Soul Guidance and Healing Session

In this session, I offer you the full range of my intuitive and psychic abilities as a reader and healer of 25 years experience.

I will tune in to your energy field and offer guidance and inspiration that comes to you from your Higher Self/Soul
and from Spirit/Divine Intelligence. 

These readings often include confirmation of the things you’ve already known or felt but were feeling unsure about and they will assist you to trust yourself and stop resisting what you know to be true deep down inside.

You will begin to feel more empowered to move forwards knowing that you are on the right track.

At the same time, I will be scanning and clearing your energy field of any debris or misaligned energy and clearing and activating chakras and levels of your lightbody as required.

Our session will also include psycho-spiritual coaching, and discussion of your life experiences or challenges from a spiritual perspective thereby enabling you to shift and elevate your consciousness through embodied understanding of your life’s journey to date.

This session is all about empowering you to trust yourself and to listen to your own inner guidance and direction.

Duration:  50 minutes
Investment:  AUD 200