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Where Are You Heading To?

Rarely if ever, would you get into your car and start driving somewhere without knowing where you want to end up.  Yet we do this with our lives.

Clients often tell me that they’re stuck and don’t know what they should be doing with their life. They know that they want to feel happy, fulfilled, abundant and rich, but they don’t know how to make that happen.

Everybody’s happy, fulfilled, abundant and rich (life) looks slightly different, and we will all achieve it in different ways.  But in order to get there, it’s necessary to work out where “there” is so that you can actually head in the right direction.

Your perfect life is different to my perfect life and it would be a mistake for you to head towards my idea of perfect. 


Because even if you could get there, it would never fulfil you!  Because it’s not yours – it’s not in alignment for you!  But your perfect life is.

If you would trust your intuition to guide you.  You would quickly see that you inside of you, you have everything you need to live your perfect life.  Sure, you’d probably have to develop some skills or get some guidance or support.  But as you would begin to walk your path you would intuitively know that you’re heading in the right direction and you wouldn’t be wondering around aimlessly feeling stuck anymore.

The problem is that people are scared to try.   They don’t want to fail and they’re sometimes embarrassed to tell others of their passion or their dream for that reason.  They rarely are game enough to verbalise that they want to be rich so that bit gets suppressed and often all of it is left hidden inside of them and sometimes it stays buried forever.

It can take a bit of work to uncover your passion and build the confidence to begin to walk your talk and follow your path but believe me, there is nothing quite like knowing that you are in alignment with your purpose and that it is this very thing that you are here to do.   This is certainly how I feel each and every day as I live my purpose and I hope that you get to experience this too.

If you’d like to know more about how I can help you do this DM me the word HELP and I’ll be in touch.If this has been the confirmation that YOU needed to move forwards, then go for it… but make sure you message me to tell me all about it because I’d love to hear.

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