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What Does Being Broke Mean To You?

We all have a different interpretation of what the word “broke” means.

One person can be broke with 50 cents in their purse, whilst for another person, broke means that they’re down to their last 4 million.

Let me tell you about my client James, who came to me for help when he was broke.

I saw James back in the days when I would see clients in person at my home office.  He raced up my driveway and parked his Porsche on the steepest part of my drive.  I thought he was pretty brave to park where he did, but I presume that Porsches have good handbrakes.

In he came and proceeded to tell me of his troubles with money.

He said he was broke.

Now I worry sometimes when people tell me that they’re broke because I wonder if they’re going to be able to pay me, but I needn’t have worried because James’ interpretation of being broke was being down to his last 4 million.

He said he felt like a failure as he’d lost a little over 3 million in the last two years and the fear of losing even more was consuming him.  He was losing money by the day, he said, and he thought that maybe somehow he’d been cursed.

He had a couple of huge houses in one of the most expensive suburbs in Sydney, a holiday home in Thredbo for skiing in the winter, several other luxury cars beside the Porsche perched on my driveway and obviously a Rolex watch because I spotted it, peeking out of his shirt sleeve.

On the surface, James had it all.  A wife, four kids at private schools and a very clever mind.

He was a self-made multi-millionaire.

But now he had money issues and he was going broke.  Losing money at an incredibly fast rate.

This was going to be an interesting session…

Commonly, the thing that is tripping us up, is  not what we think it is and this was true in James’ case too.

He had become convinced that a curse had been placed upon him by someone and he wanted to know who and why.  But we discovered that the who was actually him and the why was something that had happened when he was 10 years old.

One day at school, his younger brother had come to him saying that he’d forgotten his lunch and asked to share what James had.

Now apparently this was a regular occurrence and James was sick of it.  He always shared.   Every single time.   But he was extra hungry on this day and he wanted the whole of his sandwich to himself, so this time around, he refused to share – thinking that he would teach his younger brother a lesson so that he would never forget his lunch again.

This was a bad move for James though because later that night his father beat him severely as a punishment for not looking after his 7 year old brother.  His father had screamed at him, that he was meant to share everything he had with his brother.  Said that he was a greedy horrible person that didn’t deserve anything good in life if he would turn his back on his own brother like this.  In his father’s words – “You are no man”.

Those were the key words for James.   “You are no man”.

And it’s true James was not a man… he was a 10-year-old boy.

But this was the root cause of the curse he was suffering from all these years later and it was the cause of his leaking bank accounts too.

He later filled in the story for me, of how as an adult, his brother had become a drug addict and James had been bailing him out repeatedly.  When he came begging for money again a few years ago he’d refused to help him. He told his brother that he needed to learn his lesson and suffer the consequences.

Boom!!!!    Mic drop!

Now James saw where the problem stemmed from.

The day his brother came to him for money had triggered his mind all the way back to that beating he’d had from his father.  And the words said to him then were now repeating constantly in his subconscious mind.  Just beneath the surface though, so James had not been able to find them on his own and he had no idea that the curse he was worried about was the very words he was saying to himself.  This led him to his self-fulfilling prophecy.

James realised that he was going broke and he was making it happen due to his belief that he didn’t deserve it for turning his back on his brother again all these years later.

He told me that losing so much money had made him feel that he was not a man and he couldn’t understand why he’d been feeling that way.

With all of these pieces in place, now we were able to completely turn his life around again.  We dealt with his subconscious thoughts and he learned how to programme his mind for success.

It didn’t take him long at all before his bank accounts were replenished.  I’m not sure what happened to his brother, but I hope some good came to him too.

This is one of the clients that came to me in the early days that prompted my love affair with money mindset work.

It’s never just about money though and it always provides healing on other levels too.

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