Quantum Field Energy Healing

Karen has an organic healing ability that is on a level that technological advances can’t put into words yet. It is really a level of quantum healing.

She has the ability to see the lightbody in accurate formation in the moment and feel it and be able to recognise the layers and patterns on not just multidimensional levels but through all time and space and all inter-dimensional pockets.

Karen is an expert as to how it relates to the physical body and how it plays out in this physical reality.

She is able to access this information through her own DNA records as she has inner connections with all of the Founding Races that were responsible for putting the various human species together here on this planet. Karen is not a channel. She accesses the information internally through her own knowing and does not engage the help of nor work with any guides, masters or other groups of consciousness.

Using her own unique gifts and talents Karen is able to read layers of the energy field and identify and clear negative energy blocks, limiting patterns of belief and corrupted source codes in the subconscious mind and soul level of the body. She is able to correct and re-align the energy bodies in order that the client experiences a sense of freedom that allows them to overcome that feeling of being stuck and limited.   

The coaching and subconscious mindset work that Karen offers is a perfect compliment to a Quantum Field Energy Healing as it provides the conscious understanding for the client to have the courage to move forwards to reach their highest potential and to step in to the abundant flow of the Universe that is their divine birthright.  

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