self worth = high net worth.

This is true abundance – it’s your divine birthright and it’s intricately connected to all things including money.

When you’re ready, join my Abundance Bootcamp and I’ll teach you how to let go of your subconscious money blocks to become more abundant than you ever thought possible.  DM me for further details or check my website.

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