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B.K., United States

My latest work with Karen was transformative. To the equal measure that you are truly ready to go from ‘tragedy to triumph’, she progressively uses her skills, talents, insights, and awareness to help aid you in your transformation.

Not every healer or coach is fully able to meet their clients exactly where they are, so they can get the maximum results and benefits from the work they do together — and help them sustain those results and benefits. That requires a different kind of gift and ability. Over the past couple of years, I have found that gifted guidance while working with Karen. And most importantly, her work is firmly rooted in helping you awaken your own inner-guidance as well.

Karen is not only a fantastic healer and coach, but she has the sensitivity and awareness needed to precisely meet you where you are, without judgement and without shame. She gently encourages your unfolding to help you reach your full potential.

-B.K., United States

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