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Making Your Dreams a Reality

Are you living the life you really want?  Or are you merely going through the motions each day and hoping that things will somehow get better all on their own?

I’ve found that generally people do want a better life but commonly have no real idea of how to make it happen.  Often by the time people come to see me for help, they are at their wits end with frustration and feel a complete lack of direction and no purpose in life.  And if they can sense their purpose they seem unable to really fulfil it or get it off the ground.

I know what that feels like, because I’ve experienced it too, in the past.  Thankfully I discovered how to use my mind to create what I want to experience in life and after discovering this fact I then realised of course that actually this is the underlying premise of what the movie, The Secret, was all about.  How could I have missed that all those years ago when I first saw the movie?!

We are at a time in our history where so much is available to us in terms of knowledge and technology and yet so many people are still dissatisfied with their life, unhappy and directionless.  We seem to be unable to see this important missing piece, even though it is quite clearly spelled out to us in numerous places.

We didn’t come into this life with a handbook of how to operate this physical vessel.  We’ve kind of had to learn as we go but if we ever truly want to step in to our own power and be who we came here to be then we must learn how to use our mind effectively.   What we can do right now, to hasten this process, is to begin to clear out the mass of really unhelpful negative programmes and self-limiting beliefs that we have been taught or have picked up along the way.

Our great philosophers, teachers and poets of bye-gone ages were more advanced than we are today in many aspects of human consciousness and whilst their ideas might sound simplistic and we might prefer to ignore them, in fact, the truth that is held within their writings offers us the keys to create a successful human life.

As we learned of the planets in the night skies, we studied to understand their significance in our life – to understand the effects upon us of new and full moons, eclipses and various planetary influences on our psyche.  We have taken on the understanding of the role that plants, herbs, fish and animals play in our diet and the health benefits of a balanced diet or the implications of becoming out of balance in any area of our life. We’ve taken on the understanding of the cycles of time and have chosen to participate in this current Ascension Cycle, not least because we are here on this planet at this particular time… and yet, what do we really do with all of that knowledge and how much of a difference has it made to our life? Knowing that we are in an Ascension Cycle or that this planet is moving through that sign or that there are various factions fighting in Galactic Wars…   How is that information really helping us?

And with everything that we know and have studied, how effective are we really, in managing our own power?  The power of the human Spirit, the Unlimited Potential that we truly are.  It is more accurate to say, that we are Untapped Potential actually.

Thoughts create things.

Everything ever created was created first with a thought.  Whether it was man’s thought to create a car, a spaceship, to write a book or to create a golden ring as “a token of my love”, or whether it was God’s thought to create planets, creatures and the human form… everything still begins with a thought that comes from the mind.

How wonderfully creative a thought can be.  And yet also how destructive.

When our day to day lives are filled predominantly with negative thoughts about ourselves and others, or our situation in life or our perceived lack, we err towards the destructive power of our thoughts and yet if we choose to we can turn it all around in an instant and move towards creative thought instead.

We can create immense beauty, help and inspire others and the potential even exists to heal ourselves in no more than a moment.

Our creativity comes from our thoughts.  Creativity is not just reserved for artists, dancers or photographers.  We are all creative in our own lives, every single day – but mostly we are unconscious of this fact.

We create our lives with our thoughts and if our thoughts are open and flowing we will experience a very different outcome than if we shut down and our negativity strangles our creative thought before it even has chance to take a breath.

We can have a creative thought and we can stifle it or we can breathe life into it.

Have you ever had a really great idea that you didn’t act upon?  Perhaps it was a great idea for a business that you felt would really succeed.  Or an idea to uproot yourself and start anew somewhere else.  Have you ever felt the movement or the stirring of passion inside of you that you just wanted to throw caution to the wind and follow along with it just because it stirred your soul so deeply?  Why didn’t you follow that passion?  What made you stay rooted to the spot?  What made you turn your back on that business idea?  Well, probably, it was your alibi.

We all have alibis, but they are not our friends.  In fact, mostly these alibis are like fish bought at the market – they go off and start to stink by day two or three of hanging around and should really be discarded – but commonly our alibis stick around for years.

Alibis are our limiting beliefs.  Our excuses for why we have not become great in life yet.  They feel genuine when expressed.  They feel enormous to overcome but they can be and should be crushed with the same ferocity that we might hunt down that lone mosquito in our bedroom at night.  The ability of a tiny creature (or a tiny thought) to wreak havoc in our life, perhaps to ruin a good night’s sleep and leave us bloodied and blistered by the morning should not be underestimated.  A simple thought like:  I don’t know how to set up a business; I’m too old to start doing that now; I don’t think I’m good enough yet; these are actually all self-limiting belief that can haunt us.  Alibis such as these are simply excuses that hold you back from living life at your highest potential.  Will you choose for your life to be run by an excuse or will you choose to override it, nay crush it! Rest-In-Peace little alibi!

The power of our own mind is infinite.  It connects directly in to the mind of Infinite Intelligence, to Unlimited Potential.

Action Steps

The life we want is the one we can create with the power of our mind but only if we take the action steps necessary to make it happen.  The key is the action steps.  Nobody who ever achieved anything in life did it without taking steps in that direction.

I often have clients come to me wanting abundance in their lives and yet when we talk of the action steps they might take to get there, they don’t expect to have to take any.  We then discuss that, and I agree with them, that we live in an Abundant Universe and that the Universe can and will bring us what we ask for, but I have never yet seen the Universe deliver a wonderful life to Mary Smith just because she was sitting waiting patiently on the steps of her porch.

Porch, I said, not Porsche…

Life doesn’t have to be difficult.  Work doesn’t even need to be hard if we love what we do, and it is our passion.  But first we need to find our passion!  If you are ever inspired with a passion to do something, look into it seriously, because the Universe gives us clues and these are the signposts that mark the direction of where we should take those necessary action steps.

The way to begin to discover your passion and purpose in life, is to let yourself feel it.  Explore the idea.  Play with your thoughts of what could be possible for you if you move in that direction and just when you feel it beginning to come to life for you… prepare to meet your alibi. They’ll always be at least one that shows up to turn you away from the direction of your dream.  And if you allow this unscrupulous friend to turn you away from your dream, then be prepared for it to remain just that.  A dream.

It is only when your dream becomes your intention, your focus and your goal that it will ever stand a chance of becoming a reality.  When you engage with it, see it, feel it, speak it, live it THEN and only then can the Universe prepare to come to the party.  When you take the actions steps in the direction of your goal – when you can see your goal so clearly that you feel as if you are already living that life – THEN the Universe will provide you with the signposts along the way that tell you HOW this is all going to happen.

Concern yourself with the WHAT and the Universe will deliver the HOW.

Stay focused upon your goal and that’s how you will pluck your dream from the ethers and make them a reality.

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With love, until next time,
From my heart to yours,

© 2018, Karen Turpin

All rights reserved

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Karen Turpin is a multi-dimensional energetic healer, quantum field energy healer, hypnotherapist and lightbody technology specialist. She employs the use of multidimensional hypnotherapy to witness and dismantle your own subconsciously held programs, belief systems, karmic residue, and implants that are blocking you from living your life at its highest expression.

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