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What If It’s Not What You Think It Is That’s Keeping You Stuck.

Have you ever said to yourself something like:

I feel stuck, but I don’t know why;
There’s something blocking me from moving ahead but I don’t know what it is; or
If I knew why I’m stuck then I could just fix it, but I just don’t know.

I think most of us have said something similar at some point in time and I know it’s really frustrating when you feel that way.

Having worked with thousands of clients over many years now, I can tell you that you don’t need to stay stuck in this place forever providing that you’re willing to be open to some new possibilities… and sometimes open to some surprises too.

It’s completely possible that you’re stuck in a way that you least expect and I’ve found, that if you can reserve judgement on what you think is going on and just let your subconscious mind reveal to you what is really going on, then you’ll have a greater opportunity for success and healing on all levels.

A great starting point is to ask yourself an open question, like:

“If I did know why I’m stuck it would be because I …… (fill in the blank)”.

This is a great way to open a dialogue with your inner self and start to by-pass your conscious mind (that thinks it knows everything!).

Just journal it and let the words flow to see what might be revealed.

What I often hear from clients in our sessions though is that: I’m stuck and I know it’s because of x, y or z.

It might be that, but often it’s not that at all and if we think we know what it is and we focus our mind only on that, then we shut out all other possibilities and ironically that in itself can keep us stuck.

I’m guessing that if you’re reading this, then you’re into personal development and healing, so chances are you’re quite attuned to where your stuck points are.

However what if it’s something else that you haven’t thought of that’s keeping you stuck…   how will you find it if you’re focused only on what you think you already know?

Picture this for example:

You’re a 5 year old little girl and you’ve stolen a coin from your little play buddy because you wanted it for yourself.  She’s gone crying to her Mum to tell on you and your Mum, who’s really angry and embarrassed now, has told you that you are a greedy horrible little girl and that you don’t deserve to have any money of your own.

Those words may have been unconsciously ringing in your ears since you were 5…. plus the whole event may have been deeply implanted into your subconscious mind courtesy of the physical slap that accompanied her words.

Fast forward 25 or 30 years and you’re struggling to grow your business to the next level.  No matter what you do, you can’t get above a certain figure; or

You can make money but you can’t keep it.  Despite having your own business, you’re still living paycheck to paycheck; or perhaps

You’ve had a series of jobs or businesses and each time it looks like your bank account starts to look healthy something happens that costs you money, and you end up back again in the same struggle street financially.

Does this sound a bit like you?   Like you just can’t get ahead no matter what you try…?

What do you think is causing that?

If you were that 5 year old girl and that was your story that I’ve just written.  Are you able to see the pieces of why you might be stuck?  Of why a belief that you don’t deserve to have money might be sabotaging your business success?

Even if you remembered the situation because your Mum had slapped you and sent you to your room, would you connect the dots and recognise that the reason you can’t get ahead with money today, is because when you were 5 years old you took on a belief that:

You don’t deserve to have any money of your own.

It seems incredible, doesn’t it, that something as simple as that could have an impact upon your ability to be successful with money all these years later.  But time and again it’s proven itself that these unconscious memories can affect us years later and block our flow of abundance.

It’s true that our stuck-ness can be multi-layered and we have to peel the layers of the onion but if you’re feeling that you’ve been peeling onions for ever and still not getting ahead, maybe ask yourself if you’re even peeling the right onion?

Could there be something else blocking you that you haven’t thought of with your conscious mind?

This is where I’ve found that the power of healing through the subconscious mind really comes into its own because we don’t know everything that’s in our subconscious mind.  That’s why it’s called that!

Sub – meaning hidden beneath – therefore quite literally, the subconscious mind holds things that are hidden beneath the awareness of our conscious mind.  That’s why we can’t work it out!

We can access our subconscious mind through hypnosis, or by meditating and journaling and through the dreamstate.

If we start to ask ourselves open questions and if we can set aside “what we think we know” and allow ourselves to reveal “what we don’t know yet” then we can begin to dig into the layers of a different onion so that we can finally break through our money and abundance blocks and start moving forwards again.

If you’d like me to help you pick the right onion and peel it with you, just let me know.  DM me or comment below and let’s get started today.


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